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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Steph Curry Build - How to Make a Steph Curry Build 2K21
1/7/2021 10:57:10 AM

Stephen Curry is one of the most overpowered builds of NBA 2K21, mainly focus on shooting and playmaking. How to make a Steph Curry build in 2K21? In this article, let’s see the best NBA 2K21 Next Gen Steph Curry Build (best PG build 2K21 next gen), which can give you 99 three-point shot and solid badges. 

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Best NBA 2K21 Next Gen Steph Curry Build - How to Make a Steph Curry Build 2K21

Here is a point guard Steph Curry build on NBA 2K21 next-gen by Dignify2K, it is a scoring machine, shades of Nick Van Exel, Trae Young, Damian Lillard. This PG build for 2K21 next-gen stands for a different type of playstyle. Check out the details below. 

Physical Profile

We can make it at least 6’4”, Steph Curry is like 6’3” and we are able to get 99 three-point shot with a 6’9” wingspan. Choose a solid body shape, so we can get good speed. 

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 175 lbs

Wingspan: 6’9”

Main Attributes (Based on 95 Overall)

With four fishing badges, we can run Hall of Fame Acrobat or something like that, you can get the ability to be able to dunk in the game, once you get 99 overall, you will have 70 driving dunk, so you can get a lot of dunk packages, you can get park dunks, if you are wide open, you’ll be able to dunk the basketball. Whatever we want to do with this build, driving layup is also important. Max out the mid-range shot and three-point, then go to the free throw, until we get 22 shooting badges, which is enough for a point guard with these crazy HOF badges. Then max out the ball handle and speed with ball, raise your pass accuracy until you get 18 playmaking badges. For defense and rebounding, make the perimeter defense go up to 83. For physicals, put the speed and acceleration to 90, you can get 94 speed and 94 acceleration at 99 overall. 

- Finishing: Driving Layup - 93

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 95, Three-Point Shot - 95

- Playmaking: Ball Handle - 91, Speed With Ball - 94

- Defense/Rebounding: Perimeter Defense - 83, Defensive Rebound - 80

- Physicals: Speed - 90, Acceleration - 90, Stamina - 91


- Primary: Pull-Up Precision

- Secondary: Pull-Up Precision


Finally, we can get 4 finishing badge points, 22 shooting badge points, 18 playmaking badge points and 6 defense badge points.

- Finishing badges: Acrobat (HOF)

- Shooting badges: Deep Threes (HOF), Hot Shot (HOF), Hot Zone Hunter (HOF), Blinders (Gold), Circus Threes (Gold), Corner Specialist (Silver), Green Machine (Silver)

- Playmaking badges: Ankle Breaker (HOF), Handles For Days (HOF), Quick First Step (HOF), Bullet Passer (Gold), Bail Out (Silver), Unpluckable (Bronze)

- Defense/Rebounding badges: Clamps (Gold), Off-Ball Pest (Gold)

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