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NBA 2K21 Archetypes Guide - All 2K21 Archetypes & How to Choose Best Archetypes for Each Position
10/15/2020 6:10:49 PM

NBA 2K21 brings more possibilities to player customization and builds based on the different archetypes. How does the archetype system work in the game? In this article, we’ll present the list of all NBA 2K21 archetypes and discuss how to choose the best archetype for each position in 2K21. 

nba 2k21 archetypes

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NBA 2K21 Archetypes Guide - List of All NBA 2K21 Archetypes for MyPlayer and MyCareer

There are a total of 25 overall archetypes, each position can choose between 8 different archetypes, which mean some archetypes can be selected from multiple positions. Here is the list of all archetypes in NBA 2K21 for each position, including Small Forward (SF), Power Forward (PF), Center (C), Point Guard (PG), and Shooting Guard (SG). 

NBA 2K21 Archetypes for Small Forward

Sharpshooting Slasher (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Slashing Sharpshooter (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

2-Way Finisher (Takeover: Slashing)

3-Level Scorer (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Offensive Threat (Takeover: Shot Creating)

2-Way Sharpshooter (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)

Perimeter Defender (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)

Sharpshooting Defender (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

NBA 2K21 Archetypes for Power Forward

Interior Finisher (Takeover: Slashing)

2-Way Stretch 4 (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

3-Level Playmaker (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

3-Level Scorer (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Pure Stretch 4 (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Paint Beast (Takeover: Glass Cleaner)

Glass Cleaner (Takeover: Rim Protector)

Post Playmaker (Takeover: Post Scoring)

NBA 2K21 Archetypes for Center

Interior Force (Takeover: Slasher)

3-Level Scorer (Takeover: Sharpshooter)

2-Way Athletic Finisher (Takeover: Glass Cleaner)

Slashing Rim Protector (Takeover: Rim Protector)

Post-Scoring Stretch 5 (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Sharpshooting Defender (Takeover: Rim Protector)

Glass-Cleaning Stretch 5 (Takeover: Glass Cleaner)

Post Playmaker (Takeover: Post Scoring)

NBA 2K21 Archetypes for Point Guard

Scoring Machine (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Offensive Threat (Takeover: Playmaking)

Slashing Sharpshooter (Takeover: Slashing)

Slashing Playmaker (Takeover: Slashing)

Midrange Specialist (Takeover: Shot Creating)

Pure Playmaker (Takeover: Playmaking)

2-Way Slashing Playmaker (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)

3-level Scorer (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

NBA 2K21 Archetypes for Shooting Guard

Offensive Threat (Takeover: Slasher)

Scoring Machine (Takeover: Sharpshooter)

2-Way Finisher (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)

3-Level Scorer (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

Shot-Creating Sharpshooter (Takeover: Shot Creating)

Shot Creator (Takeover: Shot Creating)

Sharpshooting Defender (Takeover: Sharpshooting)

2-Way Sharpshooter (Takeover: Lockdown Defense)   

How to Choose the NBA 2K21 Best Archetype for Each Position?

Each archetype has unique skills and physical profile details, you can create the best build for all available archetypes by adjusting the badges, attributes, and body shape. There is not an absolutely best archetype for every player, you can apply any archetypes for your player. However, different positions have different skill and body shape requirements, which affect the selection of archetypes. 

Point Guard

The point guard is usually the shortest player in the team and requires the ability to control the ball and pass it to the right player at a proper time, to support for other players and assist the offense as well. A playmaking shot-creator may be the top option. 

Shooting Guard

Shooting guards should have fast speed on the team, they are responsible for taking long-range shots for delivering the ball to the side of the opponent and stealing balls in defense then create opportunities for shooting. So Shot-Creating Sharpshooter may be the most useful archetype for a shooting guard. 

Small Forward

A small forward is a versatile player on the court, one of the objectives of SF players is to narrow the gap between small guards and power forwards. Finishing and shooting attributes are very important to them. Using slashers is meaningful for small forward players.  

Power Forward

Obviously, power forwards plays the role of offense with their backs towards the basket and against the opposing power forward in the 1v1 defense. They should take responsibility for rebounding. Many power forwards is also good at a mid-range jump shot. 


The center is generally the tallest player of the team, with great strength and outstanding height. In the previous 2K series, Rebounding Post Scorer and Lob Threat could be the choice.

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