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How to Get Badges Fast in NBA 2K21 Next Gen - Easy Tips & Methods to Max Out Badges 2K21
1/11/2021 4:29:55 PM

Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to get badges in 2K21 next gen? The added mechanic in the next-gen version offers a new method to get badge points in the game. Here we’ll bring a detailed guide of how to get badges fast in NBA 2K21 next gen, which involves shooting badges, playmaking badges and finishing badges. 

how to get badges 2k21 next gen

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How to Get Shooting Badges Fast in 2K21 Next Gen - Fast Tips & Methods to Get Shooting Badges 

Grinding MyPoints and badges in MyCareer is an easy and old way, but play the game correctly can speed up the process, then how get more badge upgrades in the shortest time? Here are some tips you can take a look at. This method suits any build, you don't need to be able to dribble, all you have to do is just run along the three-point line and you'll get wide open. You can also choose to complete warehouse challenges on next-gen, which doubles your badge points as long as you win the game. 


1. The first thing you should do before getting any of the badges is going to Options, and choose Settings, make sure you are on Pro Game Difficulty and 5 Minutes Quarter Length. You can also play on 12 Minutes, but your player will get tired faster, it will be harder to get your badges. In addition, Pro Difficulty is easier than all the others, like All-star, and Hall of Fame. 

2. Another thing you want to do is go to the Controller Settings, then change your Shot Meter to Off or Free Throw Only, so you get an extra boost to your shot. 


1. When you start a game, the first thing you want to do is call a Half Court Trap on defense, to do this, just click left on the d-pad and click R1, that'll call a half-court trap and the thing this does is on defense, it makes the people on your team double the ball handler so that way one person will always be left open, they'll put a shot up really fast and that way you'll get way more possessions on offense which means way more chances to get more shooting badges. 

2. The next tip is to put the fastest jump shot you can, so if you want a faster jump shot, make sure to click a card in the top right.

Fast & Easy Way to Max Out Badges 2K21 Next Gen

1. Firstly, you want to go to the top of the key, then you want to give the ball to one of your teammates and then you just run along the wing, you'll get an animation where you spot up on the three-point line and the defender will be back, so most of your shots will be between wide open and 25 contested, but it's much easier to make wing shots and corner shots than the top of the key shots and with this method, when you get the ball past you, you're not open, all you do is just run to the top of the key, run back to the wing, then you can green that with ease without Deadeye. 

2. Another tip with this method is to have the person passing the ball to you at the top of the key, because they'll be much closer to you and it'll be less chance that they throw a turnover. If you want your teammate to pass to you from the top of the key to lower the chance of it being a turnover, all you have to do is have the ball in your hands, point your left stick towards your teammate and then hold circles so they get a handoff animation, you can start running towards one wing and then cut back towards the other wing, after you give your teammate the ball, you want him to pass to you, but if he ends up passing to somebody else and you're still running along the three-point line, just call for the ball and if they pass, you still have a chance to be wide open even though it's less of a chance, because it is a cross-court pass, but if you end up not being wide open, just go back to the top of the key and reset this method. This method doesn't take that much time, so if you end up doing it and not getting open, you still have a lot of time in the shot clock, to do the method as long as you know how to time your jump shot, you can do this method without any badges at all and once you do get badges, you want to put them on Catch & Shoot and Hot Zone Hunter, these are the two most important badges for this method, the third shooting badge you want to go for a Deadeye. The next three shooting badges you want to go for are Green Machine, Corner Specialist, and Volume Shooter in turn. 

3. One way to make more of your shots and to get shooting badges faster is to go to the Lakers. If you haven't started on MyCareer, go straight to the Lakers, skip high school, skip college, and if you are already in the NBA and not on the Lakers, you just have to play 10 microgames, you can't sim them and they'll actually go by really fast because you won't get that many minutes and once you play 10 games, you can just request a trade to the Lakers and the reason you want to go to the Lakers is that LeBron James has HOF Dimer and with this method, you're going to be doing a lot of cash and shots and since he's the primary ball-handler of that team, he'll be passing you the ball a lot and this Dimer, you can make your shots without it, it'll help a lot especially when you have no badges. 

How to Get Playmaking Badges Fast in 2K21 Next Gen - Fast Tips & Methods to Get Playmaking Badges

Make sure you pay attention to your badge progression screen because the game is bugged and glitch. After every game, you might want to close the game and restart your console. 

In the Warehouse, you're mostly going to be playing 2v2 or 3v3, if you're somebody that doesn't pick up on defense real quick, it's recommended to play the warehouse. But if you want to play MyCareer, remember to change the Settings. 

The first you want to do is playing Hall of Fame Difficulty, which gives you the most badge points as well as MyPoints, you can use it to hit 95 as fast as possible, You can do this with no badges just as long as your pass accuracy is high enough. But once you do get a couple of badge points, it’s recommended to use special delivery, because it makes passes more accurate. You're just going to be throwing lobs as well as flashy passes, so once you're in the game what you're going to do is go to one of the wings. You're gonna press Lb or L1 and then hold the button of the player, you want to run the pick and roll and it really doesn't have to be a certain player, just someone that's athletic enough to catch lobs and it doesn't even have to be a big man, after a while, the defense isn't gonna allow you to keep doing that, so somebody's gonna help and it's usually the person that's on the wing, their man will help and this is where the flashes will come in. 

More fast badge methods for finishing and defensive will be updated here, and cheap NBA 2K21 MT, we offer MT for sale on all platforms. 

How to Get Finishing Badges Fast in 2K21 Next Gen - Fast Tips & Methods to Get Finishing Badges

Warehouse challenges are one of the fastest ways to max out your badges in 2K21 next gen because it provides two times badge points, the challenges are not available on the menu, you have to look for these NPCs with an orange exclamation mark, they are just roaming around and not that hard to find, you can check the 2K21 warehouse challenges location in our guide, just talk to them and activate one of 24 challenges. It will show a mark on your map and just skate your way through it, go inside that warehouse or whatever, and on your way if you see another NPC just talk to him/her.

For the actual method basically, the top moves that will give you the best points are poster dunks, which don't need to be the actual contact dunks, and another one is just going at the top of the mark and wait for your teammates to spread the floor. So you'll have an open line, pass it to the corner then sprint your way to the basket and call for a lob much better, if you have a slow defender, you can find a way to make them switch to you, if you have a fast defender, one more tip is the further you are to the basket on the pass, the better. So you'll have more momentum and chance to blow by them, these sequences will give you an alley-oop and a chance to have a poster dunk as well.

If you want to go to MyCareer, similarly, the first thing you need is Hall of Fame Difficulty and 12 Minutes Quarter. 


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