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Phy 124
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
Phy 51
Mag 34
Fire 34
Ligt 34
Holy 34
Boost 36
Str D
Dex D
Str 14
Dex 7
KickFP -
Wgt. 6.5Passive -


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  • Best Highest Damage Elden Ring Str/Faith Build - Elden Ring Endgame Paladin Build
    5/18/2022 11:46:56 AM
     - Great Stars: it is also with the heavy affinity so that we can buff it later with different enchants and putting a Prayerful Strike Ash of War, the ultimate paladin move in Elden Ring, this is a high damage high stun actually perfectly coppers with a great hammer, and more importantly, it gives you a massive heal per hit even more, so when you consider the fact that Great Stars already comes with a passive heal on hit and a blast buildup of 55
  • Elden Ring Bleed Build Arcane Guide - How to Build a Dragon Warrior (Level 150 Guide)
    5/5/2022 4:55:24 PM
     When you get to a hard enemy or boss what you typically do is you buff with Golden Vow, you buff with Blessing’s Boon then you use sephuku twice on each weapon once on each weapon, and then you have both blades buffed and then you run in and try and set the hemorrhage status effect as quickly as possible and try and pull off a complete L1 combo that means L1 L1 L1 L1, this usually maxes out or gets close to maxing out your Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent's Prosthesis because you'll trigger the hammer status effect in that combo, you'll have maximum attack power and because attack power affects spell damage as well, this is the point where you'll swap one of your weapons off go to dragon communion and either use Dragonclaw or Dragonmaw and you will hit like an absolute freight train when you do it, and you'll probably take some damage when you do this which is another reason why we have heavy armor as you can survive that and good poise and that will usually finish off an enemy or severely barely weaken a boss maybe even stagger them where you can go in for a critical hit or just continue attacking with L1 combos if that's better for you and then just repeat this process getting that you know attack buffs from Millicent's Prosthesis and with Winged Sword Insignia built up and then switching to your Dragonclaw or Dragonmaw and using them again, this build differentiates a lot from the dragon knight build because in that build you were buffing up and then you were just spamming a dragon spell like right at the beginning of the fight often killing a boss or difficult enemy before they ever got an attack off which is kind of more of a caster setup, this is more of a melee setup that uses some dragon spells
  • Top 5 Strongest Weapons In Elden Ring - Best Underrated Bleed Weapons For All Builds
    4/12/2022 2:16:54 PM
     For a move set, it is literally like a Warhammer as they Warhammer movesets, you've got the triple slam, your jumping heavies gonna be really good, frouch our ones come out pretty quick with the slam and then we have the ash of war which is the gravity bolt

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