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D2R 2.7 Nova ES Sorcerer Guide for Uber Tristram - Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 4 Nova Sorc Build
5/10/2023 11:58:43 AM

Nova Sorc is a terrible boss killer to start with. And especially against Ubers and their life regeneration, she is extremely bad because you can’t reliably stop the regen. Your only way to do that would be applying open wounds over and over with your merc but I highly doubt that the merc will be able to stay alive, we would not take my fully decked-out Nova Sorc with GG gear against Ubers.

  2023-05-10 115828


Lightning Spells: 1 point to Charged Bolt, Lightning, Teleport, Chain Lightning, 20 points to Static Field, Nova, Telekinesis, Lightninh Matery, and Energy Shield.

Cold Spells: 1 point to Frozen Armor.

Fire Spells: 1 point to Warmth.


Attributes & Stats

Strength: 158

Dexterity: 63

Vitality: 49

Energy: 346

Allocate any remaining Stat Points into Energy to fully utilize Energy Shield, which requires large amounts of Mana.



  • Weapon: Crescent Moon + Call to Arms

  • Gloves: Frostburn

  • Ring: 2x SOJ

  • Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope

  • Helmet: Harlequin's Crest Shako

  • Shield: Spirit

  • Boots: Natalya's Soul

  • Belt: Tal Rasha

  • Armor: Skin of the vipermage

  • Grand charm: SunderCrack of the Heavens (82)

  • Merc: Insight + Treachery + Stealskull

The Nova Sorceress shines in the early levels of Leveling, but once you reach Hell, she can be tough to summon. If you have a big number of +x to your Skills, at least 105% Faster Cast Rate (FCR), and a large amount of Mana, you can start using it in the easier-to-farm locations detailed in the Farming Spots section. Frostburn and Spirit Monarch are two easy to obtain Mana sources.  Cast Rate requirements are met by equipping the Oculus, Skin of the Vipermagi, and Spirit Monarch with 1-2 FCR Rings, in that order. Put as many +x to Skills as possible on the remaining equipment slots and Charms to increase your damage, and be sure to also max out your Resistances.


  • Weapon: Thresher (Insight)

  • Head Armor: Grim Helm (Vampire Gaze)

  • Chest Armor: Breast Plate (Treachery)

How to Play this Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 4 Nova Sorc Build

  • Always be sure to improve yourself using whatever you have!  Because you will lose your Energy Shield once your mana bar reaches zero, you must always keep the golden ball in the air above your head. Always keep an eye on your mana, as it is your only means of survival.

  • Before you close the distance and finish them off, you should first use your screen-wide Static Field to weaken your opponents.

  • Be aggressive!  The majority of monsters are rendered helpless if they come into contact with Nova, and it inflicts harm on the area around your character. Being defensive hinders your ability to get things done!

  • You shouldn't farm in locations where you can't reduce the monsters' Resistances beyond what they already have, and you can't break the creatures' Immunity to Lightning.  Monsters having a strong resistance can be difficult for Nova to defeat.

  • Experiment with the different Hybrid iterations. They are a lot of fun and make it possible to farm in a far wider variety of regions!

  • The Nova Sorceress is a very rewarding close-range Lightning build that has the ability to destroy everything in the game. She specializes in dealing lightning damage. Have fun crashing into your foes and putting an end to their suffering!


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