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Elden Ring 1.10 Best Strength Build - Top 2 Most OP Str Builds In Elden Ring
10/30/2023 7:07:13 PM

In the vast and treacherous world of Elden Ring, dexterity-based builds offer a unique and agile approach to combat. These builds emphasize speed, precision, and finesse, allowing warriors to swiftly strike their foes and evade incoming attacks. In this article, we will explore the top 2 best dexterity builds in Elden Ring, providing you with the necessary knowledge to become a master of dexterity and dominate your enemies with unmatched precision.

Elden Ring 1.10 Strength Build Guide - Top 2 Best Str Builds In Elden Ring

Dexterity-based builds in Elden Ring offer a thrilling and agile combat experience. The Shadowblade Assassin build allows you to dance through the shadows, swiftly eliminating your enemies with precise strikes and deadly finesse. Meanwhile, the Swiftbow Ranger build empowers you to rain down a hail of arrows upon your foes, inflicting devastating damage from a safe distance. Choose the build that aligns with your preferred playstyle and immerse yourself in the art of dexterity. Next, we'll go over the stats and equipment for the top 2 best Elden Ring 1.10 Str builds. If you need cheap Elden Ring runes, Utplay.com is going to be the best place.

The Shadowblade Assassin

The Shadowblade Assassin build is tailor-made for those who prefer a stealthy and lethal playstyle. Euipped with a swift weapon such as a dagger or a katana, the Assassin excels in quick, precise strikes that exploit enemies' vulnerabilities. Maximize your dexterity stat to increase your attack speed and damage output, ensuring swift dispatch of your foes. Additionally, invest in skills such as Backstab and Parry to capitalize on your ability to strike from behind and counter enemy attacks with grace. Utilize light armor for increased mobility and stealth, allowing you to swiftly move in and out of combat situations. The Shadowblade Assassin build is perfect for those who wish to become a deadly and elusive force on the battlefield.


  • Dexterity: This is your primary stat as a Shadowblade Assassin. Maximize your dexterity to increase your attack speed, damage output, and critical hit chance. Aim for a high dexterity value to ensure your strikes are swift and deadly.

  • Endurance: Invest in endurance to increase your stamina pool, allowing for more consecutive attacks and evasive maneuvers. This will enable you to maintain your agility in combat and avoid being caught off guard.

  • Vitality: Allocate some points to vitality to improve your overall health pool, enhancing your survivability in battles. While the focus of the Shadowblade Assassin is on agility and precision, having a decent health pool is still essential.

  • Attunement: While not a primary concern for the Shadowblade Assassin, allocating a few points to attunement can provide access to utility spells or buffs that can aid you in certain situations.


  • Weapons: Choose weapons that emphasize speed and precision, such as daggers or katanas. Look for weapons that have good scaling with dexterity, allowing you to maximize your damage output. Some recommended choices are the "Swiftblade Dagger" or the "Moonshadow Katana." These weapons offer swift and deadly strikes, perfect for the Shadowblade Assassin playstyle.

  • Armor: As an agile and stealthy assassin, prioritize light armor that allows for swift movement and evasion. Look for sets that provide decent protection while still maintaining high mobility. The "Shadowstalker Set" or the "Nightscale Armor" are excellent options, providing a balance between defense and agility.

  • Rings: Choose rings that complement your playstyle and enhance your abilities. The "Ring of Quickness" increases your attack speed, further amplifying your dexterity-based attacks. The "Shadowstep Ring" enhances your stealth capabilities, allowing for silent movement and improved backstab damage. Additionally, the "Ring of Evasion" can increase your dodging effectiveness, helping you avoid incoming attacks.

  • Consumables: Carry items such as Throwing Knives or Poison Coated Blades to take advantage of your stealthy approach. These consumables can provide additional options for dealing with enemies from a distance or inflicting status effects.

The Swiftbow Ranger

The Swiftbow Ranger build combines dexterity and ranged precision to devastating effect. Armed with a bow or a crossbow, the Ranger excels at picking off enemies from a distance. Invest heavily in dexterity to enhance your ranged damage and accuracy, ensuring that each arrow finds its mark. Additionally, prioritize skills such as Rapid Fire and Eagle Eye to maximize your shooting speed and critical hit chances. As a Swiftbow Ranger, mobility is key. Equip light armor that allows for swift movement, enabling you to maintain distance from enemies while delivering lethal volleys of arrows. With the Swiftbow Ranger build, you become a deadly archer, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies from afar.


  • Dexterity: Dexterity is the primary stat for a Swiftbow Ranger. Maximize your dexterity to enhance your ranged damage and accuracy with bows or crossbows. A high dexterity value allows you to land precise shots and deal devastating damage from a distance.

  • Endurance: Invest in endurance to increase your stamina pool, enabling you to fire multiple shots consecutively and maintain your mobility during battles. This will ensure you have enough stamina to perform evasive maneuvers and unleash a barrage of arrows when needed.

  • Vitality: Allocate some points to vitality to bolster your health pool. While your focus is on ranged combat, having a decent health pool provides survivability and allows you to withstand enemy attacks during intense encounters.

  • Attunement: While not crucial for a Swiftbow Ranger, investing a few points in attunement can provide access to utility spells or buffs that can aid you in specific situations. Consider spells that enhance your ranged damage or provide temporary buffs to your accuracy.


  • Bows or Crossbows: Choose a powerful bow or crossbow that scales well with dexterity and offers high damage output. Opt for weapons with good range and accuracy to maximize your effectiveness as a Swiftbow Ranger. Examples include the "Swiftwind Longbow" or the "Hawkeye Crossbow."

  • Arrows or Bolts: Use a variety of arrows or bolts to adapt to different enemy types and situations. Standard arrows provide reliable damage, while specialized ammunition, such as fire arrows or poison bolts, can exploit enemy weaknesses. Carry a mix of different types to be prepared for any encounter.

  • Armor: Seek lightweight armor that provides decent defense while allowing for swift movement. Prioritize sets that enhance your mobility and agility, enabling you to quickly reposition yourself and maintain distance from enemies. Consider the "Ranger's Garb" or the "Pathfinder Armor" for their balance of protection and mobility.

  • Rings: Select rings that enhance your ranged capabilities. The "Ring of Precision" increases your accuracy, ensuring your shots find their mark. The "Hawk's Eye Ring" enhances your critical hit damage, making your shots even more devastating. Additionally, the "Ring of Swift Retreat" can boost your movement speed, allowing you to maneuver quickly and maintain distance from enemies.

  • Consumables: Carry a variety of consumables to aid your ranged combat. These may include Feathered Arrows for increased accuracy, Poison Coated Arrows for inflicting damage over time, or even Throwing Knives for close-quarters defense. Experiment with different options to find what suits your playstyle best.


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