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Elden Ring 1.10 Weapon Tier List - Elden Ring Best PvP Weapons After Patch 1.10
8/1/2023 4:22:03 PM
Tag: Gear Guide

Elden Ring patch 1.10 is here and alongside it brought a whole bunch of new changes to the PvP. This patch has brought the game a lot more in line with Dark Souls 3 PvP is like and a lot of weapons have benefited from this, so we've compiled a list of 5 best Elden Ring 1.10 weapons for PvP.


Elden Ring 1.10 Best PvP Weapons - Top 5 OP Weapons In Elden Ring After Patch 1.10

The main thing about patch 1.10 is that all weapons spells and skills just stagger a lot more to the point where armor just isn't as useful anymore. Other changes that came alongside this patch are that the skills and spells have a lot more hyper armor and backstabs are easy to pull off and crit damage in general does more damage. The poise damage changes mean two different things. One is that armor doesn't matter as much anymore, so Fashion Souls is now back on the menu. Number two is that small weapons benefit a lot more now because you can stagger a lot better, so you'll see a lot more straight swords, curved swords, and thrusting swords. Read our top 5 best Elden Ring 1.10 weapons tier list, let's see what weapons are going to dominate after Elden Ring patch 1.10.


No. 5 Urumi

Whips in general have benefited greatly from this patch 1.10 because they just stagger very well to the point where you can be at a distance and not even have to worry about engaging with the enemies. Whips have absolutely amazing range and combined with the fact that phantom range actually exists so whips are going to be a lot more obnoxious than they used to be. But the Urumi specifically is an amazing weapon after Elden Ring patch 1.10 because one it gets an S scaling in dexterity. If you pair it alongside other types of dexterity ashes of war like Lightning Ram or Thunderbolt, it's going to be doing really good damage and its heavy attacks have insane range. When you fully charge it, it pretty much makes it straight into the insane poking attack that obviously does piercing damage as well.  So it's really good for counterattack damage and it has insane ranges. The ranger that does get the fact that it can stack it very well definitely makes Urumi a much better option.


No.4 Erdsteel Dagger

Daggers didn't really benefit much. They still don't really stagger as well with their light attack combos. However, with their heavy attacks, they do stagger relatively well. With the Erdsteel Dagger, it has a really solid heavy attack and there’s a cool double slash that comes out extremely fast. It does show the exact same heavy attack as the Blade of Cooling and the Black Knife but you can just do way more damage with the Erdsteel Dagger. Because it already gets a fade scaling and you can infuse it. Very similar to Clayman's Harpoon if you have its magic infuse, it doubles down into intelligence. The same thing goes on if you have faith infused, it's going to double down into faith. Erdsteel Dagger is definitely one of the best Elden Ring patch 1.10 weapons because it does stagger very well. You can guarantee combo follow-up into different types of light attacks as well.


No.3 Zamor Curved Sword

The third best Elden Ring weapon 1.10 is the more curved sword. As a weapon itself, it has terrible range. But its weapon skills the Zamor Ice Storm is absolutely amazing now it just stun-locks enemies for days and you do get some hype armor with this thing as well. It's really cool that way so you can use this weapon skill, gain some hype armor and slam it into the ground. Things get stun locked and end up doing about a thousand damage every single time enemies just walk into you. Moreover, the weapon has a hitbox so when you're slamming into the ground, you can stun-lock enemies, trade out and do a whole bunch of damage. Things are just getting shredded as soon as you just walk into it. Ice Storm has the best frost build-up in the entire game and it's absolutely insane.


No. 2 Shamshir

All small two-handed weapons benefit greatly from this patch. So straight swords, thrusting swords, and two-handing weapons are going to be great. Especially with those straight swords because you're going to spam the crouching attacks. So another weapon that has insane crouching perks but the Shamshir has an incredibly quick light attack combo, quicker than all the other curved swords alongside the Scimitar as well. But Shamshir is just going to be the better option to do with better damage and better scalings. Just spam into the light attack is going to be the play here. If you're going to have that same type of Dark Souls 3 feel, just infuse it with sword dance and you pretty much have something like the Follower Sabre, then spam R1 spam weapon skill and you'll be perfectly fine. Very cheesy weapon, definitely benefited greatly from this patch.


No.1 Hand of Malenia

At number one Elden Ring best 1.10 weapon, we have the Hand of Malenia. This weapon is very good in PvP because it staggers extremely well and actually gets a little bit of hype armor as well. You no longer get hit by a dagger and fall straight to the ground, you actually do tank a little bit of attacks and you do stun lock extremely well. Those first two parts of the weapon skill are just guaranteed basically to where you can shred a whole bunch of enemies. Hand of Malenia is a katana so you do get a pretty decent moveset. Outside of those heavy attacks because they're kind of cringe. Their powerstancing is really good now and it’s going to have amazing range and you obviously do get inherent bleed. Still, some annoying thing about the Waterfowl Dance weapon skill is that it does consume a lot of stamina, so we do recommend pairing it alongside a lot of endurance. 

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