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D2R 2.6 Enchant Sorc Build Guide - Best Ladder Season 3 Demon Machine Sorceress Build in Diablo 2
2/24/2023 11:37:42 AM

With the new changes in patch 2.6 Diablo 2 Resurrected, Enchant finally double dips on Fire Mastery damage and that gives us 20K Enchant damage on our Demon Machine. Today we show the ladder season 3 20K DMG Enchant Demon Machine Sorc build in Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.6. We'll walk you through gear, stats points, merc setup, skill tree & how to construct the best Demon Machine Sorceress build in Diablo 2 ladder season 3.

D2R 2.6 Deman Machine Sorceress Build Guide - Best Ladder Season 3 Enchant Demon Machine Sorc Build in Diablo 2

In patch 2.6 of season 3 Diablo 2 Resurrected, they put in some pretty pivotal changes that have these minor tweaks to skills that have massive implications and this one right here for the Sorceress is just one of them. They fixed an issue where Fire Mastery and by proxy all sources of Elemental fire damage wouldn't apply to ranged attacks when your attack was enchanted. For people who didn't know, when you cast in chant, it reads your Fire Mastery and all sources of plus to Elemental fire damage that you have. It also reads that again when you attack with an enchanted skill. So if you enchant yourself with 5000 damage and then you have another 300% fire damage on your gear and on fire Mastery, you're going to do close to 15 to 20000 fire damage on a melee attack. The issue here is that that didn't happen for ranged attacks. While you would get the huge enchant bonus on the initial cast, your arrow would just do its regular amount of enchant damage and not read your fire Mastery again. So it wouldn't double dip and that goes for any sources of Elemental damage and any sources of +2 Elemental skill damage, lightning, cold, poison, Etc. 

Below we show you the gear, the stats, the skills, and pros & cons that you need to understand for the Demon Machine Enchant Bow Sorceress build Diablo 2 patch 2.6 to really shine.

Best D2R2.6 Demon Machine Sorceress Build Gears

  • Weapon: Demon Machine

Demon Machine

Sandstorm Trek

  • Orb: Eschuta’s Temper

Eschuta's Temper[3Skills & 20LD]

  • Shield: Spirit Monarch

  • Body Armor: Ormus’s Robes

Ormus' Robes

  • Charms: Small charms, grand charms, large charms, sunder charm

D2R 2.6 enchant demon machine sorceress build for starter

D2R 2.6 Ladder 3 Enchantress Sorceress Build Skills

We have max warm, max enchant and max fire mastery that gives us a level 51 enchant, the level 48 fire mastery gaining is 359 additional fire damage. With a base skill enchant damage between 5 to 6000 damage which again will double dip on fire mastery after the patch goes into effect. For the rest of the skills, pick up frozen armor and spec into fully synergizing telekinesis. For energy shield, have at least 16 yard radius on static field on our primary swap. And then put the rest of points into energy shield. When we are on swap, we're somewhere around the 71% effective absorb after we use battle orders, battle Command, so it's important to keep that up and we're only taking three quarters of appointed damage per damage dealt to mana which is the most effective you can with a full synergy and telekinesis.

  • Warmth: Max

  • Enchant: Max

  • Fire Mastery: Max

  • Frozen Armor: 9

  • Telekinesis: 33

  • Energy Shield: 15

  • Static Field: 25

D2R Ladder 3 Enchant Demon Machine Sorc Build Stats

  • Strength: 161

  • Dexterity: 100

  • Vitality: 144

  • Energy: 370

D2R 2.6 Best Demon Machine Build Merc Gear

  • Weapon: Infinity Thresher

  • Helm: Andariel’s Visage

  • Body Armor: Fortitude

Best Farming Spots for D2R 2.6 Enchant Sorceress Build

Where can you farm with this build? You can go anywhere, in any areas where fire skills are already really strong like Stoney Tombs and Tal Rasha's tombs, you absolutely obliterate, you can take off half the gear and still get the exact same effect. Worldstone Keep was an absolute breeze even with souls since we are an energy shield build, you just teleport past them, fire off back towards them and when you teleport back into range, the bolts hit them as they reactivate and they die in one to two shots easily. Slayer jungle with super high density, the Travincal was a breeze, bringing it into cows is obviously one of the best places. 

Pros/Cons of Ladder 3 Enchant Sorceress Build D2R

+ Pure Fun build

+ Very high area damage

+ Ideal for Cow farming

+ One of the best builds for Party gameplay

- Requires an Infinity on your merc 

- Not Hardcore-viable

- Not Ladder start viable

- Limited Magic Find options

Is D2R Ladder 3 Enchant Bow Sorc Build S Tier?

With the change in patch 2.6, this Demon Machine Enchant Bow Sorceress actually gets nutty, we need to see whether or not this change is going to apply to things like lightning Mastery, plus to poison skill damage, plus to cold skill damage to try to figure out what other builds can benefit from this double dip that they previously couldn't.

This isn't a contender for a really strong S-tier build, the only issue with it technically speaking is that you can't put as much magic find on it unless you're willing to sacrifice the plus skills. But even without these, go look at what the enchant damage looks like. 5000 and then 247, so we'd be getting the base of 5000 and then 247 which puts us at 3.4 times that it's about 16000 fire damage even without the fire skiller, so you could just slot in magic find. This thing's an S tier build, this contends with every other density clear S tier build in the game.


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