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Top 10 Highest Damage Arcane Weapons in Elden Ring 1.08 | Elden Ring Best Arcane Weapon Tier List 2023
2/17/2023 5:37:44 PM

In the Elden Ring Best Arcane Weapon Tier List, we go over the Top 10 highest damage arcane weapons you should grab before the DLC!

Elden Ring Highest Damage Arcane Weapons 2023

Top 10 Highest Damage Arcane Weapons in Elden Ring

In this guide, we are going to share with you every Arcane weapon you should get in preparation for the DLC, there are 11 weapons from 11 different categories covering every possible build. So at least one or two of these weapons should fit your playstyle perfectly, this list even includes Arcane weapons for ranged users and for spellcasters, so you've got a full arsenal at your disposal and you should be fully prepared for whatever the land between should hold for us next.

Top 10 - Reduvia

The Reduvia is the earliest Arcane weapon you can get and this weapon cannot be infused with other Ashes of War nor can it be coated with the oils or anything like that and that applies to almost every single other weapon on this list as well. This weapon is so insanely powerful because of its skill the Blood Blade, this produces a small wave of blood which is then flung towards the enemy and this can be spammed again and again until you run out of stamina or FP whichever comes first. The blood loss inflicted by the Reduvia Blood Blade is far greater than the weapons melee strikes, so you basically just want to spam this weapon skill if you are using this weapon, and finally again as with any weapon on this list that inflicts blood which is quite a few of them the Arcane scaling of this weapon affects the amount of blood loss build up the weapon has, so the higher your Arcane stat the better you are going to do more damage and clicked blood loss at a crazy high rate. Overall this is an absolutely incredible early game Arcane weapon and it has fairly low stat requirements to support an early game build.

Top 9 - Regalia of Eochaid

This is one of two obtainable weapons in the game that use the dancing blade skill, you can actually get this sword as early on in the game as you can at the reduvia by abusing some fairly precise jumps on the cliffs just to the east of the Third Church of America. Regalia of Eochaid has powerful DPS when using standard of light attacks. If you're going for a dexterity Arcane build use the Regalia of Eochaid sword. Talking of the weapon skill, it is absolutely amazing for so many reasons, it will scale with the likes of the winged sword Insignia Talisman and the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia because these talismans boost the damage of each consecutive strike and every single hit of the corkscrew attack is considered a consecutive strike, All things considered though even when you do include the talismans and the power of the weapon skill especially on the Murray Greatsword, the overall damage output of these swords is quite lackluster in comparison to a few of the late game Arcane weapons.

Top 8 - Bloody Helice

This is a heavy thrusting sword with one of powerful weapon skills in the game. If you get good at using this and are very comfortable with it, it's a really solid PVP weapon because it's not a weapon skill too many people are that familiar with and it will catch a lot of opponents off guard. This is another one that scales best with a combination of dexterity and Arcane. As are most weapons on this list it definitely feels like Arcane builds cater much better to decks than they do to strength.

Top 7 - Morgott's Cursed Sword

This is the most stat heavy Arcane weapon on this list. Its weapon skill - Cursed Blood Slice is so powerful and you can attack twice is the fact that that initial slice will hit and stagger enemies before the bloody trail left then explodes into a burst of flame. So you have essentially got four attacks for the price of one there keeping most enemies stun locked for a significant amount of time and dealing crazy amounts of damage. Once again as with most weapons on this list, you cannot enchant this or buff it with consumables in any way nor can the Ash of War be changed not that you'd want to because it's one of the best in the game. And again as with many Arcane weapons, the swords attacks do cause blood loss build up and that blood loss buildup is also applied by the cursed blood slice just in case you were wondering. 

Top 6 - Rivers of Blood

Rivers of Blood is definitely one of the most powerful weapons on this list. Its weapon skill - Corpse Piler is why most people love this weapon so much, it does an insane amount of attacks in such a short period of time and deals both physical and fire damage meaning the incantation flame grant me strength can make this weapon skill do crazy amounts of damage, especially when paired with talisman such as the Rotten Winged Insignia and The Shard of Alexander. As with all Arcane bleed weapons, more Arcane means more bleed build-up, so even if you only just barely meet the dex requirements for this weapon and then pump every other stat point into Arcane, it's still going to do huge amounts of damage and be very viable. 

Top 5 - Eleonora's Poleblade

Eleonora's Poleblade is probably the most stylish weapon on this list. As the name suggests, this is the weapon of bloody finger Eleanora and it is obtained by defeating her at the second Church of America. The twinblade does attack so fast, the actual base physical damage needs to be reduced to compensate so they're not overpowered. But the physical damage is so low that they just don't compare in DPS to many other weapons on this list. The weapon art, however, makes up for that, the Bloodblade Dance deals insane amounts of damage and with a follow-up attack, you will perform an evasive maneuver and jump backward putting you out of range of any enemies following up with a counter-attack. If you master the move set and become one with the weapon you can really make your best friend and probably make this build into an absolute killing machine.

Top 4 - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

This weapon comes with the Bloodboon Ritual Ash of War which is a god-tier skill, it does huge amounts of damage over many different attacks and will just obliterate sways of enemies.  Each of the three stabs will create explosions of blood, and the weapon will become coated with blood flame for a while after as well. This one is obtained by defeating Mohgwyn - the Lord of Blood and then trading in his remembrance with Enya at the round table hold.

Top 3 - Ripple Blade & Ripple Halberd

Most Arcane weapons can't be buffed up with magic or consumables, but these two can, not only that they have two of the highest Arcane scaling attributes in the whole entire game and that means even though their base damage is very low compared to every other weapon on this list. They are ridiculously good at building up status effects, this is ideal for Arcane builds that use a lot of grease and a lot of different status effects, just to give you one example with just one swing from a plus 25 Ripple blade at 60 Arcane, will deal 220 poison buildup to an enemy. The blade is slightly better at applying status effects, so it's slightly less than that for the halberd, but the halberd does have a superior move set and has also got the reach that the blade doesn't have. So for that reason, they're both incredibly amazing for a status build up heavy build.

Top 2 - Serpent Bow

Despite the fact that this is an Arcane weapon, having higher Arcane doesn't affect the damage output of this weapon, but what it does affect and why this is so powerful is it affects the status build up of poison bleed and sleep on the respective arrows. For that reason, this bow is actually most advantageous with a hybrid build that combines both Dexterity and Arcane. However, where this really excels is it will add a base 15 poison buildup to all arrows, and exactly as the weapon description says it reveals its true worth when used with poison infused arrows. They are sold by the Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow for 120 Elden Ring runes each and using the mighty shot weapon skill along with the serpent arrows on a fully upgraded serpent bow will inflict most enemies with poison in just one shot.

Top 1 - Albinauric Staff

This staff is absolutely amazing for people that want to go pure Arcane builds but still would like a fairly powerful ranged option in the form of sorceries. The very low 10 int requirement will allow you to use the very FP efficient Glintstone Pebble without needing to invest into an int build, therefore giving you really solid magic damage output for any enemies that are weak against magic but strong against all other damage types, this will make your Arcane build so much more versatile and you shouldn't encounter any enemies in the game at that point that aren't weak to at least one of your forms of damage. You will improve the damage output if you pump loads of points into intelligence as well, but you don't need to, it's still very powerful even with a pure Arcane build meaning you can use this as a really viable mid game option rather than needing hundreds of points worth of stats. This is definitely a weapon you should add to your Arsenal for any future Arcane builds.