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D2R 2.6 Season 3 Best Build Auradin & FoH - Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Aura Paladin Build to AKF Farm P8
1/31/2023 5:49:50 PM

This guide is all about the First of the Heavens, Holy Fire Paladin build for patch 2.6 season 3 Diablo 2 Reesurrected. We are going to quickly go over the gear, the skills, stats and the mercenary and then we'll break down how we got to this point, what its entire purpose is.

D2R 2.6 Season 3 Best Auradin & FoH Build For AFK Farm P8

Supposedly, Dragon Auradin is only a meme that can stomp P1 cows and that's it. MacroBioBoi put that to the test and came up with something really unique. Dispelling some of the myths of the strengths and weaknesses of Dragondin, while figuring out what the sweet spot for player difficulty is to farm at.

D2R Season 3 Auradin Build Gear 

  • Hand of Justice

  • Dragon

  • Bul-Katho’s Wedding Band

  • Chance Guards

  • Harlequin Crest

  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope

  • War Travelers

  • Annihilus

  • Arachnid's Mesh

  • Hellfire Torch

  • Call To Arms

  • Lidless Wall

  • Flame Rift

Hand of Justice in a caduceus, this is a good base that has high damage and it allows us to roll 3 staff mods or Paladin only skills. Since this was done in a hero editor, it looks like this item just gives you +3 skill level to Fist of the Heavens, that isn't what it would look like normally in game, it would say Paladin only. But on this one, we have +3 to conviction, +3 to Redemption and +3 to Fist of Heavens. Paired with this, we're using dual dragon in a 45 all-res sacred targe and in a mage plate. This together gets us access to a level 44 Holy Fire Aura just for having it equipped without having to use any other auras ourselves. Harlequin Crest, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, using War Travelers for the magic find, Bul-Katho’s Wedding Band Rings for the life leech, these are absolutely sub-optimal but they're just basic skill rings. Arachnid's Mesh for a little bit of fcr along with the plus skill and then Chance Guards for more magic find. Since this is primarily a holy fire auradin that's using Fist of the Heavens as backup and additional AOE, we are using the fire sunder charm. Have it on regardless of where we're going because the idea of this build is that you could just AFK and go anywhere. Heats for magic find were using combat skillers with life magic find with all res across our charms and then Annihilus and Hellfire Torch. On swap, we have CTA for pre-buffing and we literally have a Lidless Wall because it would have taken us too long to make a spirit shield in the hero editor.

Skills For D2R Season 3 Aura Paladin Build

  • Holy Bolt: Max out

  • First of the Heavens: Max out

  • Resist Fire: Max out

  • Salvation: Max out

  • Conviction: Max out

For the skill tree, we have 1point wonders and prereqs filled up.We're going to max out Holy Bolt as well as Fist of the Heavens. We're going to max out Resist Fire along with Salvation Aura since both of those are synergies for Holy Fire the aura, even though we're not using Holy Fire, the D2R items are going to gain the benefit of these synergies as well. Then put enough points into Conviction Aura to try to max it out. We still need two levels, right now this character is only level 90, at level 92 we'd be able to max this out at the full -150 resistance. If you are somebody who is die hard, set on having access to things like vigor as well as redemption aura without having a caduceus base that gets you plus to that skill. You can pull some of the points out of Bolt, First of Heavens in holy bolts that you can get access down into those skills.


  • Insight

  • Flickering Flame

  • Chains of Honor

For people who really hate drinking potions, this mercenary setup goes a super long way to shore up all of your survivability issues and make it so that you never have to hit your potion belt ever again. Using an Insight runeword gets us access to meditation art which is obviously going to help us manage our mana. Meditation Aura from this item is going to benefit from this synergy that has with prayer aura if you buy a prayer mercenary. What this means is that the mercenary's base prayer aura is going to go off giving us 27 life every two seconds and their Insight is also going to gain that same access to healing. So we're actually getting 54 health replenished every two seconds as opposed to the 27. Because we're using this fire sunder charm and we're trying to stack as much magic find as possible, our resistances were a little bit weak when it came to our Fire Res. Because of that we're actually using flickering flame on the mercenary. Keep in mind if you have maximum resistance without this, putting on a flickering flame monster mercenary will reduce your total possible maximum resistance, because there's a little bit of a weird bug where the passive aura that you would typically gain from resist fire here when you're not using it is overwritten by the skill level that your mercenary has. Because we're using a prayer merc that has a decent weapon but not a lot of survivability on his helmet, we're also using chains of honor. The +2 to the level is going to double down on that prayer which is going to get synergized with the meditation aura. It's also going to give him the life leech that he needs to actually be able to sustain himself against monsters while he fights.

Stats for D2R 2.6 Dragon Auradin Build Season 3

Strength: 159

Dexterity: 162

Vitality: 467

Energy: 72

Just enough strength to be able to use our gear, just enough dexterity that with holy shield, we're hitting the 75 chance to block and the rest of our points are getting dumped into vitality. With that, we have just under 3400 life in just over 600 mana.

Purpose of Paladin Aura Build Season 3

The big thing here is that this Paladin build is sitting on 261 magic find. The reason why that's so important is because realistically the AFK charge around Holy Fire Auradin should be able to clear density, and if you ever take this thing into P1 cows, you'll notice that every two seconds it kills off another whole wave of cows and you move on with your day. The only problem being that killing on low player account doesn't really net you a lot of drops, because it doesn't net you a lot of drops that's fewer and fewer opportunities to roll from magic quality in higher items. But that was the exact thing that the community was saying back when this initially came out. It's not overpowered, you don't have to worry about it, it can't even really clear above players one, it's just a P1 star jumper.

You Can Farm On P8

One of the best places to farm in this game on a fire build is either talarash's tombs especially when they're terrorized or in the Stoney tomb. As we run to the stoney tomb, we're still on players 8. The best part about the build as it stands is that you can actually just still zeal with it, you don't even really have to AFK if you don't want to, it's just one of the options.

Issues With The Build

Walking into the river of flame, you will met with a bunch of monsters that have varying levels of help as well as resistance to both physical and fire damage, but you'll notice that all of a sudden our kill speed is a lot slower. These stranglers are melting as they go but we have the problem of these pit lords. These are really high health monsters with high physical and fire damage reduction. Obviously you can throw in also using Zeal and that's going to slightly speed it up because we have a really decent amount of fire damage on zeal attack as well as drastically reducing resistances from conviction aura, as well as our -20 from Hand of Justice. But we're lacking some of the other key points here, we don't have a flickering flame with -15 res and this is where the initial problem with the build really walks into, if you go anywhere where you need the Sunder charm to be able to break the resistance, your conviction aura now is only one-fifth effective. Because of that, it's only reducing resistances by 28, so you go from 95, -28, that brings you down to 67. And then you have Hand of Justice lowering it by another 20. So this pit lord is sitting at 47% resistance, even though we're at minimum distance we're getting double our damage and we're getting three times the radial damage on our Holy Fire Aura. They're still reducing our total outgoing damage by almost 50%. 

Use FoH

This is a really easy super accessible controller-friendly build that can literally just walk around and stop anything from between players 1 and players 3. If we want to be a good AOE clearing high magic find density destroying build, we needed something else and that's where Fist of the Heavens comes in. With 20 points in the base skill as well as 20 synergies into holy bolt, you'll see that Fist of Heavens is doing around 2000 lightning damage which doesn't matter, but every holy bolt that comes out of it is doing over 4000 damage. Not only that, our base holy bolt is also doing close to 6000 damage, so that when we have leftover bosses from elite packs, we can single target down them as well as give for mercenary healed. When you're doing something around 4000 ish tick damage on your triple Holy Fire Aura and then adding in an additional 4000 magic damage per second, the strength of the build really starts to shine through.

Better P8 Farm Zones

We would like to do is highlight a few areas where players 8 actually feels good and smooth as opposed to even a worldstone keep, it's still slow out in the Flare Jungle, most things even on players 8 will fall over like wet tissue paper even. If there's something like birds which are not demons or undead. One or two casts a Fist to Heavens as you're literally walking by with your aura and everything is dead. This is what it means to clear density and kill with high magic find. The entire purpose is to be able to kill everything on the way on a high enough players settings, most things are going to be dropping items close to 100 of the time. In the name of game in Diablo 2 is generate as many item drops as possible per minute. For the best chances of finding good things, but what makes an even more poignant point is when you go down into some place like the swampy pit where everything down here is a demon or undead and most people are afraid of going in and farming someplace, you have souls, you have dolls, other than these bats which are the only things which don't roll as undead. Everything is going to pop both from your Holy Fire Aura as well as Fist of Heavens, just killing p8 dolls like they're not there, not a problem at all. Just walk through cats Fist to Heavens while your Holy Fire Aura does the rest for cleanup.

D2R season 3 aura paladin build 

What Player Settings Should You Kill On?

Whether it's the pin in act 1 stoney tune in Act 2 or the flare dungeon and swampy pit in act 3, players 8 is easily manageable goes very fast even doing things like countess runs for Keys, all of that goes by in a breeze. When we're talking about chaos sanctuary and act 4 in general, players 3 is the play for what you can realistically manage at a good clip and not feel like you're hamstringing yourself. For worldstone keep, even though depending on the monster types you're easily able to clear on players 8, players 5 is a lot more realistic considering the amount of non-demon undead monsters that can spawn in levels 2 and 3 can get pretty annoying on higher player count.


What this build seeks to do and what we think it's succeeding at is being able to put on a good amount of magic find, we have 261 magic find on this build without Enigma equipped, that really satisfying aurutic damage being the major contributor to how you're killing stuff and allow for an incredibly relaxed play style. While this build could definitely be optimized for damage output, the only thing to keep in mind is that the more damage and minus threads you put onto the build, the less magic find you're able to stack on it. And that balancing Act is what is so important for actually maximizing the potential of a density clearing build. All in all, this might be one of the most controller friendly builds in Diablo 2. Considering you literally just leave conviction up all the time and you are either charging, just casting happens regardless of whether or not you have a target since it will auto target for you. Focusing down and targeting monsters with either Zeal or holy Bolt. The other cool thing about the build is that it's specifically built, so that you don't have to swap out any gear depending on whether or not you need to go into different terror zones.


Guess you ask