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Top 10 Elden Ring Weapons 2023 - Best Faith, Bleed, Str, Int Weapon Builds in Elden Ring 1.08 Patch
1/27/2023 1:05:53 PM

The latest 1.08 patch in Elden Ring brought changes and nerfs to weapons again, so in this post, let's update the new Top 10 Best Weapons in Elden Ring for you!

Elden Ring Top 10 Best Weapons

Top 10 Best Elden Ring Weapon Builds After 1.08 Patch

Here we go over the top 10 best weapons to use in Elden Ring, so let's dive right into it. 

Top 10 - Royal Greatsword

It's honestly really good when it comes to regular enemies since it's a colossal sword, the attacks are just going to stun lock majority of the bigger guys allowing you to get off a full combo for free. Then the Ash of War on it Wolf's Assault is also pretty good with its damage, your character does a flip stabbing the sword into the ground and then leaving an explosion behind. Half of its damage is Magic based meaning when you hit an enemy a certain amount of physical damage is taken away because of armor, the same can be said with magic attacks having magic resistance so it's basically like hitting an enemy with two layers of protection. It does have a high attack power on it to help make up for that but still it falls behind. Another issue with the sword is the Ash of War on it does do a good amount of damage, however it doesn't have a lot of range to it so you have to be up close to your Target and it takes a long time for the second part of it to go off which is half of its damage. We are not saying it's bad, there's just a bunch of other weapons that are much better.

Top 9 - Ruins Greatsword

It is very similar to the Royal Greatsword with both being colossal swords, so you're going to get that same effect when it comes to dealing with regular enemies, stun locking them with basic attacks until they drop. The part that separates this from the Royal Greatsword is firstly the damage on the weapon being almost completely physical, so there isn't a second element to it that would reduce the total amount of damage we can throw out; secondly it's got the best scaling in the game having an s in strength so you can go all the way and max out strength for the most basic attack power since the Ash of War mainly depends on the weapons a level to do more damage. Speaking of that, it's also better than the Royal Greatsword's Ash of War. With this one your character raises the sword into the air before smashing the ground and leaving a Wave of Destruction, it really matches the name of the Ash of War Waves of Destruction, you don't have to be up close with your target and it's got a decent area of effect to it just making it much easier and safer to land. Now the only downside to it is you are doing a bit less damage for the exchange of being safer from a distance which is well worth it, because even if you are doing good damage up close if you die it all means nothing in the end.

Top 8 - Fallingstar Beast Jaw 

This one's not a colossal sword but a colossal weapon, so it's like a colossal Hammer if it's not a sword. Anyways the basic attacks will still be able to stunlock majority of the enemies like before since it is a colossal weapon, and similar to the Royal Greatsword, it's got a mix between physical and Magic damage which we know isn't the greatest thing out there, except the Ash of War on it makes up for it entirely with how powerful it is Gravity Bolt. Your character raises the weapon calling down what can only be described as a small air strike on whoever you're aiming at. Now what makes this stand out more than the Ruins Greatsword is the Ash of War almost never misses it comes down in an instant blowing up whoever, aside from this it costs less Mana to use and it can be casted rapidly for back-to-back uses you just end up dropping a barrage of strikes on a boss that pretty much never miss.

Top 7 - Blasphemous Blade

This one's going to be the first greatsword on the list. Because it's a greatsword it still has somewhat of a stunlock effect when your basic attacking enemies, just not as effective as the Colossal weapons. So in some instances against larger opponents they can break free of it and swing right back, which does mean you have to be a bit more careful with this weapon instead of just doing a full combo with ease. Even the attack power on it does fall off a bit in comparison to the Colossal weapons especially with it being a mix of fire and physical damage. With both of these negatives, it's hard to see it being ranked seventh on the list but the passive buff and the Ash of War that come with this weapon make up for it so much, you'll understand why it's above the others. So the passive on it restores 4% of your max health and an additional 40 health for any enemy that you kill and that's half of it, the other half is you gain 10% of your max Health back plus an additional 150 health for each enemy you hit with the Ash of War, not kill just sim simply touching them. And the Ash of War on it Taker's flame is literally the exact same thing as the Ruins Greatsword Ash of War, the only difference between the two is the Blasphemous Blade does more damage, costs a little bit more mana and it does fire damage instead of magic. So if you hit multiple enemies with it which wouldn't be difficult at all to do you can regain at least a quarter of your max Health easily you become pretty resistant to death.

Top 6 - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

It does have one thing in common with the Blasphemous Blade, its damage is split between physical and fire. However Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear is one of the larger weapons in the game, so it's going to have a stagger effect that's on pair with the Colossal weapons, just keeping the larger targets stun locked for a full combo. On top of this the spear comes with a passive amount of blood loss that can also be increased by leveling up Arcane. So when you are throwing out those basic attacks you'll have a good chance of rocking a bleed build up for even more damage, and if you have your build set up correctly it can reach a much higher attack power than the Blasphemous blade. Then for the Ash of War, you're going to be throwing out way more damage except you don't get that nice healing factor that the sword has but you won't really need it with how fast enemies die around you that being the blood Boon ritual, your character raises the spear into the air stabbing above him three times with each one doing tons of damage and building up a lot of blood loss. You can usually probably build up each time you use the Ash of War which is just going to melt majority of the enemies around you, afterwards it Buffs the weapon giving it an extra 30 fire damage for 20 seconds, nothing crazy but every little bit does help out. So the only problems we came across with this weapon is when you are using the Ash of War your character becomes completely static, you're not going to be able to dodge any attacks at all, so there's a really good chance you're are going to take a hit right back when using this. And secondly the range on it isn't anything special so you'll have to be fairly close to your target to get this off, which just goes back to the first issue of getting hit right back since you're going to be fairly close to your target if you don't kill them in one go. All around it's amazing having good damage bleed build up and being able to hit multiple targets, but its lack of Mobility definitely held it back from getting higher up on the list.

Top 5 - Scavenger's Curve Sword

This weapon does everything Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear can do but better, just like before if you have a build set up correctly these can reach a ridiculous amount of attack power much higher than before, proc blood losses with almost every other attack and you're always mobile - you're never really locked into one position for a long period of time. To be more exact with this weapon, if you use the occult Affinity on it with the Seppuku Ash of War, this is not only going to give you lots of physical damage and blood loss, but it pairs amazingly well with this weapon because if you do wield them whenever you do a jumping or running weapon Art Attack, you swing the swords four times. Combine this with blood loss and other Elden Ring items that increase your damage with rapid attacks, you melt almost anyone in front of you. When you are dealing with enemies in the game that are completely bleed resistant, you'll lose a lot of that damage that comes with bleed buildups. Even though you can still reach a good amount of attack power, it's part of the reason it holds it back, the other part of it is since it's a curved sword you don't get that stagger effect at all in comparison with the larger weapons, so when you are dealing with non-boss enemies you have to really pay attention to dodge their attacks instead of keeping them in a stun lock which is effortless to do.

Top 4 - Giant Crusher

This weapon is a monster being in the Colossal weapon category, you can throw around all the regular enemies in the game easily. Now there are a couple of things to this weapon that make it better than the Scavengers curve sword, firstly it being able to stun lock most of the enemies in the game, secondly, you can use the bleed variation on this to proc blood losses just as well as the Scavengers curve sword and when you do come up against enemies immune to bleed buildups you can switch the Infinity on it too heavy which gives it an S scaling and strength taking the physical damage to a whole nother level, and lastly this weapon can break a boss's stance extremely easily by doing the jumping weapon Art Attack. Literally, in just three hits, you can bring most bosses down to their knees with the correct setup. This requires you to be right up close to your opponent, which again isn't a bad thing with how strong the giant Crusher is but there are other weapons that can get out similar amounts of damage from a distance much more safely.

Top 3 - Sword of Knight and Flame

The Ash of War in this weapon is still extremely powerful even after all the Nerfs it's faced. It has no problem at all blasting bosses or strong enemies with tons of damage, what makes us better than the Giant Crusher is the fact that you can stay at a distance to get almost the same amount of damage off. You can use the Ash of War rapidly since the animation doesn't take too long. Now the downsides to this weapon are pretty bad to the point where if it didn't have the Ash of War it did, it wouldn't make it on the list at all. The first thing is the damage is split three ways between physical magic and fire, the basic attacks are going to be reduced by quite a bit so you'll definitely want to have a second sword in your offhand to counter that. The other reason is the same thing as a scavenger's curved sword, it's not going to be able to stun lock enemies with its basic attacks so you'll have to be more mindful of dodging hits, it may be a bit annoying having to be more careful in the game but when you can blast people with a full-on magical laser beam it kind of outweighs that by a lot. 

Top 2 - Bolt of Gransax

It's a spear-styled weapon, so it's going to work really well with shields, and even just by itself for power stancing it with another spear is going to make quick work of most enemies in the game.  The damage on it is split between physical and lightning so the basic attacks won't do as much and it won't stagger enemies either, still not as bad as Sword of Knight and Flame basic attacks. However just like it the ash of war in this weapon is even better than the magical laser beam - Ancient Lightning Spear, your character turns a spear into a red lightning bolt before tossing it at the speed of a bullet with the range of a sniper, safe to say it's going to do a lot of damage. An added bonus to this is it can be charged up to travel further with more damage as well which means you can also use Godfrey's icon on top of The Shard of Alexander to boost its damage even further. Again with its range, you'll be able to stand at the back of a room during a boss fight chucking lightning bolts like your toes. The only downside to this weapon are The Usual Suspects split damage and no stagger effect.

Top 1 - Darkmoon Greatsword

There are so many reasons why it's amazing all around, starting with it being a great sword. We still get that stagger effect when attacking enemies not as consistent as the bigger weapons but much better than the smaller weapons like Spears and straight swords, the next reason is the sword possibly comes with 55 freeze build up, it's not a lot but you can proc freeze on the more difficult bosses and enemies which can be better than bleed in certain instances. Because blee takes a chunk of their health away, whereas Frost does the same thing but a bit less damage and it makes that target take 20% increased damage for 30 seconds. We are not saying Frost is its main damage but it's definitely a nice passive effect on it. Then the main reason it's the best is that the Ash of War on it - Moonlight Greatsword, your character buffs the weapon by adding an extra 65 magic damage to it and an extra 15 Frost buildup and turning your heavy attacks into projectiles that have the medium range and a wide area of effect, all while lasting for 60 seconds and this only costs 32 Mana as well. So if you use the heavy attack let's say three times in a span of 60 seconds, that comes down to almost 10 Mana per projectile you shoot, which is extremely cost-effective if not a little bit overpowered. The weapon has Frost buildup on it and this applies to the projectiles as well, so you're not only going to do tons of damage with it but it also stacks up Frost while you're at a distance. Since the weapon depends on heavy attacks, you can charge up your heavy attack to do more damage and break a boss's guard extremely easily, like as quickly if you're using two Giant Crushers. Finally, since you can charge up the heavy attack both the Shard of Alexander and Godfrey's Icon increases the damage as well. There are so many reasons why this is the best way weapon in all of Elden Ring, and the only downside to it is split damage with magic, but let's be real there are so many Pros to this weapon that hardly does much to it.


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