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Elden Ring Magic Crusader Build - Most OP Strength Int Build in Elden Ring NG+
1/17/2023 4:13:43 PM

This Elden Ring Str/Int build is one of the most overpowered and fun builds to use in the game now, check out the best weapons, talismans, spells, summons, armor, stats, and more.

OP Strength Int Build in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Magic Crusader Build - Most OP Strength Int Build in Elden Ring NG+

If you are looking for an OP NG+ build in Elden Ring, this Crusader build by Pastorgainz Games you can have a try.


You can choose your weapon based on your liking, and here are some options for players who like to use Elden Ring greatswords and katanas.

- Moonveil +10: this is a fantastic Katana, it has blood loss buildup, so if you're hitting people multiple times in a row, it's going to give you that blood loss, and then it also has Transient Moonlight, which is the Ash of War and that is one of the most overpowered Ashes of War in the game. Moonveil is absolutely wonderful with a strength scaling of E but an intelligence scaling of B, this definitely hits that strength intellect build criteria when it comes to a weapon. We have physical damage of 178 plus 78 and then our magic damage is 213 plus 212. you're going to be able to get this Transient Moonlight off really quickly, if they get too close and you don't have time, you can slash back and forth really quickly to get that blood loss buildup.

- Dark Moon Greatsword +10: With strength scaling of D and intellect scaling of B, this also meets the criteria that we need for a really awesome sword. For this build with the physical damage of 200 plus 103, which is pretty good, then the magic damage is 240 plus 279, and it causes Frost buildup. The Dark Moon Greatsword is a fantastic weapon, it has the Ash of War Moonlight Greatsword, which allows it to shoot frost bolts directly in front of you in a horizontal pattern and they do a considerable amount of damage, especially when the weapon is leveled up as high as it needs to go.

- Royal Greatsword +9: It has a physical attack of 258 plus 152 and then a magic attack of 308 plus 196. The Wolf’s Assault is one of the better ones in the game, it's a two-part skill where you flip into battle stab the ground and then you explode a giant frost attack that does an immense amount of frost damage in all directions, it has a strength scaling of C and an intellect scaling of C as well, definitely a great weapon to check out awesome damage all around.

- Starscourge Greatsword +9: The last choice of weapon, it has a strength scaling of C and an intellect scaling of D, a little bit lower intellect and a little bit lower strength, but where it is great is when you're trying to get down a lot of enemies at once, you can running through the game and killing NPCs, it has a magic damage of 191 plus 60 and then a physical attack of 297 plus 260. This weapon also shines with its Ash of War Starcaller Cry, it sucks everybody in with gravity, then you can smash the ground again with both swords and it causes an immense amount of damage to everybody around you. 

- Demi-Human Queen’s Staff: we need a staff because we are going to be casting some spells, the reason we are using this staff is that it also has a strength scaling of C as well as an intellect scaling of S. The sorcery scaling is going to be 284, not amazing but it is a strength scaling staff.


- Erdtree’s Favor +2: this is going to raise your maximum HP and stamina and equip load, it is a really awesome talisman to do a bunch of different things to make you as powerful as possible.

- Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman: this is going to enormously boost your physical damage negation.

- Shard of Alexander: commonly seen in various Elden Ring builds, it can greatly boost the attack power of your skills. Considering we are going to use a lot of Ashes of War and a few sorceries for this build, this is going to make you do more damage.

- Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: this is going to greatly raise your attack power with successive attacks, it allows us to get more attack power, the more attacks we do, the faster we do them.


When it comes to the Sorcery you need for this strength intelligence build, here are four options. Adula’s Moonblade actually is a really large swipe that can get a lot of enemies at once, and it's a really great horizontal strike when you have to get in really close to bosses and NPCs. The Carian Slicer is very fast and does a really good amount of damage. The Carian Phalanx is just another defensive spell. Glintstone Icecrag is used for a quick cast to go on at range and it does a great job of also applying Frost damage and Frostbite if you hit the enemy enough times.

- Adula’s Moonblade

- Carian Slicer 

- Carian Phalanx

- Glintstone Icecrag


- Head: Greathelm

- Chest: Gelmir Knight Armor

- Arm: Fire Prelate Gauntlets

- Legs: Blaidd’s Greaves

Flask of Wondrous Physick

- Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear: this is going to temporarily boost your magic attacks 

- Spiked Cracked Tear: this is going to temporarily boost charged attack power 


They are some of the best summons in the game if you are going to use summons in your playthrough on New Game Plus.

- Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

- Black Knife Tiche


- Vigor 58

- Mind 35

- Endurance 45

- Strength 75

- Dexterity 20

- Intelligence 75

- Faith 25

- Arcane 14


Guess you ask