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D2R Level 99 ES Nova Sorceress Build Guide - Stats, Skill Points, Gears & Tips Of Best Nova Sorc Meta Build 2023
1/15/2023 5:58:27 PM

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected level 99 ES Nova Sorc build guide, we list stats, gears, skills, merc setup and gameplay tips & how to play Nova Sorc build for D2R 2.5 endgame. In the end, we present a video showing some examples of how to deal with blood mana hurts on Nova/ES Sorc and dealing with other dreaded monsters in the game.

D2R Non Ladder Level 99 ES Nova Sorceress Meta Build Guide

The Nova Sorceress is a close-combat warrior with incredible strength. She must teleport into the middle of the monsters because she has a small area of effect and use a Nova before they can attack. She is able to clear practically any region in the game using Infinity, and since mana burn has been patched, Energy Shield has significantly increased its value for her in PvM. But today we are going to discuss the D2R non-ladder level 99 ES Nova Sorceress build. 

Maybe your endgame sorceress build is an ES Nova Sorc wielding infinity, you have a big mana pool, insight on your merc, your merc is a prayer merc to double synergize with meditation for the mana and prayer to heal you even when you're poisoned. With thunder charms, this build is the meta build, non-ladder, this is still good but you do run into some issues. The only thing you have to worry about is the blood mana curse. Read the below guide and learn the way to get rid of the curse fast and deal with it. Also, we go through the gear and skill points used in the Diablo 2 ES Nova Sorc build.

Gear on ES Nova Sorc Build 

  • Infinity: -50 to enemy lightning resist, it goes up to 55, but this is non-ladder.

  • Griffin's Eye: With -24 and +18 to lightning skills

  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope: With 30 all res is not super important on ES build.

  • Sandstorm Trek: It gives the lower strength requirement of 81. It also gives 43% poison resist

  • Death Coil: +10% faster cast rate ring with 19 strength, it is huge to save points to put into mana. Cold resist +18%, poison length produced by 25%.

  • Arachnid Mesh

  • Stone of Jordan

  • Magefist

  • Hellfire Torch

  • Call to Arms

  • Lidless Wall

  • Skin of the Vipermagi 

D2R Level 99 ES Nova Sorceress Meta Build

Stat Points

  • Strength: 95

  • Dexterity: 70

  • Vitality: 115

  • Energy: 576

Skill Tree

Cold Spells

  • Frozen Armor: 3 points

Lightning Tree

  • Telekinesis: Max out

  • Teleport: 1 point

  • Energy Shield: Max out

  • Charged Bolt: 1 point

  • Lightning Mastery: Max out

  • Thunder Storm: 1 point

  • Nova: Max out

  • Static Field: Max out

Fire Spells

  • Warmth: 1 point

  • Fire Mastery: 1 point

For the skill tree, put hard points into frozen armor, use it just in case for the protection. For the lightning tree, we have telekinesis maxed out, 1  point into teleport, energy shield maxed out, right now it's at absorb 93, if we do battle orders it will be 94. Max out lightning mastery, 1 point into thunder storm, it does decent damage when you're just passive. Then max out Nova and max out nova's synergy which is static field. Static field is nice when it's super maxed out. So for players 8 or higher difficulties, using static first a bit and then doing Nova really speeds up your kill speed. For fire skills, 1 point into warmth to help boost your mana recovery also with the mercenary. And 1 point into fire mastery to boost the damage on the hydras.

Merc Setup

  • Andariel’s Visage

  • Fortitude

  • Insight

Using Andariel’s with 15% chance to cast, +35% increase attack speed, and -8% fire resist. Sacred armor fortitude with the second highest life roll. Insight in a thresher for 17 meditation to boost your mana recovery. He is a prayer Merc, prayer is great for keeping your life up if you get poisoned, so poison is really no longer an issue with this setup. So your life isn't an issue and mana is not an issue because you have such fast regen, you'll never run out of mana, it's a super strong build.

Blood Mana Curse Solved

Here’s how to get rid of blood mana curse easily in Diablo 2 Resurrected.


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