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Elden Ring 1.08 Best Strength Build: OP Crescent Moon Axe NG+ Build Guide
1/7/2023 6:17:53 PM

Here we guide you to build one of the best strength build in Elden Ring after the 1.08 patch, by going over the Ash of War, Weapons, Attributes, Talismans, Armor, Flasks, Great Runes, and Spells. 

Elden Ring 1.08 Best Strength Build

Elden Ring Best OP Crescent Moon Axe NG+ Strength Build Guide

In this Ellen Ring guide, we are going to be showing you the blazing executioner build which is a NG+ build that focuses on the use of the Crescent Moon Great Axe and the Flaming Strike Ash of War. However this build can be used much earlier in the game and almost all the way through a regular playthrough as well, so we'll be advising on how to do that in this build as well.


Vigor: 60

Mind: 26

Endurance: 30

Strength: 66

Dexterity: 15

Intelligence: 16

Faith: 7

Arcane: 9

We don't need Intelligence, Faith, or Arcane for this build. If you want to use Flame, Grant Me Strength like if you started with a class that has some Faith already that's like 11 Faith or something putting a few points in faith get that will be nice for boss fights. 

When it comes to Vigor we have 60, because we don't need a lot of other points for this build so we've just cranked it up in order to give you a lot more vitality, basically, you can take more hits you have good protection you're just going to tank through hits and trade damage, makes this very useful in situations where you trade damage because you just aren't going to die hardly at all. 

We have 26 Mind here to give us more FP, but this actually might be too high Flaming Strike is very cost-efficient, you don't use very much FP, and you hardly need any flasks set up to the FP side of things for this build, so you could probably drop some points there.

We have 30 endurance in order to allow us to wear heavier armor with better Poise while we're using a very heavy weapon and still medium roll, depending on what your endurance is you could take this higher to use even more protection armor.

We have strength at 66 here mostly because we're two-handing it but you will get more damage out of this by increasing it throughout NG+, you get decent damage all the way up to 80 strength which point it starts to fall off pretty hard, but at because you don't really need a lot of points anywhere else you might as well just go all the way up to strength throughout NG+. 

Dexterity 15 is simply there to meet the requirements for the weapon, because we are using the fire infusion we don't really get a lot of damage out of dexterity at all and if you decide to use the heavy infusion you won't get any out of dexterity, so dexterity is not a stat you should really be focused on this. You could theoretically take it up after you run out of strength to keep increasing your damage but it's not going to be by much.


Main Weapon: Crescent Moon Axe

How to make this build work?  So first of all let's take a look at the Crescent Moon Axe. This axe can be found in Stormvale Castle, it drops from the axe wielding exiled soldiers there so it's not too hard to farm it may take you a little while to get this if you want to get it, but you can get it rather early on in the game making this a build you can put together pretty quickly.

The highlight of the Crescent Moon Axe is its moveset, its R2 attack is this sort of sweeping horizontal slash with another follow-up horizontal slash, and it's really good at AOE if you're going to hit multiple enemies and just a really cool moveset. Also, the running R2 is sort of like a swing around like 180 degrees that can hit multiple enemies. 

Ash of War: Flaming Strike

You can find this in Redmane Castle dropped from a teardrop Scarab in the graveyard area in there and it's not the fastest Elden Ring item you can get in the game but it's also not super far, you could probably just run in there and grab it really quickly if you want to get it. So that allows you to put this build together fairly quickly and there are a couple of reasons that we pick Flaming Strike for this build. First of all, is the fact that Flames of the Redmane was actually nerfed in patch 1.08 - the Poise damage was reduced, you can still use it with this build if you want. But because that got nerf we want to use

Flaming Strike,  this was actually buffed in 1.07 to add more fire damage to your weapon for the fire damage to last longer and for to be able to use quickly after more other actions have been completed. So it was actually buffed and then the duration of the Flames was actually slightly nerfed in patch 1.08, so the Fire doesn't hang around quite as long allowing for something to run into it after you cast it.

It deals decent damage, it's very cheap at 4 FB for just the Fire part and another 10 FP for the follow-up which isn't hardly any FB at all, especially if you just use the Fire part on like trash and it's got a decent AOE spread and getting that extra damage buff on your weapon for a longer duration, and it also hits rather hard so you can buff your weapon get damage at the same time and sometimes just throw out the fire when it makes sense to throw out the fire for the really low amount of FP. 


Chest: Raptor's Black Feathers

Head: Raging Wolf Helm

Arms: Blaidd's Gauntlets

Legs: Blaidd's Greaves

Now the armor that you use with the build isn't particularly important, as long as you hit at least 51 Poise so you can tank through a regular hit from most enemies while using this weapon, particularly when you're using like the R2S or you're using Flaming Strike. You can use whatever you want having more Poise than that mixing and matching however you want.

Raptor's Black Feathers is not a bad choice for a chest piece for this build because you do a lot of jump attacks getting that extra jump attack damage, but you might have to make up for some of the lack of poison that armor piece with the armor pieces. So it's really up to you what you want to do here if you want a min-max you would probably use that chest piece but otherwise, just any armor combined that will give you at least 51 points is ideal


Axe Talisman -  Increase our charged R2 attack. The weapon takes a long time to wind up which is another reason we need Poise, but this will further boost your damage while doing that.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman - Give us more protection. We have decent protection with this build but this will give you even more allowing you to tank through hits while you're doing that charged R2 or Flaming Strike.

Charlotte Alexander - Increases the damage of Flaming Strike 

Claw Talisman - Increases your jump attack damage you do all these things - R2S, charged R2S, jump attacks, and you use your Ash of War a lot, so this build is kind of versatile in the way that it plays and you're not just relying on one attack.


Flame, Give Me Strength - We don't have any spells for this build but if you were to add one, we would say Flame Give Me Strength is a great choice here, it's very low requirement at 15 faith and it adds 20 physical fire damage and you have both of them those types here, so you're going to get a 20% damage increase from using that. We hit about 1,000 attack rating buff with our flask and flaming strike, so that's going to give you about another 200 when you're buffed with those.

Flask of Wondrous Physick

Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear - Increase your fire damage. You do about 50 to 60 fire damage the way we're set up with this build and obviously, a flaming strike when you cast the fire does fire damage, so that's going to buff that as well.

Spiked Cracked Tear - Increases your charged R2 attack if you want in order to boost this depending on how much r2's charged you're doing.

Greenburst Crystal Tear - Increases your stamina recovery is not a bad choice because you will use a lot of stamina with this build.

Great Runes

Rykard's Great Rune - Give you HP when you defeat enemies and since you tend to trade damage a lot with R2S and charge R2S or using Flaming Strike, this is a good way to help you replenish HP without having to use flasks.

Morgott's Great Rune - Increases your HP. You already have a ton of HP, getting even more HP is great you're going to be like a just Powerhouse when it comes to health with this build not dying very easily at all.

Gameplay Tips

When it comes to how this build plays usually on the landscape, you'll just use the Flaming Strikes fire portion without even buffing if you just want to get rid of some trash enemies real quick., or you'll do like a jump attack if it's a single enemy and that usually wipes them out really quickly, and then you'll buff your weapon on more difficult enemies or if you need you to know AOE and then keep swinging you'll press R2 on the follow-up of Flaming Strike to buff it and get that extra damage. But generally, you don't need to buff with this weapon all the time, it's really only on more difficult enemies, and when you go into a boss fight usually want to wait for an opening. Usually, you can bait a boss into an attack Dodge roll, then pop out of it and press L2 then R2 in order to buff your weapon and get that damage, and then you can try and follow up with some charged r2s when you have another opening hopefully staggering that boss and then getting a Critical Strike on them again. 


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