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D2R 2.5 Best Freezing Arrow Amazon Builds - Top 3 Endgame Cold Bowazon Builds
11/26/2022 6:55:15 PM

In this D2R 2.5 Best Build guide, we look at the Top 3 Endgame Frostmaiden Amazon or Cold Bowazon Builds at a faster pace and more satisfying to play. 

D2R 2.5 Best Freezing Arrow Amazon Builds

D2R 2.5 Best Freezing Arrow Amazon Builds - Top 3 Endgame Cold Bowazon Builds

The endgame Cold Bowazon builds in this guide will assume using either a Harmony bow or faster castrate gear on switch, an active mercenary with an Infinity Runeword with an Annie Amazon torch, and a cold Sunder Charm in the amazon's inventory, and using an enigma for teleport and other handy mods.

Keep in mind that Sunder Charms are only available on the ladder, so if you're not playing on the ladder then a pure cold Bowazon is going to be more limited to farming in areas that have no or few cold immunes. Even with an Infinity on the mercenary, most cold immune monsters in a game do not get their immunities broken without a cold Sunder Charm. So with that said let's jump in.

Top 3 Cold Bowazon - Faith Matri Bow + Infinity

This is a Cold Bowazon on using a Faith Matriarchal Bow. Faith has been used or covered quite extensively for multi-shot Bowazons. 


  • For a cold bowazon, Faith Matri Bow offers up plus two to all skills which in a matriarchal bow base grants up to plus five Bow skills in total. A Fanaticism aura while equipped which allows a Bowazon to shoot her arrows really fast, large bonuses to attack rating, and ignore target's defense property which guarantees 95 chance to hit,  this is going to be important for those freezing arrows to allow them to pierce and hit onward targets. 

  • And then 15% for resistances as well which for a build that struggles with resists helps a lot. So we have a Bowazon that has lots of plus to Bow skills, lots of attack speed, a high chance to hit, high physical damage, and all resists, this makes Faith Cold Bowazon a really good all-rounder. 

  • The Fanaticism aura also has the advantage of granting a faster attack speed for the Bowazon's mercenary which is going to be useful for the Act II mercenary wielding and infinity which has got 40 crushing blow and is going to be handy for those boss takedowns.


  • The main drawback for a faith however for a cold Bowazon is a lack of minus enemy cold resist modifiers, because Faith doesn't have this, the Freezing Arrow Bowazon attacks are going to perform particularly poorly against monsters that are highly resistant or immune to cold, so the Bowazon will need to fall back to using magic Arrow or multi-shot for cold immunes  which does perform quite good with a faith bow. But for the purists out there that only want to use Freezing Arrow, using a faith against cold immunes might be a deal breaker for you.


So to sum out Faith Matri Bow is a good all-rounder for a cold Bowazon build but its weakness is going to be up against those cold immune monsters. And for what it's worth because Faith is a very fast shooting bow your aiming speed has to be on point to maximize the effect inverse of using a Faith with the balls on that primarily uses Freezing Arrow, this might be a draw card for those players out there that really want to push their hand-eye coordination or get a small workout while playing Diablo 2 Resurrected. 

But if you're wanting something that's more relaxing to play then another bow is definitely going to be for you, in any case, Bowazon using a faith matriarchal bow sits in at number three spot today for best late game cold Bowazon builds. 

Top 2 Cold Bowazon - Cold Faceted Matri Bow + Infinity

This is Cold Bowazon using a Faceted Matriarchal Bow. This is just a plain matriarchal bow socketed with cold facets, each cold facet grants plastic cold skill damage, minus enemy cold resistances and flat cold damage. All of these mods are going to be beneficial for freezing arrow.


  • A matriarchal bow can have up to five open sockets. With 4 or 5 perfect cold facet Jewels socketed into a matriarchal bow, it creates a bow that is exceedingly effective for Freezing Arrow Bowazon, and the last open socket can be used to insert either a Shael rune to meet increased attack speed, faster hit recovery and faster block rate breakpoints; or another perfect cold facet to maximize damage. In either case, you get a bow that has plus 20 or more percent cold skill damage, minus 20 or more enemy cold resistances, and flat coal damage of 96 to 152 or more. 

  • Then when socketed in a matriarchal bow, plus rated bow skills and a decent attack speed which if socketed with a Shael Rune reaches the 8 frames attack speed breakpoint. This bow has many additional freezing arrow damage stats and a faster attack speed, and although Wizendraw still has a high minus enemy cold resistance bonus, the cold facet of the matriarchal bow still provides more DPS overall versus all monsters whether they're immune or not.


  • The main disadvantage of this Faceted Matri Bow Amazon is the physical damage that's really low, so Mana Lage is not going to be effective and Mana sustain needs to be found from Mana after each kill gear, such as Silkweave, a mana after each kill, with attack speed tool in Nightwing's Fail, points into energy and D2R items that provide Mana. It is certainly not impossible to sustain Mana levels when using this bow.

  • The other problem with this bow is it offers no other stats and with the Mana challenges mentioned it's going to be harder to stack resistances on a build that's using this bow. But we're talking about a late game build here and there certainly are rare gloves, boots, rings, charms or even circular options that are available at this level that provide a mix of mana, mana recovery and resist they go towards addressing any issues with low resistances or Mana sustain.


So this bow works really well and is different from the Conventional runeword options out there. If you're into something that's more unconventional, just remember to get enough resist, Mana sustain, attack rating on your build if you're considering using this bow. So Bowazon using a Cold Faceted Matri Bow sitting number two spot for best late-game Cold Bowazon builds.

Top 1 Cold Bowazon - Ice Matri Bow + Infinity

This is the Cold Bowazon using Ice Matriarchal Bow - Ice is a high in Rune where it's specifically made for a frostmaiden or cold bowazon which uses runes Am, Shael, Jah and low into a four socket bow.


  • Ice Matri offers a bow that makes a Bowazon's freezing Arrow attacks very potent with high amounts of cold skill damage, the bonus of up to 30% and minor enemy cold resistance of 20%, which together on their own rival their stats offered on the Cold Faceted Matriarchal covered earlier. 

  • Ice also provides ignorce target defense which improves the overall chance of hit for Freezing Arrow attacks, as well as the 25 chance to cast level 22 for Nova on striking and a holy freeze Aura when equipped, together which add a touch more AOE damage. Even a lifestyle on the bow opens up options on the ring slot to get say poison length reduction or faster cast rate instead of more life leech.

  • For physical damage, we sit somewhere in the middle between faith and the cold facet matriarchal bow, which is just enough damage to allow life and mana to work effectively, but not so much damage that it provides a good alternative to cold damage in certain situations. And then there's a large bonus to Gold Find, Bowazons aren't known to be good gold-finding builds but it's definitely better than nothing.

  • Putting all this together, Ice Matri Bow Amazon is the highest DPS option for a cold Bowazon and also offers some extra crowd control with a holy freeze aura and some great icing-on-the-cake benefits on top of that as well. 

  • With no doubt, the build that takes first place for the best Late Game Cold Bowazon build goes to ice matriarchal bow amazon.


So there you have some really cool late-game Freezing Arrow Amazon Builds that are expensive to put together, but with Enigma and Infinity and some of the coolest bows in a game to use freezing arrow with, the investment in our opinion is worth it.


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