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D2R Physical Sunder Charm Guide: Stats, Worth & Should You Keep Bone Break Grand Charm
11/26/2022 2:22:22 PM

Is physical sunder worthwhile in Diablo 2 Ladder 2? Today we are going to talk about the D2R Physical Sunder charm (Bone Break), with stats, worth, drop locations, rarity, and whether to keep it or not.

D2R Physical Sunder Charm Stats & How to Get

There are six sunder charms added in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5, each of them can weaken a certain type of resistance to 95% to enemies, but it also reduces your resistance of the same type. The Bone Break Grand charm is also known as the physical sunder charm, below we have the physical sunder stats and effects. 


The Bone Break

Grand Charm

Required Level: 75

Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered

Physical Damage Received Increased by 10 to 30% (varies)

(Ladder Only)

Bone Break[Physical Damage -(10)%]

Where to find physical sunder in D2R? If you want to get the Bone Break charm, it is about as rare as getting a Griffon’s Eye, and only be dropped by Unique, Super Unique, Champion or Boss terrorized monster types on Hell difficulty, try to kill Act bosses as often as possible in terror zones to raise the drop chance. 

When do sunder charms available in Non-Ladder? Your sunder charm found on Ladder will stay when those Ladder characters move to non-Ladder. 


D2R Physical Sunder Charm Worth - Should You Keep The Bone Break Charm?

Is the physical sunder worth it in D2R? Should you keep this charm in your inventory? DwarfLord thinks it’s probably the second worst among those new Grand charms. 

How often are you going to find a physical immune? There are not many physical immunes in the game, when you walk into a room, you’ll probably find it’s full of fire immunes or other types, it’s almost impossible that there is a room full of physical immunes. 

When you're only going to come across a physical immune, sometimes probably not, this charm will make you do way more damage to a physical immune if you have Amplified damage as well, so if an enemy has 100% physical resistance, what that means is they take no damage from physical sources, if we are going to put Amplify Damage on that enemy, this does minus 100 physical resistance, but that doesn't take them to zero percent, because we're breaking an immunity, we are going to have it be 20% effective, so it goes from 100% resist to 80%, which means you're doing 20 of the damage you would normally do, and that's how it's always been. If you're a Barbarian or a Zeal Pally or Fury Druid, if you're doing a physical damage dealer, you want that Amplify Damage so that when you come across a physical immune, you can break it and do some damage, when you're against a normal monster you just mow them down because you are actually decreasing their physical resistance into the negatives and therefore doing way more damage. 


What does the physical sunder charm do? It's going to take that 100% down to 95% and when we on top of that add Amplify Damage, we're going to get minus five percent physical resist finally. Berserk does almost the same damage as what frenzy with your sunder charm and amplify damage would do, so for a Barbarian, it is not necessary to carry this charm, you are going to want to use Berserk for a Barb build in Diablo 2. But if you play as a Summoner, Wind Druid, Throw Barb, or Bowazon, you might want to keep it.


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