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Lost Ark x Witcher Collab Guide: Release Date, Rewards, Quests, Locations & Skins
11/24/2022 5:51:49 PM

Lost Ark x the Witcher Collab patch is out, and coming soon to NA/EU/SA! A new trailer for the collaboration was just released by Smilegate RPG, and it turns out that we will absolutely be getting Witcher 3 Geralt and Ciri skins for our characters. In this Lost Ark Witcher collab guide, we talk about its NA/EU release date, rewards, quests, locations, and skins.


Lost Ark x Witcher Event Guide: NA/EU Release Date, Rewards, Quests, Location & Skin

The Sleeping of White Wolf says: "Ha... I really hate the portal. I'm Geralt from Levia, the demon hunter." Giena Sea, an island that has just held a grand festival. An unknown vortex appeared here. Strangers met to prevent the ritual from investigating the whirlpool! Who is he who traverses the dimension? What brought him here? Meet with Geralt and his friends in the safe harbor of White Wolf. Today, we are going to explain how the Witcher and Lost Ark collaboration is going to work in Korea, so you will know what to look forward to when the Lost Ark and the Witcher event is released in NA/EU.


Lost Ark x Witcher Event Release Date For NA/EU

KR Lost Ark x Witcher update begins from November 23, 2022 to January 18, 2022. The Lost Ark x Witcher Collab event will most likely arrive in early 2023 for NA/EU.

Lost Ark x Witcher Event Rewards

They launched the Witcher Momoko Avatar during the Lost Ark and the Witcher event! This is an operation commemorative Lost Ark x Witcher 3 Collaboration reward, in order to commemorate the cooperation between the Lost Ark and the Witcher. Coupon registration and service life: from November 23, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) before regular inspection in Korea. The Witcher Mokoko Avatar can be obtained by selecting one of the four heads according to the occupation. The head of the Witcher Mokoko Avatar cannot be customized.


To Get Lost Ark x Witcher 3 Collab rewards, All you need to do is copy the coupon code and register on the Lost Ark Korean website. You can view the given items in the in-game product box. Each account can only be used once.


Lost Ark x Witcher Event Items

Special Lost ark items can be obtained in the Safe Harbor of White Wolf to commemorate the cooperation of Lost Ark X The Witcher. Win various rewards, such as magic hunter's battle potion, emoticon, device, etc!


Lost Ark x Witcher Event Quests

The refuge of White Wolf is to complete the main task "Go to the sea. You can start the" [Activity] Unknown Vortex "task by talking with the" Guild Investigator "NPC in each big city in each region.


Quest: Go to the seaside!

Talk to Black Erie Sailor Eshu



Talk to Aishu, a sailor on the Black Erie



After solving the Lutheran port problem, obtain a ship from Blacktus. We go to the sea!


Lost Ark x Witcher Event Locations

The location and guide of White Wolf's safe haven island, which is located on the coast of Krone Harbor in Bern. The island where the festival is held to make Akashia happy. Lately, the appearance of a suspicious vortex caused a commotion.

White Wolf Refuge (Heart Without Island)

  • Recommended Item Level: 250

  • Entry time: Always


Lost Ark x Witcher Skins

When using the Witcher Avatar, you can obtain the head, top, and bottom avatars matching your occupation. Dyeing and gloss changes are possible, but patterns cannot be applied. The head of the Witcher Avatar is made in the form of a wig. The example image may differ slightly from the game screen, depending on the color/pattern/gloss applied to the avatar and the lighting conditions during shooting.




Martial Artist (Male)


Martial Artist (Female)


Hunter (Male)


Hunter (Female)









Lost Ark x Witcher Weapon Skins

When using the Witcher Weapon Box, you can obtain the weapon avatar matching the open character class. The Witcher’s weapon avatar can be colored according to the character's status (in battle or waiting). The weapon avatar can have different shapes.




Martial Artist (Male)


Martial Artist (Female)


Hunter (Male)


Hunter (Female)













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