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D2R Best Late Game Multishot Bowazon Builds - Top 3 Budget Bowazon Amazon Builds In Diablo 2 Resurrected
11/18/2022 5:18:11 PM

Today we'll cover the top 3 very best late game multi-shot bowazon amazon builds that you can possibly make on a high or unlimited budget. These builds use more easier to obtain items that are at the same time deliver some good value and make the bowazon more enjoyable to play. If you don’t have huge budget and want to tear up sanctuary with an awesome bowazon build, then this guide is for you!


Top 3 Best Late Game Multishot Bowazon Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

There are a lot of nuanced choices to make around things like what chance to use, what circular to use, should fortitude Enigma or dual assignment be used and any other micro optimizations that can be made to make these bowazon perform at its tip top maximum. All of these things will be covered below. Now let's jump in to this best D2R late game multishot bowazon builds list.

Top 3 - Faith Mat Bow + Pride

We have a faith matriarchal bowazon with an Act II mercenary using a pride runeword. A lot of you may be familiar with faith but for those who don't know, faith is a high in runeword for bowazon crossbows that requires four runes among of which include jah and arm runes. Faith bows carry some decent raw weapon damage, but what makes Faith really stand out is all of its other perks. The most significant of which is the fanaticism aura that is always active while equipped. The fanaticism aura grants a faith user and her nearby mercenary and minions, a faster attack speed, more damage and attack rating. Faith on top of this also grants a massive 300% bonus to attack rating as well as ignores target defense or resistances, lots of plus skills and a chance to spawn skeletons that can help aggro and tank for the bowazon. Although faith in a matriarchal bow base is not commonly looked at as a main choice for a physical bowazon. The damage is still very respectable after you take into account all of the max damage charms and jewels that you would expect to see on the top tier bowazon build. However, the main selling point for the faith matriarchy bow is the flexibility that this bow grants to the bowazon player to be able to equip different gear, while still almost guaranteeing to hit the fastest attack speed break point with this build. For example, you could hybridize between multi-shot and freezing arrow in which case of matriarchal bow base is a perfect base for this with the plus rate of bow skills and a great natural attack speed. Or if you really wanted to, you can make a boss Hunter type bowazon that Stacks crushing blow and uses that mascarib which this bow is definitely one of the top contenders to do this with. Also, the faith matriarchy bow was for a brief moment a blessing slot candidate for multi-shot bowazon during the early stages of D2R. During reach the faith matriarchal bow could shoot at 6 frames per attack or 4.16 attacks per second which is 17% faster than the current limit of 7 frames per attack. This however got quickly patched over.

So when it comes to faith bows, reaching the fastest attack speed break points is a lot easier in comparison to other bow setups. So the virtues of using a faith matriarchal bow over other faith bows are pretty limited, and they certainly are better bases to make a phase three word in to better optimize damage output. 

Top 2 - Faith DB/SB + Pride

Then we have a Faith Diamond or Shadow Bow bowazon with an Act II might mercenary using a pride runeword. The diamond and shadow faith bows are grouped together in second place as they are using the same class at base, so to speak and only have some minute differences. The diamond bow base has a higher min damage of 33 and a tighter damage range overall whereas the shadow bow base has a very slight damage advantage over the diamond bow. Both of these Faith bows do noticeably more damage than the faith matriarchal bow while still being capable of reaching the fastest attack speeds without sacrificing much in a way of ideal gear. In some cases, they can be viewed as a perfect balance of higher damage output while still being quite flexible. For PVE, these Faith bows can reach a maximum attack speed while using Atmas Scarab and Razortail at the same time if that’s what you desire. For PVP, they're the highest DPS bow that at the same time allows the bowazon to reach the 68% faster cast rate break point for teleporting with enigma. The only notable downside with these two faith bows is that neither of them come with plus bow skills which are matriarchal bow covered earlier can get up to +3 to both skills. 

While this doesn't really impact damage too much at all for a multi-shot bowazon, it provides some slight utility by freeing up skill points in multi-shot, reducing the mana cost of guided arrow and increasing the damage conversion percentage to magic for Magic Arrow. When it comes to multi-shot and other skills in a physical bow skill tree, raw damage is ultimately King and while the Faith Diamond bow and Shadow bow sit in second place. 

Top 1 - Faith GM Bow + Pride

For the best D2R late game bowazon builds, we have a Faith Grand Matron Bow Bowazon with an Act II might mercenary using a pride runeword. The Faith Grand Matron Bowazon is much like today's previous two faith bow entries. However, the Faith Grand Matron Bowazon based weapon damage is a notch or two higher than all other Faith bows. It is extra damage that gives the Faith Grand Matron Bow edge over any other bow and is able to burn none, dish out the highest DPS out of any other bow. This advantage does come at a small price, but basically despite the Faith Grand Matron Bow being able to shoot at seven frames per attack even while wearing fortitude or enigma, the demand for increased attack speed gear is much more felt with the Faith Grand Matron Bow in particular. With a face Faith Grand Matron Bow, the bow is on is locked into very specific gear to reach the top attack speed numbers. Specifically, 45% attack speed from the headpiece, 20% from the amulet, 20% from the gloves, and 10% from the belt. And from that, you could probably tell that means the bowazon has to use Nosferatu's Coil and instead of razortail and forego the 100% pierce has to use either Cat's Eye or High Lord's Wrath amulet instead of Atmas Scarab or Caster amulet. However, being prevented from using a Razortail amulet doesn't really outweigh the benefits of having that extra damage that comes with using a faith in a Grand Matron Bow. 

Nosferatu's Coil

While 100% chance to pierce is nice, having a 90 or 91% chance to pierce is still good enough. And then for Atmas, Cat's Eye or High Lord's Wrath rather good amulet in their own right anyway. Atmas Scarab is really more of a crutch when you're struggling to stack damage onto your build or you're predominantly using strafe. But seeing as recovering late game multi-shot bowazon builds here, not being able to equip atmas is not something that's going to be sorely missed. One other belt option to use is the thundergod’s vigor belt for that lightning absorb, so it’s nasty gloms.

Atma's Scarab

But with some very recent play testing, we are finding that glomstone seem to pose a big threat as long as you have 75 or 80% lightning resistance. At the very least, you'll have some ample time to pot reposition and or cast slow missiles even against larger groups or versus champions in boss packs. So using Cat's Eye or High Lord's Wrath together with nosferatu's coil is really a solid option and the Faith Grand Matron Bow Bowazon also has the benefits of using the +3 to bow skills as well which is really nice. So this is why the Faith Grand Matron Bow bowazon build sits in first place today as the best late game multi-shot bowazon build in Diablo 2 Resurrected. 


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