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New FIFA 23 Passing Tutorial - 8 Best Passing Tips To Become A Master In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
10/31/2022 2:19:40 PM

The first new feature that you can notice in FIFA 23 is the passing. It's a staple in the game and will likely be the most played feature in FIFA 23. But it could be very frustrating and very difficult to pass well for most players. In today’s FIFA 23 passing tutorial, we're going to go through the most effective techniques to make pass in the game, helping you master your passing skills in FUT matches.

New FIFA 23 Passing Tutorial - Best Passing Tips To Become A Passing Master 

1. Trivela Switch

To switch signs with L2 or LTX box is the most effective way and the ball travels so quickly and is also a very accurate and very précis. All F3 is just use full power, hold down L2 or LTX box and then just aim for this four side for the player standing there, look up and see. If it's free, then go max power and see how the ball travels so rapidly and it is extremely accurate which makes it the best way to switch signs. So just make sure to have the right posture, if you want to make the Trivela Switch outside foot, you also must be angled, set towards the sideline otherwise the play will sometimes instead make a flip pass, that is not going to be as good.

2. Driven Pass

You're nerfed, but still sometimes useful and should definitely be in your passing repertoire, but you cannot spam them as it did in previous FIFAs, that's not going to work out and won't be effective at all. But it is still very useful to connect the midfield and attack with a quick pass, when you have a bit longer distance, just make sure to have your angle right and to not have a too high angle and to always as well use the player's strong foot when it comes to driven passes. Otherwise, they will be misplaced plenty of times, so a player strong foot and then have a quite low angle towards your passing target. That is the key for the dream passes and don't use high power, you can just tap it, the pass will still behold but have less error if you just use lower power. That is this important for the driven pass. And a great way to use a driven pass is to find your striker in motion and pass on to his feet. They just hit look for distance between your striker and the defender, there must be a gap, spot the gap and then make the pass. This year, doing passes are not as good, so use them sparefully.

3. Ball Roll Pass

The ball roll pass is always so good, if you have a tough angle, you can also use your multiple ball rolls to increase your angle and to improve the posture for the pass and to lessen the air percentage. So as you can tell here when we make these passes after ball roll, they are simply more accurate and that should be used as much as possible. If you have a tough angle, it is also great to use here to open up new angles. If we make the pass in the first place, defender will most likely intercept this ball, but with this ball roll, we distract him and then also we can open up a small new lane to make this pass in a perfect way. The key here was the ball roll, once maybe this is not the best the chance either to make the pass but one bottle here gives you extra chance to make a successful pass. Ball roll passing should be used when you have a very tricky passing angle to simply increase accuracy. As you can tell here a very hard angle, hold pass, but ball roll makes it easier and that is a nice one-on-one. 

4. Through ball

They could be very frustrating this year, sometimes they just look very poor, but there is one big key here to make them good and we use semi-setting. The key for this one is to use just high power, don't just tap the button, use around the three balls of power minimum to make sure that this pass gets velocity that it gets speed feed and that just becomes some very poor and weak pass that the opponent will intercept easily. If you have long distance, you can even use your max power.

5. Lobbed Pass

Then we have the lobbed through passes L1 triangle or lby, then on Xbox, and this year they are very effective. Using them on semi-setting, just make this a tap pass to get this very nice pass above the defender and get a very easy chance to score a goal. So for these ones, we use your less power if the distance is short, but you must increase that if you have here a bit the longer distance and it is semi. So make sure to aim it correctly, you will get some help from AI as well, it is semi-assisted, but you must aim properly still to make this pass right.

6. One Touch Lobbed Pass

One touch this year is remote good and sometimes even better than if it's not on One Touch. So use this a lot and free spawns, the long distance you must use more power, but the biggest key for these ones is to look for a run and to time the past. Timing is essential and you must have one player here and that is set on a run, that is going forward, we see this run and with time to pass like this, it is very close distance and we can just tap it and hold the first pass until that striker is in motion. That is running forward has his hand straight out which means he's moving forward is in the right spot. So we hold this first pass and then make this pass first to Modric who's going to be this taker of this special pass. 

7. Driven Lobbed Pass

This one gives you more drive and it's good for long distance. Keys as always for this most timing and also to find this small angle, 45 angle, 45 degree, looking towards the corner flag and to use the players the strong foot to get extra nice curve and the extra drive. It is very useful and should be used a lot and especially then for long distance passes and for these passes you can use the full power, just maximize that ball.

8. Extra Pass

This year maybe not as good as in last FIFA, but still very useful and good to know serve just taking shots from some poor angles, the fire teammate and scored that easy tap in. But the key is the first touch and the left stick, make that the small twist that turn to get angle and to beat the defender. You must move towards inside and then make the pass. As you can tell here, we just make this elastic tone every time to get the angle for this extra pass. Just staying calm, using left stick, moving towards the inside and then making this simple ground pass.


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