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NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Dribble Moves, Jumpshots, Dunks & New Animations for All Builds
10/22/2022 5:33:10 PM

NBA 2K23 Season 2 goes live and brings some brand new animations including scoring moves, and playmaking moves into the game! In this guide, let's take the new animations into account and sort out the best Dribble Moves, Dunks, Jumpshots, and New Animations in NBA 2K23 Season 2!

NBA 2K23 BEST ANIMATIONS (Dribble Moves & Jumpshots)

NBA 2K23 Season 2 New Animations (Dribble Moves, Dunks, Jumpshots)

Before we sort out the best dribbles moves for builds, let's take a view of the new animations added in the Season 2 patch:

New Scoring Moves

  • Dunk Style: Devin Booker (Height Under 6’10”, Driving Dunk 80+, Vertical 60+)

  • Dribble Pull-Up: Kyrie Irving (Height Under 6’5″)

  • Spin Jumper: De’Aaron Fox (Height Under 6’5″)

  • Hop Jumper: Michael Jordan (Height 6’5″ – 6’9″)

  • Post Fade: Karl Malone (Any Height)

New Playmaking Moves

  • Dribble Style: Magic Johnson (Speed With Ball 75+, Height Under 6’10”)

  • Signature Size-Up: Baron Davis (Ball Handle 80+, Height Under 6’5″), CJ McCollum (Ball Handle 70+, Height Under 6’10”), Breanna Stewart (Ball Handle 60+)

  • Size Up Escape Package: Kevin Durant (Ball Handle 75+)

  • Moving Crossover: Jason Williams (Ball Handle 75+)

  • Moving Behind The Back: Kawhi Leonard (Ball Handle 80+)

  • Moving Spin: Karl-Anthony Towns (Ball Handle 70+)

New Jumpshots

  • Devin Booker (Height Under 6’10”, Mid/3PT 86+. Release Height: C+, Release Speed: B, Def. Immunity: A+, Timing Impact: A+)

  • Kyle Korver (Height 6’5″ – 6’9″, Mid/3PT 89+. Release Height: C+, Release Speed: A+, Def. Immunity: A+, Timing Impact: A)

  • L. Shooter (Height (Any), Mid/3PT 82+. Release Height: C+, Release Speed: B-, Def. Immunity: A-, Timing Impact: A+)

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Animations (Dribble Moves, Dunks, Jumpshots)

Now, let's factor in the new animations and find out dribble moves, dunks, jumpshots, and shot animations that work great for any build in Season 2!

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Dribble Moves & Shot Animations

Below we list all-around dribbles moves that are very versatile to almost all builds in Season 2:

Dribble Style

  • Stephen Curry - If you want to have the fastest dribble, Stephen Curry is undoubtedly the best dribble for you

  • Christ Paul - The best dribbling style in the game technically is Christ Paul because you can do a glitch in the game where you don't actually have to take adrenaline boost, but it does depend on how you master it. 

  • Michael Jordan -  It's quick and easy, and it only has a few minimal prerequisites.

Signature Size-Up

  • Tracy McGrady - While standing, Tracy McGrady's Signature Size-Up is actually somewhat quicker than Paul George's, but it doesn't have quite the same potential for a speed spike.

  • Zach Levine - Zach LaVine is a different great choice for you if you're aiming to combo into speed boost moves.

  • Steve Francis & Trey Young - If you are building up a guard, then these twos would be the best choice.

Size-Up Escape Package

  • Damian Lillard (Under 6'10) - Damian Lillard is likely the finest option for size-up escape packages because of his excellent step-back and extremely quick speed boost techniques.

  • LeBron James - If you don't have the necessary Ball Handle skills to be Damian Lillard, LeBron James is still a fantastic step-back for you.

  • John Wall - Choose John Wall if you lack the attributes to equip Damian Lillard or LeBron James, he is a good alternative with decent left-right speed boosts.

Moving Crossover

  • Lonzo Ball - Even though Zach LaVine is our top pick overall—especially given the low attribute requirements—James Harden is a strong alternative you should consider.

  • James Harden -  James Harden has the fastest moving crossover in the league and the requirements are quite simple.

Moving Behind The Back

  • Pro - The Pro is the best Moving Behind The Back in the game for the lower-rated dribbers

  • Zach LaVine - The best choice of moving behind the back in the game is Zach Lavine in our opinion, and you should have little trouble fulfilling the conditions.

  • Allen Iverson - Allen Iverson is good to a certain extent but he does too much and it goes too wide

Moving Spin

  • Basic - Although choosing the Basic Moving Spin may seem strange, it is actually the fastest and most efficient choice. Sometimes it's best to just get back to the fundamentals.

Moving Hesitation

  • Luka Doncic - The requirements for Luca Doncic's Moving Hesitation are so low that almost any build may equip it, yet it is very powerful.

Moving Stepback

  • James Harden - James Harden's Stepback move will provide you with a ton of room and enable you to unimpededly sink those crucial buckets.

Triple Threat Style

  • Michael Jordan - By far, the best Triple Threat Style in NBA 2K23

Pass Style

  • LaMelo Ball - LaMelo Ball's Pass Style gets the ball out of your hands a lot faster compared to others, if you have this animation, you will pass it dead into a player that doesn't even press X.

Shot, Layup, Post Animations

  • Dribble Full-Up: Trae Young (under 6'5), Michael Jordan (6'5-6'9)

  • Spin Jumper: Pro, Normal, Allen Iverson (Guard)

  • Hopp Jumper: James Harden, Allen Iverson, Trae Young (6'5-6'9), Kyle Lowry (Guard), Normal (Big Man Above 6'10)

  • Layup Styles: Default Small, Default Swing, Circus, Jelly, Kyrie Irving

  • Post Fade: Kobe Bryant

  • Post Hook: Joel Embiid (Big Man)

  • Post Hop Shot: Kobe Bryant

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Dunk Package

Below we briefly list the 2 types of dunks that are useful for almost any build in Season 2:

Two Foot Moving Dunks

  • NBA Dunks: Free Rim Grezer, Quick Drops Off One, Baseline Reverses Off One, Baseline Reverses Off Two

  • Park Dunks: Jordan Kilganon

  • Contract Dunks: Pro, Elite Contact Dunks Off Two

One Foot Moving Dunks

  • NBA Dunks: Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One

  • Park Dunks: Under Leg Off One

  • Contact Dunks: Elite Contact Dunks Off Two

Standing Dunks

  • NBA Dunks: Two Hand Under Basket Athletic

  • Contact Dunks: Elite Bigman Contact Dunks


  • Regular Alley-Oops: Pro, Elite, Zion Williamson

  • Park Alley-Oops: Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Ja Morant, Russell Westbrook

  • Contact Alley-Oops: Pro Contact, Elite Contact

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Jumpshots

Below we list the best jumpshots in Season 2 for each of the three height builds:

Best Jumpshots for Under 6'5/6'4 Builds

  • Stephen Curry (Release 1: Oscar Robertson 48% / Release 2: Matt Thomas 52%)

  • LaMelo Ball (Release 1: Oscar Robertson 50% / Release 2: Oscar Robertson 50%)

Best Jumpshots for 6'5-6'9 Builds

  • Kyle Kuzma (Release 1: Larry Bird 15% / Release 2: Oscar Robertson 85%)

  • LaMelo Ball (Release 1: Rudy Gay 60%/ Release 2: Lauri Markkanen 40%)

Best Jumpshots for Above 6'10 Builds

  • Chris Bosh (Release 1: Toni Kukoc  88% / Release 2: Maxi Kleber 12%)

So that's the full guide of our NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Animations, hope it will help you to build up the upstopable players to donimate the court in the new season! And if you want to be a Super Star in MyTeam, our cheap NBA 2K23 MT can help you build up your ALL-STAR team!


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