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Torchlight Infinite Best Berserker Whirlwind Rehan Build Guide (Skills, Traits, Gear, Talent Tree)
10/19/2022 4:35:33 PM

Torchlight infinite is a brand new loot-based action RPG and as you take your first steps into the world of Leptis, you're probably wondering what's the best build to start with. So in this guide, we are going to be talking about one beginner-friendly build - Rehan Whirlwind build that offers extremely smooth mapping and high Mobility.

Torchlight Infinite Best Berserker Whirlwind Rehan Build Guide

After all, no RPG would be complete without a whirlwind, here we break down the best Whirlwind build in Torchlight Infinite that will provide an extremely smooth leveling experience and doesn't have any mandatory items, you'll easily be able to complete the ax and progress all the way through to farming time Mark 7, then you'll be able to find the gear you need to do time Mark 8, the path of a brave and end game bosses.

So now, let's dive into the setup of this build, covering skills, hero traits, talent tree, and gears:

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Whirlwind Rehan Build Guide

This is a fire conversion Whirlwind build, on Torchlight infinite's Berserker archetype Rehan:


Fire Conversion greatly simplifies the gearing process because you can simply ignore enemy resistances, this means that you don't have to worry about if a boss is resistant to your damage and how much penetration you have on gear. 

Whirlwind, from the gameplay footage right now, it's a spinning build therefore when you're playing it you're winning. The ability to deal damage while moving makes the entire thing feel super smooth and allows you to build in a manner it's extremely beginner friendly. You don't need the absolute highest min-max damage because your damage will be extremely consistent, and you'll never really feel too bad about dodging something because you're going to continue doing damage when you're moving away from the boss.


There is one small downside of Whirlwind and that is that it's not unlocked until Level 30. So at lower levels if you want to deal fire damage we suggest going with Flame Slash. Alternatively, you can use Berserking Blade and build around physical damage with God of War until you're a higher level and then equip Whirlwind and switch over to Fire Conversion. If you need extra healing early on, Resurrection Warcry is very helpful, it doesn't require any kills to charge, unlike Source skills.

Berserker Whirlwind Skill Setup

Build this character in a way more defensive to make it beginner friendly and help you survive your mistakes on early bosses, so you can learn from them and figure out how to master it if you want to play a higher DPS glass Cannon version much later.


The main reason why this build feels absolutely amazing is that Whirlwind is a channeling skill, but it works a bit differently from most other channeled skills in Torchlight infinite. Most channeled skills will require you to channel up to a maximum number of Stacks with increasing effect per stack, Whirlwind channels up to a maximum number of stacks then releases large repulsive damage and resets those stacks, so you're constantly going up to five releasing your Wind Blade resetting and continuing, the Wind Blades have a large AOE so even if you're not really too invested into AOE you won't have any trouble clearing. Being a channeled skill, it has that huge advantage of dealing damage while moving, with most other attacks and even most other spells, you'll have to stop to attack an enemy then if the enemy tries to attack you, you'll probably spend some time dodging. If you deal persistent damage you may continue to deal damage as you dodge, but for anything hit-based, you're going to stop dealing damage and then start again once you're able to stand still, for Whirlwind you can just do both at once. 

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Whirlwind Build - Skills

Support Skills

The two supports that are important for this are Hardened and Guard. In terms of the rest of the supports, we experimented quite a bit to try to find what the heist damage was. 


Hardened causes you to take 25% less damage if you've hit an enemy recently due to a wide range of a Wind Blade, and the fact that you can deal damage while dodging you should always have hardened up it. It's not the highest DPS multiplier but it seems like a small sacrifice when the build already has plenty of damage even for time Mark 8 once figures have been maxed.


Guard on the other hand has a much higher damage multiplier, and when your channeling skill reaches maximum stacks, you'll gain barrier, if you don't already have it Barrier gives you a shield that absorbs up to 50% of the damage you take. Now Guard's Barrier is a little bit weaker than other sources, but it should still be morbid enough to soften some of those blows, especially if you happen to get half health. 

Physical To Fire

Physical To Fire is completely mandatory unless you have another source of fire conversion, the goal is to deal a 100% of our damage is fire and you only get 50% from your talents, so you'll have to make up the other 50% either with the support or on gloves

Elemental Fusion & Precision Strike

The other two. Elemental Fusion and Precision Strike were just the two that ended up being the most damaged, so if you're not too sold on either of them, feel free to change it up a bit.

Movement Skills

Leap Attack

For movement skill, we go with Leap Attack because who doesn't want to role play as Mario and just Goomba some enemies, technically it doesn't really matter which one you choose.

Bloodthirst & Scorch Flood

There are two supporting skills that we suggest picking up fairly early on, those are Bloodthirst and Scorch:

  • Bloodthirst will give you a long-duration buff that refreshes as you hit and kill enemies which grants you attack speed in exchange for inflicting a light physical dot on your character. The djen is very easy to manage if you have any recovery at all and it will be a significant DPS boost. 

  • On the other hand, Scorch is a curse causing enemies to take additional fire damage. In some ways, Scorch is an additional multiplier on top of that and we are applying it by a Terrain of Malice and Abysmal Hatred, this turns it into a pseudo Aura around our character once we activate it, which makes it a lot easier to apply consistently 

Bull's Rage

Now the last supporting skill we are using is Bull's Rage, but we wouldn't suggest doing this early on, instead go for something that gives you healing like Resurrection Warcry. In the late game, your recovery gets so good that you don't need the additional healing. Deathwill is instead of paying a large upfront cost of about half your life to activate Bull's rage, you'll gain for large damage multiplier. In exchange for inflicting yourself with a second dot. But because it's a damage-over-time effect, things like to regain certainly help and make it a lot easier to heal through. Bull's Rage is a large DPS boost but if you're ever uncomfortable and find yourself dying, it's not completely mandatory for the build until you really start getting geared and pushing T8 content.


In terms of auras, there's quite a bit of flexibility here:

Low Gear

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Whirlwind Build - Auras 1

  • Charge Flames

  • Acuteness Imbue

  • Flame Imbue

Here we are using Charged Flames and either an Acuteness Imbue or Flame Imbue depending on how our gear was. At low gear. acuteness or flame imbue are super helpful. Use an Acuteness Imbue if you have fairly High bass damage on your weapon, and use Flame Imbue if you have fairly low bass damage on your weapon. 

High Gear

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Whirlwind Build - Auras

  • Charge Flames

  • Fearless

  • Weapon Amplification

  • Rejuvenation

Once you get to a higher level, Charge Flames because it's a more multiplier is again very good, you can combine this with either Fearless, which will help to fix your crit and therefore help you do more damage or if your crit is already fine, you could go with something like Weapon Amplification. We can also use a defensive Aura in the form of Rejuvenation to get a little bit of extra life recovery and we will run it on our life with seal conversion rather than run it out of your Mana since we already reserved almost all of our Mana. If want to upgrade your gear fast, get some Torchlight Infinite currency here.

However, it should be noted this isn't mandatory to the build this is only mandatory as you add more effects that cost your life without the effects of it restoring your life, definitely feel free to slap it on if you're ever feeling like your recovery is low but don't feel obligated to use it if instead, you feel like you're struggling for damage or you have too small of a life pool and it will reserve too much. 

Cast While Channeling

With this build, we are able to use a really cool tech with Cast While Channeling. Cast While Channeling is trigger support, this will trigger other skills in a fixed interval when a condition is met. In this case, the condition is while you're channeling since we're only just a chilling skill, you'll almost always be channeling, and using it to activate fixate which applies Mark to the enemy and gives you a large double damage buff and reform the defensive skill. The reason we like Cast While Channeling as opposed to Auto defense, Deathwill, or Cast when damage is taken is that those all have various penalties to the effects of the skills being triggered, whereas this only has a damage penalty but neither fixate nor reform do damage, so it's totally fine. 

Best Hero Traits for Whirlwind Build

But of course, skills alone do not a building make, there are also hero traits and talents. In terms of hero traits, Rehans is quite interesting, we are not going to talk about the 15 or 50 talents, those aren't really choices, what you need to know is they allow your burst to have supported:

Torchlight Infinite Berserker Whirlwind Build - Hero Traits

Fizz to Fire Conversion

You should again put the Fizz to Fire conversion if you're not converting 100 elsewhere.


Plus something else for damage, we go with Steamroll because it has a very large damage multiplier, and burst being a triggered skill doesn't have to deal with the attack speed penalty. 

Frenzy Furious

At Tier 32, we go with Frenzy Furious this allows your rage to help to fix your crit strike rating, and crit strikes damage. The build will have rage most if not all of the time, so this is quite a significant permanent buff /

Boiling Anger

At level 62, go with Boiling Anger to gain 15 rage on crit strike, in combination of a build's high crit strike chance, this means you'll almost always be capped even during your Berserk at 100 rage


Then combine this with Reverberation, remember you're basically going to be capped at 100 rages, and with fervor, you should be pretty close to if not capped 100 crit strike chance. So you'll be triggering burst every 0.4 seconds. Burst isn't ill-tied to Rohan's Hero trait that does a significant amount of physical damage based on your weapon. 

Uncontrolled Anger

If you want to go into a Blood Striker tree something that we would only advise if you have quite good gear, you can instead take Uncontrolled Anger, this will turn you from less of consistent damage build into more of burst damage build, you'll still have a quite good berserk uptime and you'll have 50% additional damage, a 1.5 times multiplier during your berserk. But it causes you to lose 15% of Maximum life per second while berserk is active, so you're going to struggle with recovery especially if you're under-geared. 

Best Talent Tree for Whirlwind Build

God of War (Early Game)

You should probably start with God of War, if you're going to go full physical, that's to grab brutality for 35 extra physical damage and cannot deal Elemental damage. 

Endless Fervor

You'll combine that with endless fervor where you have 45 fervor effect so you can go crit from a very low level. 

God of Might & Warlord (Mid Game, 38 Points)

But once you have 38 Talent points, we suggest switching over to God of Might and Warlord, this should happen right around the level 30 range once you have Whirlwind, so it's a perfect time to swap the build over, in that case, you'll start with God of Might. 

God of Might Talents

Now God of Might tier 10 has three good options: Tenacity is the best defensive option, Burnout is the most damage as long as you have at least 20 points in the tree, and Elimination is your best choice. 


If you're just starting out but using a fire skill then start with elimination with 20 points in the tree,  you can grab Fueling, which causes damage to ignore enemy fire resistance. Ignore is not the same as lowering penetrating, which treats the number zero regardless of what it is, so if a boss is extremely resistant to fire damage and has 100 fire resistance. With fueling, you would treat that as zero and deal your full damage, however, if you also stack a lot of penetration and end up reducing an enemy's fire resistance to negative 30%, Fueling would ignore that and still treat it as zero causing you to do less damage. As a result, once you've taken Fueling, you don't want to have any penetration on your gear and go out of your way to lower enemy resistances as that won't scale your damage. 

Important Talents - Medium Talent + 8% Attack Speed

One very important thing to grab early on is the God of Might medium talent that gives 8% attack speed and minus 10 attack skill cost this will basically make your Whirlwind free for the rest of your play experience. 

Warlord Talents

From there, we want to move on to warlord now. Wildfire offers 100 % additional damage against enemies on low life, we always deal fire so it's 100% additional damage, means when bosses are most dangerous, you kill them the fastest. If you just want to clear maps quickly sweep is your best option and if you want for most defenses then Rock is also pretty good, but here we stick with Wildfire for the execute effect.

Wildfire Talents

At level 36 there are two talents that you should probably swap between fairly often, those are:

True Flame

Enemies that die of fire damage, you only deal fire damage, will explode dealing a DOT equal to 15 of the overkill for 4 seconds on nearby enemies. This makes your clear much faster you can hit a couple enemies in a pack and the entire thing just explodes, it looks absolutely great and feels awesome to play, it doesn't really do anything for large single Target bosses like Keegan, this is where Focus blow comes in area skills deal up to 40 extra AOE damage to enemies of a center. 

Focused Blow

Now once you get really Min maxed your choice actually depends on your gearing because you can get enemies to explode as a weapon implicit via corrosion, you can get enemies explode as a modifier on your weapon or a modifier on your chest piece. Or you can get Focused Blow as a modifier on your weapon and the Focused Blow will not stack with a talent version, so if you have that pick up the true flame and watch the world burn.

Important Talent - Medium Talent Tier 18

One of the Talents that are extremely important in the Warlord tree is the Medium Talent Tier 18 which causes 50% of physical damage to be converted to fire damage, this is how we get a 100% of physical damage converted to fire which is extremely important for the build to function.

Ranger Talent (New Player with Low Gear)

If you're a new player or you don't have great gear, we strongly advise the Ranger tree instead. 


Ranger gives us access to lucky via Fluke, crit strikes have the luckyeffect while you have at least 50 fervor rating. Lucky causes damage to be rolled twice and you take the higher result. At first glance, this might not sound very effective but it can often be as high as a 20% or 30% DPS boost.


We combine Fluke with Impending which is enemies within 10 meters take 6%  more damage per 0.25 seconds stacking up to 5 times. You should be even 10 meters most of the time, so this means enemies take 30 more damage think of it as an additional support link on your Whirlwind

Important Talent - Micro Talent Tier 18 

If you're struggling to get your crit cap then go keep it up instead as this greatly enhances the fervor effect, something else very nice about the Ranger tree is it gives you access to fervor, this is done by the Tier 18 Micro talent for 12 melee damage. You'll want three ranks in that then you move on to the Medium Talent for 10 crit strike rating per nearby enemy, and finally the tier 24 gained further when there are enemies nearby, there should always be enemies nearby since you're a melee build and can sit fairly close on top of things especially to maximize Focused Blow giving you 2%  attack and spell crit strike rating per point up to 100 point. 

Best Gears for Whirlwind Build

Now as you progress your character, you're going to be making a lot of your gearback crafting. You don't need any specific legendary items for this build to function. Legendary items certainly make what it does better, but you can easily clear time Mark 7 without any legendaries at all. if you're looking for a legendary item early on, here are some great gears  to be helpful:

  • Weapon: Cursed Flame or Breaking Shadow

    Torchlight Infinite Berserker Whirlwind Build - Weapon

  • Helmet: Rock Lizard's Skull / Tiade of the Styx

  • Chest: Sky Devourer - Strength Armor / Hevyware / Dragon Breath Armor / Crimson King

  • Boots: Boots of Sinned Fire

  • Gloves: Mark of Thrill / Ice and Fire

  • Belt: Eternal Sun

  • Necklace: Flare Amulet

  • Rings: Elemental Rain or Widbreath Dispersion or Elemental Envoy

Gearing in Torchlight infinite is overall very flexible in many cases, you don't need specific affixes on specific Torchlight Infinite items, but there are a few things that you'll want to prioritize before focusing on damage, mainly capping all four of your resistances at 75% and getting to around 5000 life. Life can be added to your gear via Vigor Ember which is a prefix for 21 to 100 maximum life. Resistances can be added as a suffix via the Tenacity Ember.

This is a build that every beginner will enjoy and find success with, but if you do want to play something else later or you're not enjoying the skill anymore in late game, Torchlight infinite offers a lot of flexibility, you can respect your character completely for free until Level 80, and even after level 80, it's not that expensive, just by playing you'll get all the currency you need to respect a character completely.


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