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Torchlight Infinite Best Classes - Torchlight Infinite Class Tier List & Ranking
10/19/2022 4:05:10 PM

Torchlight Infinite is out, you can download the game on Steam or on your mobile device and jump back and forth between the two. Today we're going to talk about the best classes in Torchlight Infinite and how you should start your journey within Torchlight. Since there is one class out of the five that seems a bit easier to play than the others. Now that doesn't mean that it's better than the others because all the classes in this game are very strong. 


Torchlight Infinite Best Classes - Torchlight Infinite Class Tier List & Rankings 

From this Torchlight Infinite class tier list, we want you to take away and play the class that is your play style because it's really easy to start up another class in this game as well if you're not happy with the one you're playing. It actually has a lot of achievements for each of the classes in the game. So eventually you'll want to play them all and unlock all those achievements. But to start out with play the one that looks like your play style because whether you're doing solo play or Co-op play, grouping up with others, it doesn't matter they're all crazy strong. There is not one class in there that you don't want to play that, it's all about personal preference. Now, let's check Torchalight Infinite best classes.


S Tier On Torchlight Infinite Best Class Rankings 

Moto - Commander

Moto is the commander of the class that's extremely strong in Torchlight Infinite. These pets are no joke. We're not talking about pets that just go over there and tank for you while you apply damage. We're talking about pets that you do Buffs to that get stronger and stronger, basically do everything for you. They will go out there and kill while you run around. Sure you're going to micromanage some of your skills to make sure that they continue to get their Buffs. But other than that, you're going to be running around to make sure that you're safe, that you're not being harmed, that you're out of any kind of ground effect that's going to come up. Then your pets are just going to be there obliterating whatever is in the way. This is the best class in Torchlight Infinite. If this is your play style, then this is the type of hero you should definitely pick.


A Tier On Torchlight Infinite Best Class Tier List

Carino - Divineshot

The Demon Hunter Carino is the Hunter slash Gunner of Torchlight Infinite. So he is the archer basically. He's the physical distance damage dealer? So what's fun about this class is you're going to have like a six bullets ammunition and every time you're going to shoot, you're going to have to recharge. Overall you're just going to run around, not get hit, and try to control the battlefield. At the same time attack your opponents from a far distance. All the spells for all the characters and the different builds for all the characters will be between shadow, fire, ice, damage spells, etc. If you choose for example Carino, there are 100 plus spells or different builds you can go for.


Rehan - Berserker

This one is the biggest damage dealer in the late game apparently but he's a cack so he's like a close combat character. He's a Berserker, he's like a warrior but not Paladin as in like not a tank but the best dealer with the 200 swords. This is not the hardest one to play from however obviously you're going to have to manage with your spells and everything. You do damage but you're not tanky so this is the only problem. But again Berserker we just want to run and destroy everything and kill everything, this is the best Torchlight Infinite character for you. 


Gemma - Frostfire

The special hidden character is Gemma that's the sorcerer. You can have different builds so like a mix of fire and ice. Ice and fire skills grant corresponding energy. Flames specializatiin. When ice or fire energy reaches the maximum launches ice or fire pulse and enters the corresponding form. It's pure Mage, if you like Mages, AOE attacks, heavy fire flames, strikes, or walls, go for Gemma.


Youga - Spacetime Witness

When you're going to choose Youga at the beginning of the game, you're going to be asked to choose between a distance and kak. He can shoot distance but he can also be played as an attack damage dealer which is close combat. So basically Youga is not only you're going to have plenty of builds but the character himself is also designed to choose between a long distance and close-distance combat. The long-distance combat is more like a buffer or enchanter in this game. Not really his ultimate but his special trait that the more spells you cast, you're going to basically summon a Zone to buff your ally. 


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