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D2R Cold Sunder Charm Guide: Stats, Rarity, Where & How to Find Cold Rupture Grand Charm in Diablo 2 2.5
10/11/2022 4:51:14 PM

In this article, we are going to look at one of the unique charms added into Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5, that is known as the Cold Rupture grand charm, mainly focusing on the stats, drop rates and rarity of D2R cold sunder charm as well as how to find it in the game. 

How Does Cold Sunder Charm Work in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

The Cold Rupture Grand charm is level 75 and it offers the monster cold immunity is sundered, this means sundered is applied to the monster that you were fighting, it only applies to you, not your mercenaries, not your minions, basically what it does is it breaks the immunity for you, so a monster who would be cold immune is immediately broken to 95 resistance, which is still particularly potent, if you are a cold character like a holy freeze Paladin, you will often find that 95 resistance is still practically unbreakable because they're essentially still mitigating 95 percent of all the damage that you put out, but the cold sunder charm can work together with specific D2 item like Cold Mastery and negative enemy cold resistance to reduce the resistance of a monster, the combination will allow you to break a monster’s resistance further down. 

Cold Rupture Sunder Charm Stats

Grand Charm

Required Level: 75

Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered

Cold Resist: -70% to -90% (varies)

(Ladder Only)

D2R Cold Sunder Charm

Where & How to Find Cold Rupture Grand Charm in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5? - Cold Sunder Charm Rarity

Where do Sunder Charms drop in D2R? Sunder grand charms only drop from champions, uniques, super uniques, and act bosses in the Terror Zone in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder mode. And because of the relationship between qlvl and TC, it will not drop unless it is TZ with Hell difficulty. So typically, the cold sunder charm will not drop in Normal or Nightmare in D2R. At the start of Ladder S2, there is a sunder charm bug that the Find Item skills were always dropping a sundering charm when used on an eligible monster’s corpse, Blizzard has fixed that, and they also fixed the issue where Assassin’s Lightning Traps were not receiving benefits from sunder charms. 

Are D2R Sunder Charms Ladder only? Yes, until now, the six sunder charms including cold rupture are only available in D2R Ladder Season 2, and not accessible in Single Player and Non-Ladder. 

D2R Cold Sunder Charm Rarity

Basically, in order to get Cold Rupture sunder charms in D2R, you need to farm elites and bosses from Hell terror zones in Ladder. There is a Reddit user discussed the rarity of sundering, briefly, the drop rate or rarity of cold sunder charm is about as rare as a Griffon's, farming Unique Mobs in TZ's, it is the same for other specific sunder charms, if you are just going for any of them, the rarity is about twice as common as a Shako from farming Unique mobs in TZ's.

How to Use the Cold Rupture to Get Max Benefit?

There is a bunch of items that have negative enemy cold resistance on them that you can use in combination with this cold rupture sunder charm. The first one is the Wizendraw (Long Battle Bow), which is a relatively cheap and inexpensive Diablo 2 Ladder item to obtain although the cold resistance does roll between like 20 to 35 percent, it can go as high as negative 35 enemy cold resistance and works extremely well with this new charm. The Medusa’s Gaze has a massive 80 cold resistance on it and it also offers a lower resistance when struck, which could be helpful to both take advantage of the new charm and also counter the new charm's negative resistance. Plague (Phase Blade) also has lower resistance on in struck which could certainly be useful, and Infinity (Mancatcher) is also going to bring down the monster's resistance once the monster's resistance is broken as well. On top of that, we also have the Rainbow Facet, which is negative five percent enemy cold resistance and plus five percent cold skill damage.


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