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Top 10 D2R Ladder Season 2 Items & Rune Words - How Sunder Charms Impact The Popularity & Value of Items
10/11/2022 10:25:23 AM

Today we are going to be talking about the impact that sunder charms will have on the value and popularity of some specific items for season 2 ladder Diablo 2 Resurrected. Whether you like or hate the charms, they're here to stay for at least the duration of season 2 and they will have a significant impact on some of the popularity and value of items. 

Top 10 D2R Ladder Season 2 Items & Rune Words

D2R Ladder Season 2 Items For Sunder Charms 

This list will include 10 items that are going to significantly change but popularity refers to relatively common to find items that are just useful. So you're going to see a shift in some of those items, such as Tal Rasha’s mask, a popular D2R item to drop, it's not super valuable but it is useful, so that determines popularity versus Justified increase in value, so for example a 5.5 lightning facet or desk fathom or Griffin's eye, those are very valuable items that are worth a lot. You're going to see an impact of both of these types of item classification with the introduction of these charms. 

1. Rising Sun Amulet

The first item on my list is the Rising Sun amulet. In the past, it wasn't a very popular amulet because fire damage dealing characters were really stifled in areas that they can magic find. They're really relegated to the ancient tunnels, maybe the mausoleum and Darrell farming Mephisto got a little bit better in patch 2.4, but with the introduction sunder charms, fire damage shielding characters can magic find anywhere. So this is an amulet that with the + to fire skills will equal the same damage output as Mars or a Caster amulet, but the major plus to this amulet is the plus absorbed fire based on character level. If you're playing on a very high level character, you can get an insane amount of fire absorb which can basically render your character completely immune to fire damage and even have fire damage heal you. This is a really nice complement to a fire sunder charm, because it's going to apply a lot of negative fire resistance to your character. So if you don't quite have the Diablo 2 charms of the inventory or maybe other pieces of gear like flickering flame to cap out your fire res, having an insane amount of fire absorb will help negate a large portion of that negative fire res.

2. Snow Clash Belt


SnowclashDefense: 98-116 (varies)(Base Defense: 37-42)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 88
Durability: 18
16 Boxes
+130-170% Enhanced Defense (varies)
5% Chance To Cast Level 7-19 Blizzard When Struck (varies)
+15 Cold Absorb
15% To Maximum Cold Resist
Adds 13-21 Cold Damage @ 3 sec. duration (Normal)
+2 To Chilling Armor (Sorceress Only)
+2 To Blizzard (Sorceress Only)
+3 To Glacial Spike (Sorceress Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

The next item on this list is the snow clash battle belt. Most sorcerer's builds almost always revolved on either three-piece towel set using Tal's belt or arachnid's mesh, and that was always the Meta and still going to be a popular choice. But with the introduction of sunder charms and a blizzard sorceress technically being able to farm every area in the game now,a lot of people that want to rock pure damage setups are going to gravitate towards using this belt, it has +2 to blizzard, so it's going to be obviously more raw damage than Rocket's mesh, but it also has cold absorb. This is again a key complement to the massive negative resistance on a cold sunder charm. The value of resistances is usually lightning is for fire, cold's, poisons, but you still don't want to have like negative 75 cold res. If you're farming, you're going to get hit with a frost nova and you're probably going to die unless you have a CTA buff. So the cold absorb will be a good compliment if you don't have completely capital res and this belt will also provide more raw damage. So if you farm everywhere as a blizzard sorceress, this is going to be a lot more popular choice of a belt in comparison to a ractus mesh and tarash's belt.

3. Flickering Flame (Rune Word)

Flickering Flame

4-Nef            21-Pul            26-Vex        
                           Level 4-8 Resist Fire Aura When Equipped (varies)
               +3 To Fire Skills
               -10-15% to Enemy Fire Resistance (varies)
               +30% Enhanced Defense
               +30 Defense Vs. Missile
               +50-75 To Mana (varies)
               Half Freeze Duration
               +5% To Maximum Fire Resist
               Poison Length Reduced by 50%                        

The value of this runeword has shot up drastically because of the resist fire aura that is granted to you. This will completely negate if you happen to have the Vex Rune and have the helmet, any of the negative fire rest penalty that's associated with the sunder charms. You can get up to +90% fire res, in addition, you get +3 to fire skills, negative fire res, mana max, fire res, half restoration and poison length reduced by 50%. This is a very powerful D2R runeword for those that are okay with not using shaco and it is going to be popular for fire druids, fire sorceress builds as well as a necro because that negative fire res and +3 to fire skills does boost corpse explosion. It was already a powerful rumor, but a ton of people didn't use it because of how good shaco is and other common meta helmets, but with the introduction of sunder charms and fire damage dealing characters being more prevalent, you will see this rune word on a ton more builds than what you saw in the previous season.

4. Fire Boots (Aldurs, Hot Spurs & Inferno Strides)

The next item on this list is technically three, included as one as just generic Fire Res boots, that includes hot spur boots, furnace dried demon high boots, Alders advanced battle boots. Aldur's boots is amazing up to 50 fire res and 50 life, Inferno stride boots are relatively common item with 35 as a max fire res, super cheap, so an easy way to add some additional fire res as well as hot spur boots giving you 50 maximum fire res and 45 to fire res. So three simple items that essentially are just going to provide extra fire res for fire damage dealing characters that are using a sunder charm, very simple very common to find but definitely very useful.

5. Fire Facet

This one is relatively straightforward prior to sunder charm's most end game elemental damage dealing setups, usually revolve around being Javazon, Lightning Sorceress, Blizzard Sorceresses, that's typically why cold facets and lightning facets were worth more. But now that the option to rock like a powerful end game fire druid or fire sorceress is available to you. Obviously, fire facets are going to rise in value, it's just wrote super straightforward, these will be worth a lot more. So if you drop them and you want to trade them and make sure you hold on to them. 

6. Thundergod's Vigor

Thundergod's Vigor

Thundergod's VigorDefense: 137-159 (varies)(Base Defense: 41-52)
Required Level: 47
Required Strength: 110
Durability: 24
16 Boxes
+160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
5% Chance To Cast Level 7 Fist Of The Heavens When Struck
+20 Lightning Absorb
10% To Maximum Lightning Resist
+20 To Strength
+20 To Vitality
+3 To Lightning Fury (Amazon Only)
+3 To Lightning Strike (Amazon Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

This belt will be a lot more popular with lightning damage dealing characters like the Javazon, Nova Sorceress and Lightning Sorceress and that is mainly because of the maximum lighting res and lighting absorb. If you need to overcome a negative 70 to upwards of negative 90 lighting resistance, it's not a bad idea to have some extra lighting absorbed, so you might see Javazon sacrifice that 100% pierce with razor tail, bigger lighting absorb with thunder God's Vigor, you might see the same with lightning sorceresses, if they've already hit that 117 fcr breakpoint, why not sacrifice one skill worth of damage on raka's mesh or some lightning absorbed just be a little bit stronger because souls are going to kill a lot of players if you don't have decent res, you can't have that negative 70 to 90 res penalty, you can't be floating around in the negatives and then expect to not get run over by Soul. So you will see a lot more people gravitate towards using Thundergod's Vigor.

7. Phoenix (Rune Word)


100% Chance To Cast level 40 Blaze When You Level-up
40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking
Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies)
+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignores Target's Defense
14% Mana Stolen Per Hit
-28% To Enemy Fire Resistance
20% Deadly Strike
+350-400 Defense Vs. Missile (varies)
+15-21 Fire Absorb (varies)

100% Chance To Cast level 40 Blaze When You Level-up
40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking
Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies)
+350-400 Defense Vs. Missile (varies)
+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
-28% To Enemy Fire Resistance
+50 To Life
+5% To Maximum Lightning Resist
+10% To Maximum Fire Resist
+15-21 Fire Absorb (varies)

This is one of the most expensive rune words that you can make and that is Phoenix. The effects low jaw for what could be argued as the best shield for any fire damage dealing character, there was Niche uses for this runeword in the past like you could use it on maybe a zealot if you wanted to increase your damage as a shield, because it does have a lot of extra raw Ed, you could use it on the offhand for Javazon for sorceress of Mana recovery with Redemption Aura, but typically it was not really a popular end game setup because fire builds were largely stifled in patch 2.4 and basically for all of the past of Diablo 2. But now with the introduction of sunder charms, there's a lot of key components on this very expensive runeword, they're going to help boost like the damage values and the survivability of fire damage dealing characters astronomically.  We already know there's going to be more fire damage dealing characters, but the addition of a big source of negative enemy Fire Res, plus life you have maximum lightning and maximum Fire Res, tons of fire absorb and Redemption Aura just makes this a super powerful Shield. It's going to be as popular as Infinity just because it's going to be such an astronomical damage increase for fire damage dealing characters and it has max virus, absorbed counteract, the negative res from sunder charms, going to be very expensive but a lot of your end game fire setups are going to be using these more frequently than what you would maybe in the past see on characters like a Javazon or lighting sorceress using spirit.

8. Sandstorm Trek

Sandstorm Trek

Sandstorm TrekDefense: 158-178 (varies)(Base Defense 56-65)
Required Level: 64
Required Strength: 91
Durability: 14
Assassin Kick Damage: 60-110
+140-170% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99 Maximum Stamina (Based On Character Level)
+10-15 To Strength (varies)
+10-15 To Vitality (varies)
50% Slower Stamina Drain
Poison Resist +40-70% (varies)
Repairs 1 Durability In 20 Seconds
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

They've always been decent faster on fhr, strength, vitality, as well as repair durability in 20 seconds, a massive poison resistance bonus. If you want rock a plague mercenary with a poison javazon or a poison necro, you're using a sunder charm and you need a simple way to negate the massive negative poison res penalty. Sandstorm trecks might be the boots for you.

9. Eschuta's Temper

Eschuta's Temper

Eschuta's TemperOne-Hand Damage: 18 To 50 (34 Avg)
Required Level: 72
Durability: 30
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
(Sorceress Only)
+1-3 To Sorceress Skill Levels (varies)
Sale [+3 To Sorceress Skill Levels]
+40% Faster Cast Rate
+10-20% To Fire Skill Damage (varies)
+10-20% To Lightning Skill Damage (varies)
Sale [+20% To Lightning Skill Damage]
+20-30 To Energy (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

This has always been a very interesting item because it was never very valuable to a lightning damage dealing character. Typically, Hodo was a better all-around setup or crescent moon was better for pure damage, it was always this sort of like in-between item and fire sorceress builds were typically never used because they're very stifled in terms of areas that they can magic find. But now this orb is going to be the choice for pure damage fire setups with a really good like fire facet and +20 fire damage, upwards of having like if you're in the range of a level 30 to 35 fireball fully synergized, it will add upwards of 3000 additional damage. If you already have thunder monsters with Phoenix and flickering flame brought down to close to negative 100 Fire Res, adding an additional 3K fire damage is like adding 6K, so it's like the fathom equivalent of a fire damage dealing build now. So this item typically was never used but because of the introduction sunder charms and fire sorceress builds being more popular, you're going to see a lot of people using fire faceted versions of a Eschuta's Temper. 

10. 11 % Res Small Charms

To counteract the negative res from sunder charms, you're going to see people typically use different offsets of 11 red small charms, because most cases you would only ever see Fire Res at least they were the most valuable maybe lightning if you wanted to stack extra lightning res for like Uber tristam or something. But we're trying to find a way to counteract that negative fire resin spirit, so you would typically always see 11 fire small charms. But with the introduction of sunder charms, it may be blizzard sorceresses having a negative 90 old res penalty applied, you're probably going to see people trade or sort of ask for these 11 res offsets of like poison lightning and cold, typically a little bit more frequently than what you would in previous ladders. 

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