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Complete D2R 2.5 Terror Zones Tier List - Ranking All Terror Zones From Worst To Best In Diablo 2
9/8/2022 5:16:30 PM

Today we are going to be presenting a complete tier list of Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 terror zones locations, ranking all the new terror zones from D to S tier that may help you prioritize what are some of the better areas now. 

D2R 2.5 Terror Zones Tier Lists &  Rankings

D2R 2.5 Terror Zones Tier Lists & Rankings - Best Terror Zones Areas In Diablo 2 Resurrected

This Diablo 2 terror zones ranking tier list is extremely subjective, so we're talking budget characters infinity pushing to 99, there are a lot of different factors that you have to weigh in. So definitely check out other content creators and then spend some time on PTR and test different builds that you plan on playing and then use this list as well as your playtime experience to narrow in on areas you want to focus. There are a lot of common areas you'll find for the S tier and A tier for a lot of the different tier lists, but there are a couple of particular errors at least where it's like what you rated those B tier or what you rated that A tier. So it's a very subjective list. Without further ado, let's check the D2R 2.5 terror zones ranked. 

D Tier Terror Zones In D2R 2.5

  • Blood Moor and Den of Evil

  • Lower Kurast

  • Kurast Bazaar

  • Ruined Temple

  • Disused Fane

  • Arreat Plateau

  • Bloody Foothills

You're going to notice two common themes with all of the areas that are selected, the first is that the monster density is very poor, the second is that they're massive areas. So it's one thing to have an isolated area with a low monster count, but if it's a massive location like the blood moor and you're a character that doesn't have access to teleport yet, so something other than a sorceress or a character that doesn't have enigma, it's going to take you a very long time to run from small monster pack to small monster back. So that's why Dbrunski125 rated the Blood Moor and Den of Evil, Lower Kurast, Kurast Bazaar, Ruined Temple and Disused Fane, Arreat Plateau and the Bloody Foothills as a D-tier location. You could maybe argue that the area plateau and bloody foothills borderline on C tier, but they're harder to kill monsters, the density is not much better than the Blood Moor and Den of Evil and you're dealing with spike paths and barricades, so a running character that can't teleport and reposition, it's not going to be an ideal area, it's not that you can't farm it but it's just nothing better than D tier.

C Tier Terror Zones

  • Burial Ground, The Cryp, and the Mausoleum

  • Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple

  • Far Oasis and Maggot Lair

  • Harem and Palace Celler

  • Arcane Sanctuary

  • Cold Plains and The Cave

As the C-tier locations for terror zones, you'll notice that the monster density is creeping up a little bit and that there are a couple of locations that have favorable immunities depending on the character build that you're playing. So for example, the mausoleum, no fire means spot on this location, so if you want to play as fire damage dealing character, you can go there and you're not required to have infinity. The monster density isn't poor in these locations, but that gives them a small bump over some of the detour locations. Maybe a couple of people are going to argue that the arcane sanctuary should be a lot higher than what it is, this is like the subjective nature of lists. It’s not recommended farming ghosts and trying to teleport and reposition and make sure that they're on an arcane sanctuary path before you kill them, because if you kill them off the path then you lose a loot. But the burial ground, the crypt the mausoleum, lost city, valley of snakes and the claw viper temple, far oasis and maggot lair, harem, the palace cellar, arcane sanctuary and the cold plains and the cave included as C tier terror zones locations D2R.

B Tier Terror Zones

  • Spider Forest and Spider Cavern

  • Black Marsh

  • Sewers

  • The Forgotten Tower

  • Kurast Sewers

  • Travincal

  • Durance of Hate

  • Frigit Highlands 

You'll start to notice that monster density is improving, a couple of areas like the dark wood or the sewers or the spider forest, you would typically never farm an original lod, so it's cool to see some new areas. In a couple of locations like Travincle and Durance of Hate level 3 and the Forgotten Tower, you would target farm and lod. A lot of people are going to say how come you rated trav so low, the council is great still, high runes, jewelry, facets, but after you use the flail and the monster is running away from you as well as low density, it can't be rated higher than B compared to some of the other locations. So that's just the tier list rated by Dbrunski125.

A Tier Terror Zones

  • Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon

  • Rockey Waste and Stony Tomb

  • Jail

  • Cathedral and Catacombs

  • Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair

  • Ancient’s Way and Icy Cellar

  • Glacial Trail

  • Worldstone Keep

  • Throne of Destruction

  • Worldstone Chamber

You'll start to notice a trend that a lot of them have corridors and good monster density. So examples would be the flayer jungle which Dbrunski125 almost rated this S tier, there are so many flares with a corpse explosion necro you can blow up the room, but the ancient’s way, glacial trail, the jail are all decent monster density and they're not locations where you're running or teleporting massive spans to find monster backs. So you're not weighted so heavily towards using enigma. A lot of people are going to say how can you have the world stone keep throwing destruction in the world stone chamber as an A tier, this is a great location to farm and it could arguably borderline on S or A depending on whoever's list you're taking a look at. So that’s the entire terror zone tier list for A tier.

S Tier Terror Zones 

  • Tal Rasha’s Tombs

  • Dry Hills and Halls of the Dead

  • Tristram

  • Moo Moo Farm

  • Chaos Sanctuary

  • River of Flame

  • Nihlathak’s Temple

  • Halls of Anguish

  • Halls of Pain

  • Halls of Vaught

  • Crystalline Passage

  • Frozen River

The trend here is tons of monster density, they're very easy locations to get to, so whether it's just taking a straight waypoint or map finding is relatively easy, some of the locations chained together. So you can farm river of flame’s entire location and then chain that into the chaos sanctuary, just opens up a lot of different opportunities. So this is the recommended best locations. The Tal Rasha’s Tombs is fantastic, seven tombs, tons of monsters and a dural kill at the end. A lot of people might find Halls of the Dead level 2 and level 3 an odd choice, but when you were playing as a corp explosion Necro, you could just take the waypoint from luke lane and just completely blow up entire rooms of skeletons in level 2 and level 3. So for those that like that rinse and repeat style of farming like running the pits, hall of the dead is a fantastic location. Tristram, lots of champions and boss packs, easy to find and you also get Wirt’s Leg for the cow level which is the next location, the moo moo farm or the cow level. Everybody knows why it's great, tons of monsters and now that you'll get a lot of experience, a lot of people are going to crush cows when it becomes terrorized, chaos sanctuary and river of flame link together so that's really important, you can start at the beginning of the river flame, farm it, that's why it's terrorized and you can finish everything off with a chaos sanctuary run. There is a lot of monsters in Nihlathak’s Temple, some can be a little bit more dicey than others but you can wrap up everything by killing Nihlathak, so that's a really good killer location. And then the crystalline passage in the frozen river, these monsters are relatively easy to kill and you have almost no fire moons will spawn in this location, so if you want to play as like a fire sorceress, it's a really good location.


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