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Elden Ring Best 1.06 Strength Weapons - Top 10 Elden Ring Strength Weapons Ranking 1.06
9/5/2022 10:16:41 AM

Today, we are going to list the top 10 best weapons in Elden Ring after patch 1.06. This Elden Ring 1.06 strength weapon list is going to be a PvE and PVP-based list. The criteria for this Elden Ring strength weapon rankings 1.06 is that if the weapon does get a better base, strength scaling compared to its dexterity scaling. Then it has the potential to appear on the list itself. 


Elden Ring 1.06 Strength Weapon Rankings & Lists - Best Strength Weapons In  Elden Ring Patch 1.06

10. Beastman Cleaver

This weapon is going to be the highest damaging curved greatsword in the game that can be infused. Obviously going to be best paired with the heavy infusion itself. With the curved greatswords, they have an insanely good moveset as well have good options for its ashes of war and good damage as well as good stagger damage also. All in all, this makes for a very solid PvE and PVP weapon. The one downside about this weapon is that its length is very short. It is tied for the shortest code greatsword in length alongside the zamor curved sword. But it does look really cool so it's a nice trade-off.


9. Nox Flowing Hammer

This is definitely a really quick weapon. It does really nice damage and if you do hit with the initial attack, it pretty much is a true and guaranteed combo. It is really nice in PvE, however it is a hammer that cannot be infused nor buffed. But it doesn't get a b scaling strength, so it is really solid if you just dump all your points to strength go into PVP and you will have a great time.


8. Dragon Halberd

Dragon Halberd gets a really decent moveset. It has a bunch of poking attacks, pairing alongside the spirit talisman for more counter hits is really solid. The weaponize itself is just a reskin of spinning slash but it will buff the weapon with lightning ice damage, so you can actually have the option to frost your enemy for pretty much a low fp cost as well which is really solid. The total overall damage is going to be really decent with that whole combo that you will do. In PvE and PVP, it's going to be really good.

This one does get stuck with a b scaling and strengthen just to see scaling and dexterity cannot be buffed nor infused. But total overall damage is still respectable and all in all good moveset, good damage, can frost.


7. Gargoyle’s Twinblades

These are the best strength-based twin blades in the Elden Ring. Because the power-sensing jumping attack is just absolutely amazing and they can get phantom slash. The twin blade itself does have a really nice moveset, does nice stagger damage, and total damage overall in itself. But the power size of the jumping attack is absolutely amazing, paired with any type of build it's just really really good. If you get a couple of Gargoyle’s Twinblades, heavy infusion and you'll have a great time.


6. Beastman’s Curved Sword

Being cursed sword on itself is this enough reason to be in any top 10 list. But the fact that there is a strength-based one is just really good. The reason why curve swords are the best Elden Ring 1.06 weapons is that they're extremely quick. Output high damage has a really good motion and gets a really good wide variety of ashes. Specifically, with this baseband cursor, it does get a unique jumping heavy attack which is like a nice cool double slash from above which does nice damage and stagger damage also. In particular, when power sensing these opens, the moveset is absolutely insane.


5. Serpent Hunter

This weapon cannot be infused, cannot be buffed, and gets a scaling of strength and scaling and dexterity. So you're pretty much only using this with a pure strength build. But this weapon does respectable damage and has probably the best moveset in the entire game. It has a near flawless moveset. So like the light attack combo, running light attacks, jumping heavy attacks, crouching attacks, rolling attacks all of it, even power stances is absolutely amazing. 

It is one of the best movesets in the entire game. So using this for something like PVP is going to be absolutely goaded. There are really no downsides to using this open at all on PVP. However, PVE is going to lack that extra bit of damage. The fact that you can only use it with one type of specific build, you can't infuse it. There are going to be downsides there, but it is a great speed. But that does pierce damage so you can pair it alongside a spare talisman and make up for a bunch of that extra bit of damage you would have lost.


4. Giant Crusher

One thing you need to know about this weapon is that it hits like a truck. It's probably the only thing you need to know about open. You can put lion's claw on it, just spam lion's claw for days. It's just going to hit very hard because lion's claw comes out very quick and hits like a truck as well. If you don't want to use lion's claw, you can just use the regular heavy attack which does a front flip anyway, and pair it with something like royal knight resolve to make you do even more damage. In PVP, you probably wouldn't use it because it's very hard to hit, it's a slow weapon. But in PVE, you're just melting pretty much anything with the correct ashes when the correct timing.


3. Rusted Anchor

The rusted anchor looks really cool and it has piercing damage. Piercing damage is useful because when you get a counter hit, it just does bonus damage. So you can pair this alongside the spear talisman and it'll do even more damage and being that enemies consistently attack in this game. It's going to be really good. With the great axe itself, it has just recently gotten buffed. This now benefits from that with its increased attack speed. After your attacks, you can roll out of it a lot quicker than you used to. Another thing with the great axes is that they really get really good ashes of war pairings. 

One downside to ground axes is that their variety in their moveset pretty weak. They just get a bunch of overhead attacks. For that reason, it's not going to be that great in PVP, but it is still going to be decent if you can bait attacks in and try and trade with the piercing damage. Other than that probably not the best in PVP but PVE is still really solid. Rusted anchor is a top 3 best strength weapon in Elden Ring 1.06 patch update.


2. Claymore

This gets an amazing moveset with a really good strength scaling and good damage, so that's all you need. This weapon is actually really good in PVE and PVP, obviously, the moveset is going to help it a lot in PVP. Especially those poking attacks that it does get, so you can use the poking attacks with its rolling crouching, or heavy attacks. Claymore is obviously really good at roll-catching as well. Before PVE, obviously, the poking attacks are very beneficial as well being that most of the great sword moves are just a bunch of horizontal and vertical swipes. Claymore is one of the best ones and one of the best Elden Ring patch 1.06 strength weapons.


1. Greatsword

Colossal swords in general, only get one good move but that one good move just happens to be the best move in the game. The greatsword just does it the best. Now we're talking about the crate crouching attack here, crouching slash rolling attack obviously. The greatsword does has an enormous amount of range with an enormous amount of damage and it just makes it incredibly obnoxious in PVP to fight against. For PVE it still is very solid the weapon itself does get really nice ash of war pairings. 

Obviously, he's doing good damage you can use it with the giant hunt, lion's claw. It's going to have really good damage output. The rest of the moves other than the crouching attack is very underwhelming, but it still is pretty decent. Combined with both PVE and PVP, this one just has to get the number one spot on this Elden Ring best weapon list. Because the crouching attacks are absolutely next level and the range is so good.


Concludes top 10 best Elden Ring 1.06 strength weapons rankings. If you need to get those weapons that are mentioned on the list, buy Elden Ring items from utplay.com at a cheap price.


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