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D2R 2.5 Terror Zones Areas & Locations In Each Act - All New Terrorized Areas In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 2
8/30/2022 4:08:02 PM

Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder 2 is coming with patch 2.5 and the new terror zone feature. In today’s guide, we're going to be covering a complete list of terror zones areas & locations in each act, what areas can be terrorized in season 2 Diablo 2 Resurrected, and at the last we go over the immunities of the areas that are going to be in the terror zones. 

D2R 2.5 PTR Terror Zones Areas & Locations - All New Terrorized Areas In Act 1 To Act 5 D2R Ladder 

Act 1 Terror Zones

  • Blood Moor and Den of Evil

  • Cold Plains and the Cave

  • Brucial Grounds, The Crypt, and the Mausoleum

  • Dark Wood

  • Black Marsh

  • The Forgotten Tower

  • Jail

  • Cathedral and Catacombs

  • Tristram

  • Moo Moo Farm

The new terror zones have blood moor den of evil, cold plains the cave, burial grounds, the crypt mausoleum, dark wood, black marsh, the forgotten tower, jail, cathedral and catacombs, as well as tristram and the moomoo farm & seeker cow level. The super uniques will have two items that will drop which are fantastic, we're getting some of those rare items that you're looking for and they're just good monsters to take out anyways. So some of those like the den of evil for example is the starting off area, but you have corpse fire in there, blood raven is in the burial grounds, you have the crypt who has like that bone that guards the chest. Then you have the cave has cold crow and so on. But the ones are really good, they are probably the moo moo farm, it'll bring you back to the old days when the cows used to be level 99. But also tristram is gonna be really good because tristram has a bunch of elite packs that spawn in there and then you also have griswold in there and then you can also prepare yourself for maybe a cow run afterwards or at least grab a warts leg. Then you have cathedral and the catacombs, catacombs will also have really good monster packs in there if you can do something other than fire damage, the fallen packs like the shaman packs that are champions with all the multi-color and a lot of guys there. Those are probably one of the best experience posture packs in the game and the catacombs is full of them same with tristrum and then similar to jail, it doesn't have the shamans in there, but it has the fallen guys. So jail has pit spawn who's a super unique and it has a bunch of fallen guys. 

Act 2 Terror Zones

  • Sewers

  • Rocky Waste and Stony Tomb

  • Dry Hills and Halls of the Dead

  • Far Oasis and Maggot Lair

  • Lost City, Valley of Snakers, and Claw Viper Temple

  • Harem and Palace Cellar

  • Arcane Sanctuary

  • Tal Rash’s Tombs 

Sewers actually doesn't have any light immunes and other than like Radament minions and things like that, but you also have radiment down there and it's a pretty cool area to farm. You also have rocky waist stoney tomb, rye hills halls of the dead, bar oasis maggot lair, lost city valley of snakes, law viper temple and harem palace cellar, arcane sanctuary and talrash's tombs. Obviously, the ones that are really big here are tal russia's tombs and the arcane sanctuary. Those things are going to be really strong arcane sanctuary is already really good, the chance to drop high runes, then you have the summoner for keys and charms and stuff in that area super chest as well. Then for towel russia's tombs, the density is absolutely insane and it doesn't say taloroz's chambers included in this, so we are not sure if durian will be included or not. But the density in there is absolutely incredible, so tolerances tombs is gonna be a really good one. Then we have the far oasis which is gonna be really good and the stony tombs. So stony tombs has a lot of density already and with it being a higher level now, this place is going to be absolutely bonkers. Then far oasis has beetle bursts and a bunch of beetles there, level 99 beetles are going to be absolutely insane, you have beetle burst and the swarms there are pretty easy to take down and depending on the build that you have and those guys being level 99, just quickly take a bunch of them down.

Act 3 Terror Zones 

  • Spider Forest and Spider Cavern

  • Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon

  • Lower Kurast

  • Kurast Bazaar

  • Ruined Temple, and Disused Fane

  • Kurast Sewers

  • Travincal

  • Durance of Hate

On act 3, there's a few areas that kind of scream at you at the beginning saying like we are going to be absolutely insane and that would be travincal is gonna be super good. We can't imagine the council members being level 99 and how that's actually gonna feel, so many drops from them, so much experience as well, a little bit dangerous but it's really good. Then you also have the flayer jungle and the flayer dungeon, these places are extremely dense and if you can take them down, it's really good. Those are just some of the highlights we have there, maybe if lower kurast was actually included, maybe with kurast bazaar or even upper kurast or something, that would be really good. Lower kurast by itself is a little bit underwhelming with what we currently have in comparison .

Act 4 Terror Zones

  • Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair

  • Rivers of Flame

  • Chaos Sanctuary

Outer steps and planes of despair are going to be pretty fun, the storm casters are always pretty easy to take down. They are the most fun to fight in the game, so those guys are going to be fun to fight in those areas. Then you're also going to have the souls and the planes of despair as usual there. So you could be issual farming and then maybe take out the guys that are in the following area because he does a little explosion that takes them out. You have river flame and between the waypoint and the chaos sanctuary is like the best place to farm the river flame, because there's a lot of elite pack potential spawns there on that like bridge area. So river flame is going to be really strong then you also have a fasto if you want to farm him for some reason, but he is in there as well. The chaos sanctuary is one of the best areas in the game already and it's just going to be even better. The seal bosses being able to farm them at level 99 is absolutely incredible especially grand vizier being level 99, it's gonna be crazy amount of xp. In the past, we've actually four xp races farmed grand vizier for level 80 races. So we can't imagine how much xp that's actually going to grant when he's level 99. 

Act 5 Terror Zones

Act 5 Terror Zones For Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 2

Act 5 includes the bloody foothills, printed highlands, glacial trail crystalline passage and frozen river, arreat plateau, nihlathak’s temple, halls of anguish, halls of pain, and halls of vaught. Level 99 nihlathak is going to be crazy farm. Lots of areas to take out, lots of areas to experiment with, there's a lot of little flare guys you can take out on your jazz on or something like that. That is one of the strongest ones for sure. Then we have world stone keep, throne destruction and world zone chamber. One thing that confuses most people is why a world stone chamber is a terror zone when bale's already level 99, maybe it's the tentacles, maybe something else that we don't understand. 

D2R 2.5 Terror Areas Immunities

We go over the immunities of the areas in the terror zones D2R 2.5:

In the new areas which will become terrorized effectively making them better than area level 85s for magic finding in. 69 of those areas are going to contain fire immunes, 60 of those areas are going to contain cold immunes, 68 lightning immunes, 57 poison immunes, 25 physical immunes and 20 contain magic immunes. And just for some other values, 38 of these areas do contain super uniques as well.

D2R 2.5 Terror Areas Immunities

We see a lot of like cold and fire builds pretty immune overall and this can be okay if you're building a hybrid build. But when you're building hybrid you're farming like high player count online or something, hybrid builds aren't typically what you want to go for because you might be lacking damage. 


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