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Top 3 Elden Ring Tank Builds | Best Melee & Healer Tank Build Guide
6/29/2022 8:17:12 PM

In this guide, we will go over the best tank builds that feature different playstyles such as strength/faith tank build and int/strength tank build, dedicated to helping you create an unstoppable killing machine for endgame in Elden Ring after the 1.05 patch!

Elden Ring Tank Builds

Elden Ring Best Tank Build Guide

In general, tank builds are among the greatest strength builds in Elden Ring and among the most entertaining in ng+ and higher. The tanky character might seem monotonous, but the ability to simply push past any obstacle can be a lot of fun. Additionally, the ability to effortlessly stagger without being attacked makes such builds incredibly effective in Elden Ring's PvP. 

Elden Ring Tank Build Tips (Best Stats, Weapons, Armors, Talismans, Spells To Use)

By tank build in Elden Ring, they are strength builds that prioritize the strongest armor and aim to maximize your HP and minimize incoming damage, and tank through every attack.  So before going over our Top 5 Best Tank Builds in Elden Ring, let's break down some General Tank Build Setup Tips for you:

Best Tank Build Attributes

  • Primary Stats: Strength, Endurance, Vigor

  • Second Primary Stats: Faith, Arcane

To suit the tanky look and nature, Tank builds usually require high Strength, Endurance, and Vigor to allow them to wear the heaviest armor sets, lift powerful weapons, keep a lot of health and withstand lots of damage. Additionally, for the Healer Tank build, get more Faith points to increase the healing buffs and damage. 

Best Tank Build Weapons

  • Melee Tank Build - Sacred Butchering Knife, Great Stars

  • Healer Tank Build - Rotten Crystal Sword, any other normal sword

Best Tank Build Armor

  • Melee Tank Build - Veteran’s Armor Set

  • Healer Tank Build - Twinned Armor Set

Best Tank Build Talismans

  • Melee Tank Build - Godskin Swaddling Cloth, Dragon shield Talisman

  • Healer Tank Build - Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Best Ash of War Skills for Tank Build

  • Melee Tank Build - Barricade Shield

  • Healer Tank build - Barricade Shield, Golden Vow

Top 3 Best Elden Ring Tank Builds

Now that you know the basic requirements to create a powerful tank build, let's share the best 5 tank builds and list the basic setup for each character for your reference.

Top 1 - Unstoppable Juggernaut Melee Tank Build

This build is designed to be absolutely unstoppable, you have a ton of protection, can soak up hits like it's nobody's business, and constantly regen health, making you an absolutely unstoppable killing machine. It is primarily meant to be played as a melee tank build although it does have a little bit of a ranged option in the form of swarm of flies. Obviously, you could swap out whatever you want to swap out for whatever ranged ability you want to swap out, but this one initiates bleed and disrupts the target allowing you to get close to it and close the gap just lay waste to it. This build is designed to be a total boss destroyer, you just tank hits and constantly just mow down the boss continuously swinging your giant mace or blade whichever weapon you decide to go with because you have an option of two, or you can swap back and forth between the two as you want. Because we make use of multiple spells, perfumes, heavy armor, and the bloodhounds step ash of war, we have a lot of maneuverability and can take a ton of punishment and just keep on swinging.

Build Setup

Attributes Points (150 Level)

Vigor: 40

Mind: 22

Endurance: 40

Strength: 55

Dexterity: 20

Intelligence: 16

Faith: 30

Arcane: 16

Right Hand Weapon

Sacred Butchering Knife

Gold Great Stars

Left Hand Weapon

Godslayer's Seal

Icon Shield


Head: Radahn's Redmane Helm

Chest: Radahn's Lion Armor

Arms: Radahn's Gauntlets

Legs: Radahn's Greaves


Blessed Dew Talisman

Taker's Cameo

Godskin Swaddling Cloth

Dragoncrest Shield Talisman


Black Flame's Protection

Bestial Vitality

Golden Vow

Dragonbolt Blessing

Swarm of Flies

Wonderous Physick Mix

Opaline Hardtear

Leaden Hardtear

Top 2 - God-Tier Strength/Faith Healer Tank Build

It's obviously no surprise here but we are wielding the blasphemous blade - one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, definitely on par with the moonblade katana and the rivers of blood. There are many faith weapons you can use on your faith builds but nothing compares to the utter destruction that the blasphemous blade brings to, any opponent in this game whether it's a low-level enemy or even one of the hardest bosses in the game literally stood no chance.  This faith build has the best defense and the best offense, and is one of the most simplistic approaches ever making this one of the best faith builds in Elden Ring.

Build Setup

Attributes Points (150 Level)

Vigor: 45

Mind: 25

Endurance: 25

Strength: 50

Dexterity: 16

Intelligence: 10

Faith: 50

Arcane: 9

Right Hand Weapon

Blasphemous Blade

Left Hand Weapon

Heavy Fingerprint Stone Shield

Erdtree Seal


Head: Fingerprint Helm

Chest: Fingerprint Armor

Arms: Fingerprint Gauntlets

Legs: Fingerprint Greaves


Greatsheild Talisman

Great-Jar's Arsenal

Flock's Canvas Talisman

Fire Scorpion Charm


Golden Vow

Blessing of the Erdtree

Flame, Grant Me Strength

Black Flame's Pretection

Erdtree Heal

Wonderous Physick Mix

Flame-Shrounding Cracked Tear

Opaline Bubbletear

Top 3 - God-Tier Int/Strength Tank Build

Using this build has made this Elden Ring play through one of the most effortless painless easiest playthroughs we've ever had so far. When you are using this build, it makes everything in the game way less threatening, you literally have the ability to tank all types of damage from smaller low-level enemies to some of the hardest bosses in the game. If you play this build right, you will seriously be unkillable, so we think you seriously need to make this build as soon as you possibly can because it gives you that opportunity to pretty much go wherever you want in the game without having to worry about dying. 

Build Setup

Attributes Points (150 Level)

Vigor: 30

Mind: 30

Endurance: 25

Strength: 48

Dexterity: 18

Intelligence: 60

Faith: 8

Arcane: 9

Right Hand Weapon

Carian Regal Scepter

Dark Moon Greatsword

Left Hand Weapon

Fingerprint Stone Shield

Erdtree Seal


Head: Black Knife Hood

Chest: Preceptor's Long Gown

Legs: Preceptor's Trousers


Greatsheild Talisman

Godskin Swaddling Cloth

Radagon Icon

Great-Jar's Arsenal



Comet Azur

Scholar's Shield

Carian Phalanx

Adula's Moonblade

Wonderous Physick Mix

Cerulean Bubbletear

Opaline Bubbletear

That's all for our Best Elden Ring Build Guide, hope to give you some useful information, if you need any Elden Ring runes and Items to enhance or complete your build, don't forget to check out our offer!


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