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Best Strength Arcane Build in Elden Ring - Elden Ring Tank Build Guide
6/15/2022 3:46:30 PM

If you are looking to run a build from early to late game, this Elden Ring tank build is an ideal option. You only need to make some small adjustments for different phases. Let’s take a look at the best strength arcane build in Elden Ring, with weapons, armors, shields, stats, talismans, flasks, etc.  

elden ring strength arcane tank build

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Best Strength Arcane Build in Elden Ring - Elden Ring Tank Build Guide 

This is going to be an easy and powerful strength arcane tank build by Kimo Chaser in Elden Ring, it is not only beginner-friendly but also a great option for players who want to play with friends. You can maintain a constant aggro of nearby enemies while keeping your group safe. 

Elden Ring Strength Arcane Tank Build Shields 

The shield is the most important piece of equipment for any tank-type character. In Elden Ring, we have three different types of shields, including Small Shields, Medium Shields, and Greatshields. Before selecting the best shields for the Elden Ring tank build, there are three important things you need to know. The first one is Guard Counter, a devastating thrust attack that can be performed immediately after blocking any attack and pressing the heavy attack button, and it deals a significant amount of poise damage to your target and potentially breaks their stance, leaving them open for a critical strike. The second one is Damage Negation, which provides against physical and other elemental types of damage. Having a 100% physical damage negation means you’ll take no damage from any physical attacks while blocking with your shield. Changing shield affinity will affect the damage negation, it is recommended to leave the affinity to standard for new players. The last one is the Guard Boost attribute, this determines how much stamina it costs to block the attack from an enemy. A 100% guard boost will eliminate the stamina consumption from blocking any attack. A practical method to achieve that is to simply use the Scholar's Shield sorcery, it also increases the magic damage negation and enhances other types of damage negation on your shield.

1. Fingerprint Stone Shield

The Fingerprint Stone Shield without a doubt is the best Greatshield in Elden Ring. It has 100% Physical Damage Reduction and some of the highest resistances to other types of damage compared to any other shield. It is important to note when fully upgraded, the Fingerprint Shield has the highest Guard Boost attribute in the entire game. The Fingerprint shield can achieve the 100% guard boost by simply using the Scholar's Shield sorcery only. 

2. Golden Greatshield or Distinguished Greatshield

Another good shield you can obtain early on is the Golden Greatshield. You can farm this one from the Leyndell Knight patrolling south of Artist's Shack in Liurnia of The Lakes. However, if you don't have time to farm, you can simply buy the Distinguished Greatshield from the vendor at the Hermit Merchant's Shack in the Altus Plateau region. Only the Golden Greatshield can reach the 100% guard boost similar to the Fingerprint Shield and only by using the Barricade Shield Ash of War. But you can simply use the Scholar's Shield sorcery along with the Greatshield talisman to greatly increase your guard boost until you obtain the Fingerprint Shield. 

Elden Ring Strength Arcane Tank Build Weapons & Ashes of War 

The ideal weapon type for this build is either Spear, Great Spear, or Heavy Thrusting Sword. Because you can use your light attacks from any of these weapons while simultaneously blocking with your shield. 

1. Occult Cross-Naginata +25 or Fire Lance +25

The first weapon option is either Occult Cross-Naginata or Fire Lance, you can obtain either of these weapons very early in the game and without having to go through any difficult encounters. Use Cross-Naginata with the Seppuku Ash of War and arcane affinity, a very good replacement would be the Flame of Redmanes and the Ice Spear. Not only you can obtain both of these ashes of war very early in the game, but they also deal a tremendous amount of poise damage to any enemy. Ice Spear in particular will also inflict Frostbite, causing the target to suffer 20% more damage from all sources for 30 seconds. 

2. Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

Another great weapon you should try to obtain for your late game is Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear. It can be used to attack while guarding similar to our previous examples and provide the devastating AoE damage that this build badly lacks. Make sure you are using the No Skill Ash of War with the standard affinity on your shield so you can use the Ashes of war on your weapons without having to put the shield away or two-handing your weapon. 

Elden Ring Strength Arcane Tank Build Stats

The class finally is the level 150 vagabond. Below are the stats at level 50, level 100, and level 150. 

1. Level 50 stats

- Vigor: 20

- Mind: 10

- Endurance: 21

- Strength: 35

- Dexterity: 15

- Intelligence: 12

- Faith: 9

- Arcane: 7

2. Level 100 stats

- Vigor: 30

- Mind: 10

- Endurance: 32

- Strength: 43

- Dexterity: 15

- Intelligence: 12

- Faith: 9

- Arcane: 28

3. Level 150 stats

- Vigor: 40

- Mind: 10

- Endurance: 37

- Strength: 48

- Dexterity: 20

- Intelligence: 12

- Faith: 9

- Arcane: 53

Elden Ring Strength Arcane Tank Build Gear & Armor

- Tree Sentinel Helm

- Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak

- Guardian Bracers

- Old Sorcerer's Legwraps. There is a bleed effect involved, you can obviously use the White Mask for more damage. 

- Duelist Set. It draws the attention of the nearby enemies towards you and not your group. The Shabriri's Woe talisman does provide a similar effect.  

Elden Ring Strength Arcane Tank Build Talismans

The best talismans for this tank build are as below. For the early game, you should use Radagon's Soreseal talisman along with the Greatshield talisman. 

- Green Turtle Talisman: greatly enhance our stamina recovery speed.

- Spear Talisman: increases counterattack damage by 15%. This applies when dealing damage with a thrusting weapon like a spear to enemies during their attack animation.  - Lord of Blood's Exultation: increases damage by 20% when there is a blood loss in the vicinity. 

- Erdtree's Favor +2: increases Maximum HP, Stamina, and equipment load. 

- Curved Sword Talisman: increases the Guard Counter attacks by 20%.  

Elden Ring Strength Arcane Tank Build Flasks

- Greenburst Crystal Tear: improve stamina recovery speed. The effect seems to stack up with the Green Turtle Talisman effect. You don’t need to lower your shield to generate your stamina quickly.  

- Stonebarb Cracked Tear: enable us to break enemy stance a lot easier. 


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