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D2R Best Item Modifiers (Damage Attributes) for Melee Builds | Diablo 2 Resurrected Gear Stats Guide
6/7/2022 5:22:20 PM

In this D2R Item Modifier Guide, we've sorted out the Top 5 Best Item Attributes of Gear for building the highest DPS Melee Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected! 

D2R Best Item Modifiers (Damage Attributes) Guide

Top 5 Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Item Modifiers (Gear Stats) For High Damage Melee Builds

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the core factor in creating a powerful build is gear selection. The focus of equipment selection is its accompanying attributes. Your preferred choice of item modifiers should not only be influenced by your build style, but also by your gameplay, for example, some gear modifiers have the most potential for ranged builds while some item attributes are more useful for melee builds. So you should figure out which are the essential item mods for certain builds. In order to help you out with this question, here we break down the Top 5 Best Item Modifiers to have on your melee character and build in Diablo 2 Resurrected! 

Top 5 - Cannot Be Frozen mod

Every single meta character or build is relying on dealing physical attacks to do damage and essentially kill enemies, once you got frozen, you quickly realize that your attack speed is being significantly lowered and this will mean that you can barely land any attack and do damage. That's why having cannot be frozen mode on your character it's so essential and also beneficial for both PVP and PVM situations. 

It's quite easy to get that Cannot Be Frozen mods on your character and one of the easiest ways to do so is by carrying a Raven Frost ring, there are also other item alternatives in terms of helmet slots, armor slots, and belt slots which can also grant you the Cannot Be Frozen mod. These can also unlock different ring options slots, so different possibilities for mixing and matching different items and experimenting with builds.

There's also another way of granting yourself this Cannot Be Frozen mod and that's by socketing a piece of equipment with a charm rune, and of course with the newly implemented runeword requiring you to have a charm rune. Since charm rune is all of a sudden become much more valuable rune, so we don't really recommend using it as a source that Cannot Be Frozen, but yet again if you're wealthy enough or you don't really need to make those rune words, you can take advantage of putting a Charm Rune in a piece of equipment and this will grant you that Cannot Be Frozen.

Top 4 - DMG Modifiers (Crushing Blow, Chance To Open Wounds, Deadly Strike)

These are really important stats to aim for and that's going to be the damage modifiers: crushing blow, chance of open wounds, deadly strike, or critical strike. Now let's discuss how these three damage modifiers work exactly 

Crushing Blow - Whenever you happen to land a crushing blow attack, it's basically doing a percentage of the enemy HP as damage and this is extremely helpful whenever you do let's say act bosses or you're killing enemies with really high amounts of HP like Ubers for example, but this one specifically is not as useful in PVP as it is in PVM, so take a note of that. The crushing blow option is extremely desired among most of the melee characters and builds, so it's a very valuable one to go for.

Chance To Open Wounds - It opens a wound on your enemy and it bleeds down for a certain amount of damage per second, it all relies on their amount of HP, so it can be extremely useful again doing certain content like Ubers for example, or ACT bosses, some really strong monsters which you can barely actually kill with regular attacks. Having open wounds modifier on your attacks can be extremely helpful in those situations, it also works again pretty good in both PVP and PVM situations, it can be extremely useful versus energy shield sorceresses in PVP situations for example those types of characters they don't really have a really high amount of life and whenever you cut them open and they start bleeding you're going to drop them down to very low amounts of HP pretty quickly. So it's a really useful mod to have as a modifier for your damage attacks.

Deadly Strike - If you take a look at mace mastery that it gives 30 chance of critical strike and the critical strike works exactly like the deadly strike, also the amazon class happened to have a similar mastery granting her critical strike, so they all work exactly the same and what they essentially do is whenever you land a critical strike attack or deadly strike attack you basically do double damage. So you can imagine how beneficial that is, the higher that percentage is the better of course, and ultimately you can try to stack all three of these for very good damage modifiers on your attacks and this is a really good way of doing so.

Top 3 - Attack Speed

There is not a single situation in which you're not going to benefit from having a higher attack speed. Basically, it means you're going to land more attacks and ultimately, do more damage that way. It works in both PVP and PVM situations and it's extremely beneficial for 99.99% of the builds out there. Basically, there's not a character that will not benefit from having increased attack speed, it's extremely valuable stats, and it's somewhat difficult to get on certain builds but of course, there's a way around that for every single character. So the more of it you have the better and it's quite simply the way it works, you simply land more attacks and every successfully landed attack means that you're going to do more damage and kill enemies quicker that way. That's why the increased attack speed option it's so valuable and so desired amongst the top-rated players and the best PVP players as well.

Top 2 - Raw Damage

It beats the route damage output of really strong damage dealing weapons like a breath of the dying for example - this runeword can be extremely strong if you do it properly in a very high-end bass with some percentage of enhanced damage. It also has to be ethereal, so you can maximize the damage output and weapons like that or even very good uniques which also happen to spawn material, there are also different Diablo 2 runewords that you can make for mercenary weapons. Basically, nothing beats the Raw Damage output which you're going to get from a weapon. 

Nothing of the options which are set underneath baits, the raw damage output coming from your weapon, of course, there's also different ways to get some raw damage boosts like having a percentage of enhanced damage coming from different pieces of gear or jewels things like that. So basically nothing beats the raw damage output if you want to do more damage as simple as that.

Top 1 - Attack Rating

With a better attack rating, you can do much greater amounts of damage. You can do simply tons of damage like 10, 15, 20, 30, 50k, even let's say as an up range of damage. Doing that much is never going to be enough if you don't have the attack rating to back it up. Put it that way, you're not going to land any attacks on your enemies and if you miss all the time, it doesn't matter how much damage you do because you don't do any of it simple as that. That's why having a really high attack rating or even ignoring targets defense options are probably the most important ones which you'd like to aim for. There's not a single build that is not benefiting from having much better attack rating percentages. Unlike the smiter for example which is granted to hit for the java zone, which she's also granted to hit on her charge strike attacks, all the rest of the characters are pretty much benefiting from having a higher attack rating. This is the main reason why the attack rating is the most important option of all of the others ones, basically, nothing beats it, put it that way, you can do crazy amounts of damage, have huge amounts of attack speed, crushing blow and things like that. But if you always miss your target you're not going to land any attack and you're never going to kill them as simple as that.