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Best Elden Ring Mods (PC & Console) for New Experiences & Modding Content
5/30/2022 2:08:35 PM

Want to know use 8 Ashes of War at once in Elden Ring or explore more possibilities of modding in Elden Ring? Here we share with you the Top 5 Best Elden Ring Mods you should take a try for more interesting experiences!

Top 5 Best Elden Ring Mods You Need

It's that special time to have look at mods in Elden Ring. As mods tend to do in Elden Ring, the longer that the game is out, the more complex the mods are getting, the more ridiculous they are getting. Mods are simply learning better exactly how they can mess with the game's files to create entirely new experiences within Elden Ring. Whether you are someone who plays the game on PC and is looking for some guidance as to which mods you may want to try, or you are someone who plays on console who just wants to see and explore the possibilities of modding an Elden Ting, this is the place for you. Here we new five cool mods to share.

Top 1 - 8 Weapon Arts in 1, Awakened Maliketh's Black Blade | corvus

This mode is quite special, not just because of the way that it feels in the game which we will get to momentarily, but because it's the general concept of adjusting the weapon skill system as a whole to allow each directional input to activate a totally different ability. It totally reshapes how you would think of the combat in Elden Ring. Obviously, it trivializes regular weapon attacks but this isn't meant to be balanced, it is meant to be fun, and having messed around with it for a while. 

Best Elden Ring Modes - 8 Weapon Arts in 1, Awakened Maliketh's Black Blade

On top of using directional inputs to change which skill activates, when you press the ash of war button, the eight ashes of war are split into two categories, one of which activates if you have over 200 FB and the other activates if you have less than 200 FB as well as filling your FP bar back to full, this creates a really cool signal loop of combat where you use one of the expensive skills then one of the cheap skills,  then one of the expensive skills in one cheap skill and never running out of FP or having to swap to anything else. The fact that each of those gets four skills each makes for an incredibly varied moveset. Every one of these has also been infused with destin death as an effect as well as having a lot of their base parameters messed with to add things like iframes or movement, and using any weapon skill with this weapon infuses the blade itself with destined death making it fire the black knife projectile any time you do a charge attack or a sprint attack of either kind. On top of that your backstep attack has been significantly changed as well. Really this is just a total overhaul of Maliketh's Black Blade in an incredibly cool and deep way that could justify an entire playthrough just messing around with this. Again it isn't really balanced once you learn how to use the inputs right, you'll destroy anything that you touch but not everything is about balance some things are about fun and this thing is just so fun!

Top 2 - Ancient Dragon Lansseax Costume | ApolloHoo

The Ancient Dragon Lansseax Costume mod by ApolloHoo straight up changes the draconic tree sentinel armor into a full on retexture of your character into Ancient Dragon Lansseax. We have seen a lot of armor-changing mods for this game and, to be honest with you 95 of them just show off your bazongas and nude mods aren't unusual, but we feel like an Elden Ring percentage-wise has a lot of nude mods compared to many other games. They are very important for contributing to the growth of armor and character mods, pun not intended, as these are the people that tend to work out how to restructure our armor and even reshape our bodies and that is just the stepping stone that leads to a full-on body swap with the dragon. Whether you like the bamboo, Wambach, or nude mods or not it is hard to deny the results, they've given us when it comes to other textures and model affecting mods to follow.

Best Elden Ring Modes - Ancient Dragon Lansseax Costume

Top 3 - Call of the Abyss | COTA Studios

This is an extremely substantial mod and it is a massive compilation of mods created by one modding group. This mode has everything from lightsabers to alternate game modes that do things like drain your health by 3% every single second just constantly forever through your entire playthrough more than 15 new weapons; a bunch of armor sets including naruto references; incantations including fire flame, ghost flame, Amaterasu fire style dragon flame, Gates of Babylon, and black flame; new items that you can buy and use such as shurikens, kunai and an improved version of the ancestral infant's head. They're even planning to add gun guitars so you can shoot bullets from your fist weapons and just as a base across the entire game every weapon gains a deflect mechanic sort of like sakura, allowing you to completely negate an enemy's hit and get a good counter attack in without needing a shield or parrying dagger to achieve the same effect. 

Best Elden Ring Modes - Call of the Abyss

This mod adds a million things to the game even the ability to explode every 25 seconds if you want to, to use guts as a spirit summon, and even to respawn dead main bosses so you can have another go at the ones you particularly enjoy without having to get there again in new game plus, and it is still actively updating adding even more as it goes. The size of the files for this mod are over four gigabytes as it currently stands which is extremely large for mod. If you were to download this mod for Elden Ring, keep the only one and never try a different one, this probably keeps you interested for a ridiculously long time and keeps growing.

Top 4 - More Mounts | LocciPocci

This mode is really cool mechanically speaking as it doesn't replace Torrent with a skin-like many of the horse mods do, this one actually completely restructures a piece of the game to allow you to just mount wild horses or more specifically enemy horses once they are knocked off of them, not even just horses either even things like direwolves or ants if you feel so inclined. However, you can't jump on an ant, as the ants don't have jumping in their coating which is honestly fair enough again. This is not a mod that changes the skin of torrent, so the mounts don't function like Torrent, they function how they function and you just get the ability to ride on top of them.

Best Elden Ring Modes - More Mounts

It may not be the most effective thing in the world, using them for mounted combat is just less effective than using your own actual horse as they sort of bug out if you try to attack them, but as far as fun factor goes, there are a few things more weirdly satisfying than just hopping on an ant instead of killing it making friends instead of stabbing maybe even actually listening to its problems.

Top 5 - Unsheathe Unsheathed | KNSoraa

Unsheathe Unsheathed is one final weapon mod but quite a good one unsheathed by KNSoraa. This one simply changes the unsheathed weapon skill to have a couple of different effects rather than just being a couple of different types of slashes, and as a result, creates an entirely new weapon skill. Now the light attack exit of the sheath turns you unvulnerable for a moment like bloodhound step, then unleashes two pops of the waterfowl dance effect from Melania's Blade if you dodge through an attack with the startup, this does a little bit more damage. The heavy attack version of the unsheathed attack is also extremely cool as it basically wants you to trade hits with whatever you are fighting. The attack itself is like Vacuum Slice from the Gargoyle's Greatsword, but with a massive wind-up time after pressing the button. If an enemy attack hits you right after you press the button to do the wind up, you will take full damage which is of course quite dangerous. But then once the Vacuum Slice goes off, it will hit for nearly double the damage than it would have if you didn't get hit in the wind up, as a result this playstyle is surprisingly actually balanced for something that is capable of hitting that hard as in order to actually hit that hard you have to trade away your own HP.

Best Elden Ring Modes - Unsheathe Unsheathed

This is a great example of making something very new and unique extremely fun but not quite breaking the game at the same time. On top of this both attacks have an effect where if you don't roll out of it and just stand your ground the effect will happen a second time half a second later, either the second pop of waterfowl effect or a second Vacuum Slice. In either case, it does a load of damage if you commit to your attack.

All in all modding in Elden Ring is getting to progressively more and more interesting places by the day, and even if you can't or don't want to use the mod yourself, personally we feel like it is really cool to see what's going on, what modders are capable of, and what the game itself can be turned into in the right hands.


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