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Elden Ring Magic Dragon Knight Guide (Level 150): Attributes, Equipment & Gameplay Tips
5/18/2022 2:22:39 PM

In this guide, we are going to show you a magic dragon knight build. This is a level 150 version of the dragon knight builds that sort of continues the similar playstyle of using dragon spells primarily to absolutely melt bosses from a distance. We are going to check the attributes, equipment and gameplay tips of this Elden Ring level 50 magic dragon knight build.


Elden Ring Arcane Build Guide - How To Build A Magic Dragon Knight At Level 150

Check out this best Elden Ring magic dragon knight build at level 150 if you're searching for an arcane build that optimizes damage from dragon incantation. You are going to use this cerulean hidden tear and the magic shrouding in order to just rip off huge chunks of health without using any fp right at the beginning of a lot of boss fights. 

Elden Ring Magic Dragon Knight Attributes

Vigor: 40

Mind: 22

Endurance: 27

Strength: 20


Intelligence: 9

Faith: 9

Arcane: 25

When it comes to stats for this Elden Ring Arcane build, 40 vigor is about as high as we can get it. 22 mind isn't a ton, however, when you go into boss fights, you are going to be using the cerelian hidden tier for that first bite and that should usually get you about half a boss's health bar down in a lot of so you don't use as much fp. 27 endurance is just enough in order to medium roll. 20 strength and 14 dexterity are simply there in order to meet the requirements of the jellyfish shield, this gives you a great shield that makes it easier for block countering and gives you that plus 20% damage when you buff with a contagious fury which is why we use it. We don't need any intelligence for this build and 25 faith is there in order to meet the requirements for the golden vow. Lastly, we have 80 arcane which is there to not only increase the damage of your weapon that has s-scaling and arcane.

Elden Ring Magic Dragon Knight Build Equipment

Weapons: Ripple Blade

This is an ax that scales with arcane and has s scaling arcane. It does pretty good damage with this build because we have a lot of arcane. You can do block counters with it effectively we're actually using a talisman that boosts block counter damage because we are using great shield enemies tend to rebuff off that shield making block counters very easy to do. It hits very hard because of the amount of arcane that we have. This weapon isn't mandatory for this build, you can actually use any weapon that you want that has arcane scaling. This weapon is very light only weighs 4.5 and does really good damage for that.


Seals: Sacred Seal

This scales very well with arcane boosts dragon spell damage. We use a lot of dragon spells with this build, so it's a natural fit for this build.


Shields: Jellyfish Shield

It's very good for block counters because enemies rebuff off. It doesn't have the greatest guard boost at like 60 or so fully upgraded, meaning that you're not going to block huge hits with it. But regular enemies you can get block counters off, making it very easy to deal with that. What we're really using this shield for is the contagious fury ability which boosts all of your damage by 20% for 30 seconds. This is going to include all your melee damage as well as your spells. So when we go to use our dragon bath spells, they're going to get that extra damage from the dragon communion seal and the extra damage from the shield at the same time.


Armors: Silver Tear Mask, Banished Knight

This increases your arcane by plus 8, we have a lot of demand on our stats for this build. So getting extra points where we can is huge. It does reduce your melee damage a little bit, but it's not substantial. As far as other armor for this build, go for Banished Knight.


Talismans: Flock’s Canvas, Curved Sword, Ritual Sword, Magic Scorpion Charm

Flock’s canvas talisman increases your incantation damage by about 8%. This is really good for this build, your spells are going to hit very hard and you want them to hit as much damage as possible. So we take this one here. 

The curved sword talisman can do a lot of block counters with this build and you get around 12 to 1300 damage on a block counter with this setup which is a lot for a one-handed axe. It just further boosts that damage making those hit very very hard, so you can use those to great effect. 

A ritual sword talisman boosts your total damage by 10% when at full health. 

Magic scorpion charm is to boost our magic damage by a further 10%.


Spells: Golden Vow, Smarag’s Glintstone Breath, Agheel’s Flame, Ekzyke’s Decay

A golden vow can boost our overall damage by 15% and increases our defenses by 10%. This lasts 90 seconds and is really good. This is going to boost your attack and your spells which is fantastic.

Smarag's glintstone breath is the shining star of this Elden Ring best magic dragon knight build. This is the spell you're going to be using the most. A lot of enemies are weak to magic damage or not as resistant to magic damage. It does insane damage with this build and it's just better than Borealis's mist in a lot of cases Borealis's mist. Generally speaking, you can nuke most enemies or tough enemies with Smarag's glintstone breath a lot more effectively and it costs less fp.

Agheel’s flame is there to give you a fire version of these types of spells for the circumstances where the fire is a more effective damage type. This is a little less frequently than Smarag's glintstone breath. But when you're using fire in an area or against a boss, you're going to swap out the magic scorpion charm for the fire version to boost your fire damage by 10%.

Ekzyke’s decay sets the scarlet rot status effect and does physical damage. It's not going to be benefited by the magic scorpion charm or fire scorpion charm, so you may want to replace this if you end up using this spell more frequently than the others. Ekzyke’s decay is best used in fights where the enemy has a huge health pool where you want to set that scarlet rot early on or maybe an enemy that's dangerous to get close to and want to get that our damage and defenses.


Elden Ring Magic Dragon Knight Gameplay Tips

We'll use contagious fury as necessary to further increase our damage, it only costs 9 fp, so you can use this constantly. You'll block counter enemies or just attack them with jumping attacks with your axe and pull out your breath spells as needed when you're fighting like a big group of enemies or a tough enemy from range to soften them up or outright kill them, chug a blue potion and continue on your way. When you get to bosses things change up a little bit obviously, you're still going to buff with golden bound contagious fury, but you're going to select the spell and magic scorpion charm or fire scorpion charm depending on which breath attack you're going to use. You're going to sort of judge by the weakness of the enemy. So if you're fighting like a dragon that's resistant to fire for instance, then you may want to use magic damage.

What you want to do is you want to use the cerulean hidden tear in your magic flask along with the one magic shrouding tier that increases your magic damage. Buff with a potion and then hold down that breath spell to like not even use any fp for the first 10 seconds and try and rip as much health off a boss as you can from a distance before you ever get into main range. You really don't want to melee in boss fights with this build if you can help it. The melee attack range of your axe is quite short sometimes, it's very difficult, you can't always block counter, big enemies. So you really want to rely on your breath spells in order to wipe out bosses, by holding that thing down and just nuking them as much as you can and even trading damage because you have high health and because you have decent armor, you can sometimes just tank the hit and just keep on spewing dragon breath.


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