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Top 10 Best Bosses In Elden Ring - Ranking Bosses From Worst To Best | Bosses Tier List
5/14/2022 2:51:24 PM

Elden Ring's bosses are tough adversaries that boast challenging experiences in the game. The epic storyline requires every player to face frightening or strange-looking bosses, no matter what type of fight they wind themselves in. Therefore, we have ranked the best Elden Ring bosses. Check this guide and take a look at the top 10 best bosses in Elden Ring. 


Ranking Bosses From Worst To Best - Top 10 Best Elden Ring Bosses Ranked 

The Elden Ring boss tier list discusses a few tips for each boss mentioned below to help you survive more effortlessly.

Top 10 Best Elden Ring Boss - Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree

From the first battle at a limb grace tutorial tomb to the draconic guardian of the capital city, to the ambushed amidst the depths of the haligtree, in this final duel Loretta's mastery of melee is matched by ruthless sorcery, homing glenstone arcs keeping you on your toes, two deadly magic infused combos, powerful homing blasts and hefty arrows raining down upon you. They're daunting additions to an already demanding brawl with high agility, great range and subtle deviations in her combos. Your opportunities come from adept defense and evasion strafing to blind spots reading the weapon arm shoulder shrug for recovery frames identifying which moves leaves longer openings and not overextending your stamina and fear over magic assaults. Her glaive may slap but it's her magic damage you should truly fear. Those sorcery charge swipes can stagger and demolish stacked hp in one fell swoop. Stamina management commitment to your own attack animations and satisfying dodge execution leads to one of the best balance battles in the game.

Top 9 Best Elden Ring Boss - Radagon & Elden Beast

A double feature finale with one of the best singular bosses in the game. It was a mistake in the fast account phase bosses separately, even if Radagon and Elden beast are distinctly different designs, you can't claim victory without defeating both at once. Ratagon is the epitome of the brawling knight fight we've come to love, fast combos with minute variations for savvy observers, mostly variable blows, great closing range, magic to add depth from afar, an explosive mid hp and rage, solid recovery frames, reasonable stagger and non-bloated hp totals all create a fantastic intro battle. He has those aoe after effects on many attacks for deceptive roll catches and he's rampant with those nameless king style delays. The only unique annoyance to him is the teleport conceptually. The ability to teleport on top of the player, stun them with the aoe, then follow into a combo you can hardly see due to the flash even if you successfully dodged the aoes after effect. A remix of the main theme is a fantastic call back to the beginning of your journey and even the whole franchise with this homage to the demon souls theme. The track's bombastic energy throttles hype into overdrive. 

In contrast, the shift to Elden beast carries a melancholic energy, an eerie sadness and sheer awe at the spectacle before you. The holy magic takes this to another level, experiences against the beast will vary wildly with it sometimes being melee focused, other times spamming attacks to force you on the defensive while it swims away constantly. For every attack, a creative use of the jump mechanic and player positioning to get the drop on the beast when it emerges, there’s downsides such as the arena barriers being unclear. 


Top 8 Best Elden Ring Boss - Starcourge Radahn

This is the 8th best boss in Elden Ring. The festival of champions to combat a decaying demigod and put him out of his misery is executed brilliantly, it makes a subsequent fight feel like a triumph for both parties. The charge into battle with a horde of allies makes this raid bostom, it's a desolate desert spectacular even if you choose to face him alone, it's no less captivating. The one downside to this epic entrance is repeating that run-up can be tiresome. It's worth the trouble at least unlike Elden beast you get full use of torrent. Trading joust with Radahn was surprisingly fun but it was realizing through battle how fluid on foot to horseback swaps are that elevated the fight. Quickly summoning torrent to outrange an attack then swoop in for a counter is a rush. Radahn has however massive range, combos with volatile speed and gravity magic to reposition you or blast you with meteors.

After taking a quarter of his hp, he scripted to charge his blades with a slam. If you hug his ankles, you can dodge and counter during this. If you stay underneath him after, he'll follow with two hits you can tank for extra damage opportunities. With him flying away afterward, it's well worth the trade-off, that blast off into a careening cosmic slam.

Top 7 Best Boss In Elden Ring - Fire Giant

For 99% of the fight you’re hacking away at one of his ankles, and only the occasionally hurried dodge from an AoE roll or fire attack adds anything vaguely interesting into this fight. A truly tanky health bar and the irritating ability to move 300 feet away from you makes Fire Giant an exercise in attention, rather than challenge. Fire Giant has one of the coolest entrances, not to mention an awesome charactermodel. But then the fight itself is genuinely quite boring, and nowhere near the same tier as the other required bosses in Elden Ring – most of which occupy the top half of this Elden Ring boss ranking. Due to his size you can barely see anything of the arena or the giant most of the time. 

Overall, Fire Giant feels very unbalanced and dull. It's a bit of a slog to face him. Fans are quick to hate on this encounter because of its seemingly unfair one-shot moves and wonky camera. Compared to other bosses, Fire Giant is just a big bag of annoyances, and being rewarded the Giant's Red Braid weapon or Burn, O Flame! incantation isn't worth the bothersome duel.

Top 6 Best Boss In Elden Ring - Hoarah Loux 

He has never been so appropriate, kicking things off with godfrey's reappearance, it's a solid measure of how your skills have improved since your initial meeting with the shade. People like the addition of his axe kick into earth explosion and enjoy how much you can jump over those attacks in the fight, what makes godfrey unique that becomes more apparent in phase 2 is his aggression. His closing speed, constant stomping and deceptive range force you to deal with him directly. Fortunately, his tails are great the gaps he leaves are small but consistent and he has enrages in both phases allowing you to punish him before he goes beast mode. During these steamy buffs, his stomps become arena-wide layering pressure on even further. Getting into phase 2, Hoarah Loux’s unique brawler style throws you off the typical stare at a weapon for a tell, instead requiring you to study his entire body and all four limbs to defend effectively. While his offense can't feel oppressive, this was intended to be a battle where you trade damage, bloody brawl for the right to ascend the throne. The only attacks you need to evade are the many different grabs, they almost always begin with a long lined up or sprint towards you forcing proper dodges lest you be power bombed for tremendous damage. 

Top 5 Best Boss In Elden Ring - Dragonlord Placidusax

From the very start, Placidusax oozes his legend with the sick arena, great visual design with a nod to the two fingers into a flashy lightning-infused start. Placidusax’s first advantage is his more balanced self-lightning, he has a feature by a mile of let's drag and fortisacks is how regularly he spawns lightning on the player throughout the battle, even as he's in the middle of doing other attacks, Placidusax remedies this by staying still during the three strikes but making them much larger for more demanding evasion, it still allows you to get offense in you just have to respect the dodge timing and moderate your stamina. The entire battle operates in similar fashion with clever ways to take advantage with proper study of his moveset, you can opt to run back to where the front on the third lightning strikes in the hopes of baiting his rear fire breath from the unsinged side. Even if he does this when you're behind him, you can run and poke the end of the tail safely. Similarly, his explosive lightning is also safe with the tail, his slash and spinning breath can be safely dodged by hugging the tail then countering when the spin stops. His wing slam has large gaps in between and excellent hitboxes to allow dodging even his ultimate attack can be effectively dodged at range or taken advantage of for the ballsy if you can get in quickly. His lift into phase 2 changes the weather and battle in exciting ways. The spectacle of his cloud of form in a diving slash is incredible and fun to dodge. His later variant has a lingering hitbox that can be dealt with by sprinting away from the blast then dodging. He won't teleport immediately after like the first and you can punish the tail.

Top 4 Best Elden Ring Boss - Maliketh, the Black Blade

Maliketh flirts the line of excessive damage balanced by brittle hp, this increases the significance of every clash dramatically, making the end result swift death in either direction while much can be said about Maliketh quality, let's not ignore the excellent interlude, the beast clergyman mixes swift combos with beast incantations to be a force of nature at every range. Like Maliketh, he has rough attacks that must be respected while others have direct openings like the 180 cleave leaving his rear open or a beastclaw swipe that is easily jumped over. Variations on that beastclaw and pocket sand require evasions to be executed at slightly different times, requiring tight reaction speed. He doesn't outstay his welcome quickly shirking his garb for an artorious-esque feral design matching with equally compelling music and voice acting. Like the first phase, Maliketh uses subtle variations on similar towels to obscure his intentions. His soaring slashes have odd delays, irregular quantity and are inconsistently followed up upon. Sometimes you get reprieve others you are dealing with a sudden slam or a double 360 slash. His finishers typically revolve around the judgment cut weapon art 360 slash, explosive slam or earth-shattering pulse. All of these make it dangerous to stay close which is hard to avoid due to his leaping gap closers. His agility however is well balanced by the large opportunities, he'll leave before delivering these blows. Maliketh has ability to combo these more suddenly than you might expect. He deviates from his script quite readily, making it a reaction based encounter which is quite difficult at the speed it demands. 

Top 3 Best Elden Ring Boss - Malenia, Goddess of Rot

Malenia has been a hot topic since the launch of Elden Ring, with many players “finishing” the game and having no idea that she’s even present. Her unique ability grants life-steal upon dealing damage to players and summons, which in the most egregious case can heal her health bar back to full in an almost insulting fashion. Malenia is capable of inflicting enormous damage through devastating katana slashes, including a staggering multi-hit combo that can annihilate any player in range and end the fight instantly. Moreover, when players finally deal the killing blow, she becomes Malenia, Goddess of Rot, regaining full HP and learning a suite of new attacks that can afflict the terrifying Scarlet Rot element. This boss should never be underestimated for a single second. Malenia is a Sekiro boss in Elden Ring, he’s arguably one of the hardest bosses that From Software has ever created.

Top 2 Best Boss In Elden Ring - Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

If there's a singular strength Elden Ring bosses hold over the rest of fromsoft's work, it's their spectacle. The visual design, combat effects soundtrack and grandeur create atmosphere consistently among the best they've ever accomplished. Rykard is the finest example, fighting a monstrous serpent amongst the chasma corpses is chilling, unlike many large bosses, the framing of combat always keeps you locked in with its whole body, every chomp slam and spit carries colossal force. You're able to return in kind with breathtaking blows from the special sphere provided. The second phase might be the most berserk, the series has ever felt facing off against a massive beast only to find it devoured a demigod who's now in control pulling a corpse laden blade from its jaws as he spews mad philosophy in an otherworldly tone. As he clash souls of his victims are released from the blade, slowly building a hellscape of agony above. The arena gradually darkens with a reddish hue until he commands the fallen to shower you with their fury. As the music reaches the dramatic peak oblivion descends in the form of dozens of flaming skulls ending in a charged slam. This rise in tension is perfectly paced to the moment where it all explodes, it's nothing short of a visual masterpiece, where these sorts of battles have previously faltered is not delivering satisfying gameplay. Rykard sharks this trend and is a shining example of some of the best combat design in Elden Ring.

Top 1 Best Elden Ring Boss - Mogh, Lord of Blood

This late game and hidden boss is one that really put players through paces. Compared to the fairly approachable, if hard to find, version in the sewers of the Capital, Lord of Blood is a daunting test. Not only of your DPS, thanks to his tanky health bar, but also your ability to duck and weave through AoE attacks, status effects, and to outlast his monstrous transition to a second phase – a three-hit undodgeable, health leeching attack

Mogh, Lord of Blood is one of the very few bosses in the game that never feels unbalanced for all, he is Elden Ring’s greatest boss.


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