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D2R Ladder Leveling Guide: Fastest Way to Reach Lvl 99 in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1
5/4/2022 10:59:05 AM

The ultimate achievement for Diablo 2 Resurrected is reaching level 99, one of the most frustrating yet endearing things about this game has been this practically unobtainable achievement. For years, in Lord of Destruction bots were basically the only things that would do this consistently but with the first-ever launch of the D2R ladder, you can bet many players and groups across the world will be competing for just that. Here we get some tricks for you to use in order for you to stay ahead of the pack in D2R Ladder Season 1 and reach level 99 as fast as possible.

D2R Ladder Leveling Guide - Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1 Fast Level

D2R Ladder Fast Leveling Guide - How To Earn Maximize Experiences and Level Up 99 Fast?

You will touch on early leveling a little bit but a majority of this guide from Coooley will be geared towards after you've done all of your Baal runs until you're blue in the face more focusing on levels 95 plus and especially level 98 where Diablo 2 items for sale get really rough. When competing for level 99, you're going to need to set yourself up for success early, this includes having a knowledgeable team to run through the game with. So here we give you some strategies on running certain areas for earning the maximum EXP in the shortest time, with these tricks you will hit Level 99 in D2R Ladder Season 1 fastest!

Tip 1 - Gear Up Your Character and Join A Great Team

You could just wait until another team figures it out and then hope that they g-rush you like immediately instead of competing themselves. While you don't necessarily need to be the first to complete this, it helps to be ready to move on to the next step within the first day or two of ladder reset. While your team doesn't necessarily have to have the best players on it, you probably want a committed crew of players that will at least run with you through Hell difficulty. This will require you to have a decent plan.

Tip 2 - Skip Ancients Quest

Save your Ancients quests in normal and nightmare until you're level 98. This might be news to some of you, you can actually skip these quests but there are a couple of different ways you could do it. As we talked about you can play through the game on classic and convert your character to expansion in at least Act 3 in Hell, or for those latest players could just get a g-rush later on where you completely skip the Ancients quest anyway. Now while waiting till level 98 for your Ancients quest won't necessarily give you a full level, it will give you a metric ton of experience. It might look pretty insignificant on the experience bar, but it comes out to 21 million EXP and this is going to save you hours or maybe days of Baal runs depending on how efficient you are with your Baals runs. To put it in perspective, you get around 70k experience from a Baal run at that level on players one. And between 120 to 160k experience on players three, so 21million experience pretty big bump, this is a very important thing to do we would highly suggest skipping the quest of that ancient in normal and nightmare.

Tip 3 - The Areas (Bosses) To Run For Max EXP

But for leveling up fast in D2R Ladder Season 1, what sorts of runs should you be doing and how should you do them? Let's talk about CBaals, everyone's familiar with these basic types of runs, but they look a little different for competitive players trying to crest the final level as fast as possible. In a typical run, an entire game of players will methodically run through chaos from the entrance, killing everything along the way. But at level 95 and above, you actually want to do this a bit differently. These modified CBaals will have three phases (Q-Chaos, NIH. Baal) which will ideally happen in perfect succession with a little bit of practice in the speed of your character and with the timing of your friends you can line these up pretty well and actually stack up the experience quite decently. 

Do Solo Quick Chaos Runs

The first phase is the quick Chaos phase, so basically want to do solo quick chaos run with at least seven players in the game. A quick chaos run consists of a player rummaging through the Chaos Sanctuary only killing the CBaals bosses and most importantly Diablo. The reason Diablo is so important at this level is that his monster level is significantly higher than his minions, this is 94 to be exact. This matters quite a bit as you grow in levels because you actually don't get as much experience at the higher level than you are if you're killing monsters or minions that are a lower level than you. So basically you're going to want to headhunt monsters like this that are a very high monster level and in phase one of this you basically just want to kill Diablo as fast as possible. Ideally, you would have no other players join you in this and be equipped with a character that can quickly take out the CBaal bosses and Diablo himself. If you're not quite to that point with your gear, it can help to have some of your friends either teleport there or help you with the CBaal bosses and leave Diablo to kill for you alone. 

 Run Nihlathak

If that is the case you'll want some of those friends to break off a little early and start working their way to Baal for another phase that we'll get to in a moment. But first phase two, if your character is strong enough, you're going to want to do this and that is head to the Halls of Pain teleport your way to Nihlathak a thought and take him out as quickly as you can too. Nihlathak is a level 95 monster which is higher than Diablo, ideally, you would manage to find an experience shrine somewhere in Chaos and save that until all of the CBaal minions are dead, activate the experience shrine, kill Diablo and then quickly get to Nihlathak a thought before the shrine runs out, that's like the most ideal situation you'd rack up some serious experience that way.

Join 4-5 Baal waves

After that, you're just going to want to teleport back to town and hopefully, the rest of your crew has started working their way to Baal and most ideally made their way through the first three or four sets of Baal waves. In an ideal situation, you join at wave four or five of Baal waves, to get that experience and then immediately move on to Baal. Now if you have a great party of friends for this that are really trying to champion you to level 99 what you can do is actually be responsible for delivering the final blow to Baal, all while your party members un-party you and allow you to collect all the experience from the kill. If your character is strong enough you might be able to take out Baal alone but if not you may need a little bit of help from your friends. Just remember before going into Baal's throne room though, that his experience is capped at players three, so it doesn't make sense to have any more players in the game than that as you're only just increasing the monster's difficulty.

Tip 4 - Take Down Uber Bosses

But that being said, if you have the resources, believe it or not, there is actually a faster way and that is Uber bosses! If you have the resources or the friends to help gather keys running uber bosses and the three mini Uber bosses along the way provides the most possible experience that you can get in one game. 

These runs have the potential to work a little bit better because they actually require fewer players, you'll want to have exactly player 4 for these Uber runs, it gives significantly more experience than player 3. It also does give slightly less than players 8 but the added difficulty is not worth the time. The only drawback here is that they require a ton of keys, it's more likely that players will work these runs into their normal CBaal runs that we talked about as they acquire keys from either trading or friends. The reason this provides so much experience is that all of those monster levels in the mini-bosses and the Uber bosses are level 110, put it in perspective Baal is level 99. So when you're at that point, where the monster levels of what you're killing actually matter, these can be super important in a run like this and provide tons of experience very quickly. The complete experience that you can expect from the modified CBaal runs that we talked about is anywhere from 160,000 to 190,000 on average and in about 5 minutes if you're fast. With this Uber boss strategy, you can expect between 270,000 to 280,000 experiences in about three to four minutes if you're slow. 

Now a lot of people are going to be asking about budgets and all of this stuff and we will remind you that this is going to be one of the most competitive races in D2R history, people are going to be richer than you, they're going to have better D2 items than you, people are competing for a milestone in the game's history, but even with some of the most basic top end gear at that point after the first few weeks of ladder reset, you can still compete to be on top.

With these tricks, you should be able to reach 99 as fast as possible, now mind you fast is a subjective term, this is going to take some time like quite a number of weeks for someone to reach level 99.


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