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D2R Ladder 1 Build Tier List: Best Ladder Start and Late Game Builds For Patch 2.4
4/24/2022 3:58:54 PM

Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder 1 patch 2.4 is right on the corner, what are best builds will you play? Today we're going to be covering the tier lists for Ladder start in Diablo 2 Resurrected, Assassin build tier list, Necromancer build tier list, Druid build tier list, Paladin build tier list and more. So you can find the best ladder start & late game builds to play for patch 2.4!

D2R Ladder Season 1 Build Tier List - Best Ladder Start and Late Game Builds For Patch 2.4

There is a brand new ladder start tier list that is on max roll. So if you go check that out, you can have the classic Blizzard Sorceress on there, the new build Hydra Sorc, Fist of Heavens as well and a bunch of other things. So if you want to see what is the best build for you to start off with ladder in D2R, just go check and you can also filter out by class. But the main focus today is going to be the late game tier list, this is where a lot of those balance changes have really taken hold and shaped the meta. We have a legend here telling us multiple tiers up, one tier up, one tier down, multiple tiers down, and new build. Now let’s get into the Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder start tier list!

D2R Ladder Season 1 Build Tier List

Ladder Start & Late Game Amazon Build Tier List

A Tier Amazon Build:

- Lightning Strike

Lightning fury is always asked here, lightning strike is a brand new build here and it's a very strong build, a lot of people like to use infinity in their hand like a spear in hand which is cool. 

B Tier Amazon Builds:

- Strafe 

- Plague Javelin

Strafe has been brought up a little bit with some attack rating and damage there. Currently, there's a bug that Strafe is not doing as much damage as it should be. The Plague Javelin is a lot stronger than it was, the way that they changed the damage output on Plague javelin is fantastic. 

C Tier Amazon Builds:

- Freezing Arrow 

- Multiple Shot

- Jab Fend

Freezing arrow is the same as the Plague Javelin. A C tier multi shot is a little bit better now with the attack rating changes. And Jab Fend actually is a decent build is C tier just because it lacks a bit of mobility and it does require a lot of attack rating.

Ladder Start & Late Game Assassin Build Tier List

Assassin has seen a pretty big rework in the skill tree. Overall, the Assassin is a very strong lick. So, lightning sentry Assassin is still asked here, the early game does struggle a little bit in the dps side of things, but the late game is totally fine. We're looking at the late game tier list for all these things.

A Tier Assassin Builds:

- Fire Blast

- Dragon Talon

Fire Blast is just stronger now like a lot stronger with the changes to the synergies in the traps, skill tree, fire blast is bonkers now. Dragon talon is basically the exact same thing.

B Tier Assassin Build:

- Wake of Fire

Fire blast shares the same thing, it's a very similar build, wake of fire itself the ability that it uses the most has seen a little bit of a damage buff as well as wake of inferno. So it's nice to see a little bit of a buff there from c tier to b tier. 

C Tier Assassin Builds:

- Blade Fury

- Phoenix Strike

Blade fury has gone from F tier to C tier, its attack rating buffs and overall damage increases to the build, it is a lot smoother to play with some of the mechanical changes as well. Phoenix strike, brand new build as of max roll with the star there is a lot of fun, however, it is a little bit difficult to learn and it is clunky if you're not really good with Diablo 2, it's hard to pilot this smoothly for excellent clean gameplay. 

D Tier Assassin Build:

- Whirlwind

Ladder Start & Late Game Barbarian Build Tier List

A Tier Barbarian Build

- Double Throw

Double throw is a brand new build, they basically made throwing in Diablo 2 an infinite thing, so you can just throw forever once you get to a certain level of throwing mastery. So this is now an aoe build which is really cool to see.

B Tier Barb Build:

- War Cry

War cry has gotten better with the damage increase synergy and also it has just more utility to it, grimward giving increased damage.

C Tier Barb Builds:

- Leap Attack

- Frenzy

- Whirlwind

Leap attack is stronger, now as a small aoe amount of damage to it and in addition to that it also moves faster throughout the game. so you can use it as a basic teleport if you want to leap attack and berserk at the same time or something like that, they are pretty good. The whirlwind and frenzy really haven't seen much changes, there's a little bit of a mechanical change from whirlwind with the mobility it has, they overall did not see that much of a change other than the Diablo 2 runewords again. 

F Tier Barb Build:

- Werewolf

Werewolf barbarian saw a heavy nerf due to the attack speed changes to the game.

Ladder Start & Late Game Druid Build Tier List

A Tier Druid Build:

- Fissure

The druid fissure is insane, the amount of fire damage that we are dishing out on the fissure druid now is very strong and nice to see a druid in the end game.

B Tier Druid Build:

- Tornado 

C Tier Druid Builds:

- Fire Claws

- Fury

- Summon

Fire claws has seen a little bit of a damage bonus, it's built differently now because the synergies have changed overall, but it does allow some flexibility now. Summon druid is a brand new build on maxwell and it's a pretty solid build overall, especially if you're a casual player that just wants to chill, it's a very solid way to do that and also it's actually not that bad with like elite hunting and telestomping with like teleport on enigma or something like that.


+2 To All Skills
+45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 To Teleport
+750-775 Defense (varies)
+ (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Damage Reduced By 8%
+14 Life After Each Kill
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

D Tier Druid Build:

- Rabies

Rabies is a little bit stronger than it was now with the plague ruin word if you want to add an act 5 mercenary and give him plague for lore res, that is not a bad option either.

Ladder Start & Late Game Necromancer Build Tier List

- S Tier: Poison Nova

- A Tier: Summon

- B Tier: Corpse Explosion

- C Tier: Bone Spear 

Ladder Start & Late Game Paladin Build Tier List

S Tier Paladin Builds:

- Blessed Hammer

- Fist of the Heavens

- Smite

Fist of the Heavens is in the S tier, when it was F tier before, they changed so much about this build. So if you are not aware, the holy bolts now deal damage to demons. In addition, they also pierce which is absolutely insane, so it is very strong and this build is absolutely hot for ladder 1. 

A Tier Paladin Builds:

- Dream

- Zeal (Physical)

Dream is a little bit stronger than it was just because the aura change where like the closer the enemy is, the more damage that you're doing with the aura ticks. Zeal is roughly around the same thing, the thing that changed is now you have more gear options with things like unbending will. 

B Tier Paladin Build:

- Holy Fire 

Holy fire a brand new build that we have is in b tier it is strong but it's not quite as strong as the first PTR launch where you one-ticked everything. Now in like late game cows, it'll like one or two tick cows down on like players one, so it's cool, it's very chill gameplay, you don't really require a lot of brain power in order to play this build, but it is kind of cool and it's nice to have a new build for the paladin here.

Ladder Start & Late Game Sorceress Build Tier List

S Tier Sorceress Builds:

- Lightning 

- Blizzard

A Tier Sorceress Builds:

- Nova 

- Hydra 

- Fire Ball Meteor

- Fire Ball Blizzard

- Fire Ball Nova

A brand new A tier build is nova and hydra is now A tier, hydra is very strong, its damage output is bonkers, if you plug that into planner it is a lot of damage and it's great to see that. Not only that speaking about hydra and nova they actually work pretty well together because actual nova build if you look doesn't need to spec into thunderstorm. So it gives you extra points to put into things like hydra or frozen orb or something like that. Fireball with anything else is very strong as well. Some of the highlights and changes about the sorceress now is that skill cooldowns are no longer global. 

B Tier Sorceress Builds:

- Zeal

- Meteor Frozen Orb

- Frozen Orb

If we have a hotkey for meteor frozen orb, if we cast a meteor, we don't have to wait for a cool down to cast the frozen orb, they have separate cooldowns where meteor has its cooldown and frozen orb has its cooldown. So if we want to cast frozen orbs and meteor, we could do that at the same time without any issues. It's just relied on faster cast rate and its individual cooldowns. That does add the ability for a higher skill cap and more dps on the sorceress and spell caster builds.

C Tier Sorceress Build:

- Werebear

The werebear sorceress did see a nerf just due to the attack speed changes.

D Tier Sorceress Build:

- Fire Wall


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