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Elden Ring Best PvP & PVE Weapons - Elden Ring Weapons Tier List 1.03
4/15/2022 2:53:11 PM

What are the most overpowered weapons in Elden Ring after Patch 1.03? The fairest way to rank all these weapons is how they come as soon as you obtain them. Today, we ranked 25 weapons that are on this Elden Ring weapons tier list based on how well a weapon can perform with as little effort as possible. Go get the best Elden Ring weapons for early game, mid game and end game, you're definitely not going to regret it!



Elden Ring Best PvP & PVE Weapons - Elden Ring Weapons Tier List 1.03

If you want to be the hot knife for all your buttered foes, you'll need these weapons. It is important to note that some adversaries are vulnerable to specific types of damage, and each weapon has its unique Damage Type. Having an idea of what weapon you'll be employing in the event of a violent opponent encounter is a good idea. The following is the list of best PvP and PvE weapons in Elden Ring.The weapons on this Elden Ring best weapons list are easy to use, there are a ton of different play styles out there, so everyone's weapons are going to handle differently.

S Tier on Elden Ring Best Weapons Tier List

Rivers of Blood

The Rivers of Blood Katana has a bit of a mixed reaction in the community. Some people love this weapon, some people despise this weapon. The people that despise this weapon are probably the ones that play PVP and for some reason, there's like a bunch of gatekeepers in this community that want other people to struggle as much as possible and they don't want people to beat bosses with ease. This weapon is sort of frowned upon by some because of just how good it is. This weapon is amazing! Without a doubt that Rivers of Blood is god-tier and one of Elden Ring best bleed weapons. 

Basically, when you pick up this weapon, all you have to do is spam the left trigger ability and that's it. Just spam this weapon's ability even when you run out of fp, you can still use the ability, it just doesn't do the bloody attack, but it still does the animation. This Katana sword is nuts because it procs bleed damage so much and so frequently that this katana just melts through health bars. The only thing it doesn't do good against is stone creatures, any kind of creature that can't bleed. But anything that can bleed, it will just shred right through and it's easily one of the best weapons in all of Elden Ring. Even the most casual player can use this weapon with very little effort and still just melt bosses.

Sacred Relic Sword

This is the sword that you get from defeating the final boss of the game. Unfortunately, you aren't going to see much use of this sword unless you're Elden Ring rune farming at the end of the game or you start a new game plus. Because obviously if it's the last weapon you're going to get, you're not going to have very many things to fight. But in new game plus or if you're trying to just rune farm and kill multiple enemies really quickly, this sword is great at killing small enemies. Now not everything is about dealing damage to bosses, there are other enemy types in this game. And the majority of your time playing this game, you're not going to be in a boss fight you're going to be fighting smaller things throughout the environment and this sword excels in that. 

Because this sword's special ability just will instantly clear out any small groups of enemies, zombies, and dogs. Its special ability isn't the best against bosses and it takes way too long to charge up, so we wouldn't recommend it in a boss fight. But on the other hand, because it is the absolute best at clearing out small enemies. It's not all about killing bosses in Elden Ring and this sword excels at killing everything that isn't a boss. Which makes it an easy s tier.

Blasphemous Blade

You get this blade from defeating one of the major bosses in the game and this sword is a must-have for pretty much everybody. Because this sword has a passive ability where anytime something in your vicinity dies, it will replenish your health, any time you get a kill with this weapon, it will replenish your health and it has this very powerful left trigger ability that sends out a big wave of fire and it will knock any smaller enemies down that gets hit with this. It will practically one-shot most smaller enemies and it does a lot of high damage to bosses and even has the chance to stagger the bosses. 

So this weapon is so good, all you have to do is carry it around and you will siphon health from enemies, you can just spam the left trigger ability and just shred through bosses with it and it basically puts this game on easy mode. Anyone can use this weapon with ease and just tear through everything. This is absolutely Elden Ring most overpowered weapon.

Black Knife

Black Knife can easily carry you through a lot of boss fights. It has the ability to slowly chip away at a boss's health bar. So when you have this knife, all you have to do is essentially just spam the left trigger attack and it will just eat away at an enemy's health pool. It shortens the boss's overall health, so the more that you spam this, the more it will shrink their max health pool. It has a really fast swing speed, so you can get a ton of damage off really quickly so overall. Because it basically puts all the bosses on easy mode, no question the best weapons Elden Ring.

A Tier On Elden Ring Best Weapons List

Icerind Hatched

This hatchet was what all of these speedrunners were using for the longest time up until it recently got nerfed. This thing was an absolute monster. If this was the weapon that everyone was using to speedrun the entire game then that obviously tells you that this is a good weapon. If this is the go-to weapon that people were just melting bosses with and melting large crowds of enemies, obviously something's really good about it. It would have easily been s tier, because of how good this weapon was. But since it's nerfed, it's just not as good as it used to be. It's still great at doing a lot of frost damage to bosses, it's good at taking out large numbers of enemies anything that gets frostbite will take more damage afterward. If you manage to get the frostbite to proc, this is going to do really well.


Moonveil Katana

The Moonveil Katana is what everyone was talking about for weeks. Firstly, it's a really good sword that helps you beat the final boss. Secondly, it has a unique ability where every time you unsheath the sword, it can just do this big beam attack. Lastly, it's just a fun weapon to use, you don't have to think much to use it. We are putting it up at a tier, because it got nerft a little. However, it's a really good weapon to use and we highly recommend everybody get it because it is one of the best Elden Ring weapons after the patch.


Magma Blade

This is a weapon that you have to farm for hours to get, but it is worth it. Because it is so fun to use, this weapon is really good. It does tons of fire damage, so you can set enemies on fire. Its left trigger ability is great at stunning bosses and stunning enemies because you not only swing the sword, but every time you swing with the left trigger ability, it will drop lava onto the ground and any enemy that steps in the lava will get staggered and then will take damage over time. So this weapon is great at running up to bosses and just spamming the triggered ability, you can drop tons of fire and lava onto the ground. It's really good at stun locking bosses. It's an easy a tier but it could easily go up to s tier. The only problem is it's one of the harder weapons in the game to get, because it just comes down to rng and you have to grind.

Sword of Night and Flame

We would have easily put this at s tier if it was a month ago because this sword was just melting through everything. This sword was easily the best sword in Elden Ring because it comes with two different abilities. It has basically this big magic kamehameha move where you just blast anything in front of you and it also comes with this big flame attack, so it's great at clearing out big groups of enemies, it's great at catching bosses on fire, it's big magic beam is great at melting boss's health bars. The nerf was pretty significant to it though, so it's going from s-tier to a tier. It's still a great weapon to have.


Sword if St. Trina

This sword has the ability to put enemies to sleep which can be really handy for certain situations. If you're in a boss fight and you put the boss to sleep that gives you enough time to heal yourself, drink some potions, maybe switch weapons, switch your armor if you want to it gives you the perfect amount of time to prep what your next attack is going to be. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on every single boss, some bosses can't go to sleep, so what it will do instead is stagger them for about two seconds which can be all the time in the world if you want to get a quick health potion off. One of the downsides though is that late game, some of the bigger stronger bosses at the end were resisting it all the time, but overall it's a really great weapon for boss fights.


Hand of Malenia

Hand of Malenia is one of the hardest weapons in the Elden Ring that you can get. Hand of Malenia you get from obviously defeating Malenia. But Malenia is one of the strongest bosses in the game, so many people have struggled with Malenia and her sword has this insane combo move. Unfortunately, though it's definitely not as good in your character's hand versus in Malenia's hand. When you use it its special fury ability just isn't that good. It's pretty good in PVP if you're one of those players that like to play against other players online. But when you use it against bosses anytime you hit the left trigger ability, it's really easy to get knocked out of that ability. This sword is just high risk, high reward but for the most part, there’s not much of a reward. With this sword, it still has really long reach though. We don't think it's worthy of s tier.

Halo Scythe

This scythe has some crazy ridiculous range to it, so if you want a really long-ranged weapon and you just want to swing around and keep enemies at a distance. We highly recommend you get the Halo Scythe. What's really cool about the Halo Scythe is that its left trigger ability shoots out a giant beam and you can actually spam this beam over and over and over. So if you have enough magic, you can just keep spamming this ability and it will send out multiple beams at a range that has some pretty good tracking on it. This scythe is really good at taking out things that are flying such as bats or those annoying hawks with the swords on their feet. Its attack has some pretty decent range to it, so you can hit targets that are pretty far away. It does fairly well against bosses as well. Because this thing does of course do bleed damage, so you can proc bleed on a boss fight. Then if you want to stay at a distance in a boss fight, you can use the left trigger ability. This scythe is an all-around great weapon to use.


Envoy’s Long Horn

These horns are actually pretty good, there are three different versions of the horn, a smaller horn, a medium horn, and a really big horn. The big horn shoots a giant bubble and the smaller horn shoots just one bubble at a time. The medium horn shoots out just a bunch of bubbles and they go out and they track any of the nearby enemies. The downside with this is that the range isn't that good with the bubbles, but they do a high amount of damage. If there's a large group of enemies, it's going to kill pretty much all of them and surprisingly it does good damage to bosses. If you can stagger a boss and then do the bubble move, you're going to just melt through a boss's health bar. This is a weapon that pretty much anyone can use with zero effort, you just go spam the bubble attack and you can melt through everything.

Bolt of Gransax

This is a giant spear that you can get from the giant spear statue inside the city. This weapon is really cool because it also does lightning damage. If you like spears and you have a big shield, you can safely sit beside the shield and just poke at enemies at a safe distance. It has a really cool ranged attack that you can do with its special ability. It summons a giant lightning bolt and you can just sling it to something and do a ton of damage. Plus the range on this attack is really far too, so you can safely hit enemies at a distance and you don't have to worry about them reaching you. If it doesn't one-shot kill the target, you can hit them multiple times before they get to you, because you can safely do this at such a far range. Overall this is a great weapon to have, it's one of the legendary weapons in the game that will grant you the achievement.

Wing of Astel

This is another really great weapon because when you swing this weapon, it has two major attacks. Its regular heavy attacks send out a blue wave of magic damage, so that's a plus. Then this left trigger ability slices through the air and sends out a big wave of magic smoke and then all of the magic smoke will explode. If you can run up to a boss, spam this ability and it will do a ton of damage over time to the boss. Overall this weapon's really good at doing a bunch of damage really quick to a boss and if a lot of smaller enemies are running up into your face, just use a left trigger to send out a big magic smoke wave and it will keep all the smaller enemies at bay. Because of how well-rounded this weapon is, we are putting it at a tier.

B Tier On Elden Ring Best Weapon Rank

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

You get this weapon from defeating Morgott. This sword has some crazy long reach to it, you can swing this around and hit multiple targets at the same time, and you can hit targets that are pretty far away from you, but its left trigger ability is actually really cool. Because every time you swing it, it cuts through the air and lights the air on fire. If you can get up close and personal to a boss or stagger a boss and they're laying down on the ground, you can go up to them and activate this a couple of times. You will not only do damage by hitting them with the sword, you will also get a lot of damage from the follow-up fire attack. So this sword is really good at doing a ton of damage really fast to a boss.


Grafted Blade

It's a giant sword made out of a bunch of mini swords. What's so cool about this weapon is when you activate its special ability, it doesn't do any big swing or any slam move or any powerful move. What it does do is buff all of your stats by 5 temporarily, so that is extremely handy in whatever situation. So this weapon is basically used if you want to swap to a different weapon or swap to magic or just have more health and stamina at the time. If you want to buff yourself to increase your carry weight, this weapon is just a temporary plus 5 to everything and that's pretty great to have. It's really handy to run into a boss fight, hit the left trigger instantly to get your health bar a lot larger. Not withstanding, it's one of the best Elden Ring weapons on this list, but having that plus 5 to all your stats is pretty handy.

Dragon King’s Cragblade

This is a giant spear that you get from defeating the dragonlord. This giant spear is pretty awesome, it has the ability to do lightning damage and its left trigger ability is a really cool explosion move. When you activate it, you turn into a big cloud of smoke. If anything gets in that cloud of smoke, they'll get hit with electric damage. But if you can manage to get the special move off, it is going to do a high amount of damage, it will one-shot most of the smaller enemies and it will do a big chunk of damage to some of the bosses. The problem with this weapon is that the ability can miss quite often. Nonetheless, it's a really fun weapon to use especially if you have a big shield and you just like to hide behind the shield and poke and prod at the enemy. Because of its special ability being so hit and miss, we are going to put it at b-tier


Dragonscale Blade

The Dragonscale Blade is a katana and this katana is actually really good because it does lightning and frost damage at the same time. Its left trigger ability will put the sword up into the air, summon lightning and slam it down to the ground, hitting the enemy. Once you activate that ability, the frost lightning will stay on the sword for a couple of seconds. So this sword is really good at doing both lightning and frost. If you can proc frost damage on an enemy, they will take a lot more damage after that. Using the sword if you can give them frost fight, you can also hit them with that lightning damage at the same time and it's just a really well-rounded weapon.

Helphen’s Steeple

Its left trigger ability ignites the sword with ghost flames and hitting enemies with the ghost flames has a chance of catching them on fire with ghost fire. Ghost fire does a lot of frost damage, so if you get this to proc on an enemy, you can give them frostbite, leaving them susceptible to a lot more damage. This weapon's pretty fun to use, but it's worthy of a tier or s tier on the Elden Ring weapon ranking.


Bloodhounds Fang

This is another bleed weapon and this is a weapon that you can get pretty early on. This is a pretty well-rounded weapon. It has some reach to its special ability and lets you dodge backward to get out of the way of any sort of big attack. So this sword is really great at running up to bosses, doing a bunch of bleed damage, and then hitting the left trigger and then escaping back behind you. All you have to do is run in, hit a couple of times, and escape. This is one of the Elden Ring best weapons for early game. It does bleed damage, it has a cool ability and it's a weapon that's good throughout an entire playthrough. But it's just not as good as some of these other ones on this list.

C Tier On Elden Ring Weapons List 1.03

Reduvia Dagger

This is a bleed dagger that you can get pretty early on in the game. Early on this dagger is really good, its left trigger ability shoots out this wave of bleed damage and you can just spam it over and over again. But the problem with this weapon is that the left trigger ability of the ranged attack just doesn't have very much range, you basically have to be up close and personal to get it to hit the opponent. As for the late game, it's just not as good as a lot of these other weapons early game. Though it is pretty good at procing bleed damage, in comparison to a lot of these other weapons, we are going to put this one at the c tier on the Elden Ring weapon list.


Marais Executioner’s Sword

Everyone was on the rave about bleed damage and everybody was making builds for bleed damage, this sword was up there because this sword does a lot of bleed damage. Its left trigger ability is really cool looking because when you hit the left trigger, you throw the sword out in front of you and it spins around in circles really fast, dealing multiple ticks of damage to the enemy. If you can get a boss while he's laying down or a boss that's frozen in place or a boss that's not paying attention, you can get multiple hits off before they even realize that you're attacking them. The problem with this sword though is that it misses a lot, it's really hard to get this off mid-battle. Another problem is that you can't really cancel it, so you're kind of dedicated to the move once you do it, leaving you really defenseless. Honestly, because of its special ability missing so often, this weapon is as good as what a lot of people say it is. We are going to put this weapon at c tier, just because of how much it lets your guard down when you're using its ability.


Ruins Greatsword

This is a pretty beefy sword that not everyone is going to get the chance to use. Because it requires 50 strength, the average player probably isn't ever going to get the opportunity to use this effectively. But when you do get to use it, it has a pretty cool ability where if you hit the left trigger, you slam it down on the ground and it sends out a big shock wave of electricity. This is really good if there's a bunch of enemies coming at you at the same time, you can just knock them all down. It actually does pretty decent damage against bosses as well. The downsides it has a pretty slow swing speed and it's just not as good as another weapon on this list. In the end, it's an all-around okay weapon, it just costs way too much strength to get to use it.


D Tier On Elden Ring Best PvE & PVP Weapons

Ghiza’s Wheel

This is a weapon that people talked about a lot when everyone was making bleed build. Ghiza’s Wheel basically is a chainsaw that does bleed damage. This weapon isn’t very good at all because of its special ability taking just way too long to charge up and you have to have an enemy sit still to get it to work. If you can find a way to paralyze an enemy and get them to sit still or if an enemy is asleep, maybe you're using a different weapon to put them to sleep and then switching to this weapon. But the wheel just takes way too much time to grind. It's really good against that giant dragon that doesn't move. So if you consider that a boss fight, it's really good at taking out that giant dragon. However, this weapon's special ability just takes too long to get going and it just isn't very practical, so put it down at d tier.


Eclipse Shotel

This is the only weapon in the game that can do the death ailment. So what this weapon does is when you activate its ability, you can set it on fire with the death flames. What's supposed to happen with the death flames is that if you get it to proc, it will do a high amount of damage or insta-kill an enemy. If you activate it two times in a row, it will do this little mini-explosion. The explosion takes way too long to activate, if you're fighting a boss or something, good luck ever getting this off in time. The damage just isn't that high. This weapon is extremely overrated. The only reason that people talk so highly about this weapon is that it's the only weapon in the game that has this ability.


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