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Top 5 Strongest Weapons In Elden Ring - Best Underrated Bleed Weapons For All Builds
4/12/2022 2:16:54 PM

Today we are going to be showing you a set of best underrated weapons for all builds in Elden Ring. These are powerful meta defining level weapons that no one uses. 

Top 5 Strongest Weapons In Elden Ring - Best Underrated Bleed Weapons For All Builds 

1. Fallingstar Beat Jaw - The Pincer Blade

The first underrated weapon in Elden Ring has to be the falling star beast and its jaw that you are using as a weapon which is quite gnarly these pincers. This thing is a colossal weapon with a strength index rating of c and then a little bit of in. As a weapon that has a bare minimum of d in scaling and a 20 in the requirement, you can get those minimum numbers and then just run quality with strength and decks. This leads to a colossal weapon with 918 ar unbuffed and just like any weapon that has the mixed damage, we can buff magic damage using our wondrous physic before PVP, PvE, a boss fight, that's gonna increase our magic damage bringing our ar up to 965. 

Top 5 Strongest Weapons In Elden Ring

For a move set, it is literally like a Warhammer as they Warhammer movesets, you've got the triple slam, your jumping heavies gonna be really good, frouch our ones come out pretty quick with the slam and then we have the ash of war which is the gravity bolt. You have a target strike and that is the lightning strike that we see in PVP from faith users all the time, thanks to how quick it comes out and how specifically accurate is and the ridiculous range of it. We take this thing to PVP and that ash award does really good damage just like the lightning strike and it comes out quick, so you can catch people out in the middle of trading or because of its ridiculous range you can catch people very far away from you. 

As a weapon, though it is a colossal weapon type so it's got very heavy hits meaning it's got high poise and that's that move set. So in PVP, this is very much all about trading and winning because you are the big heavy hitter. A nice mix-up between your close-range, trading and long-range hits and then the ash of war spam wherever possible, it's like constant pressure on this weapon. In PvE, it does a really impressive 1k a pop when you're buffed up with that wondrous physics. So you can spam it out for serious damage because it stacks up and you can cast it extra quick the second the third and fourth time and it's a range stagger. Because it's a heavy weapon, you are going to be able to stagger enemies with your jumping heavies and you're looking to trade and break poise with enemies and bosses it's your general heavy weapon gameplay. So definitely underrated and a very good intelligence weapon.

2. Bloodhound’s Fang - Your Robbed Darriwil

This is one of the more underrated weapons in Elden Ring. Despite how early you can get it, despite its stats being solid and having very strong ash of war if you're able to get it off. But hound's fang is a curved great sword but despite being a more heavy world greatsold weapon, it is a dex weapon, you can see that it has the strength scaling of c and dex b. 

Passive effects causes blood loos buildup (55)

With very low attribute requirements of 18 strength and 17 decks, you can get this running really quick and it even comes with basic built-in blood loss build up, because this is a curved, sword moveset you've got the loping sweeping attacks. The key to this weapon comes from its ash of war, the bloodhound's finesse. It has this backflip attack which does really nice damage in both PvE and PVP, but if you follow that up with an r2 a heavy attack you'll dash forward with a bloodhound sort of step and then do an uppercut, which also costs fp, but the damage you're able to put out using this is ludicrous. In fact, this weapon was in contention for one of the best if not the best weapon to choose as a speed runner trying to kill all the bosses or get to the end of the game as fast as possible. This heavy attack combo does so much damage and reliably and consistently throughout the early to mid-game.

3. Naginata Underused Monster

This is a meta pick, this is one of the strongest options you have in both PvE and PVP. It is seen in PVP and yet nowhere near as commonly as you would expect from something that ludicrously strong, These are the cross naginata, they are essentially a mix of spear and katana having the range of his spear with the sort of the end of a katana as its blade. With that, you have a very thrusting or poking moveset like you would expect from a spear. But it does have some unique aspects like the jumping l1 being this slower double which is really good for catching people in PVP or in general trading. 

The power of this combination then comes from the fact that it is a regular weapon that can be put in bleed affinity, meaning we can put some arcane in maybe 50. We have 110 bleed build up alongside a deck scaling of b despite that, so statistically, this is very strong like any bleed build then you would run the White Mask to increase your attack power when you've got a bleed proc and the same with the talisman of Lord of Bood’s Exultation. Combine that with any weapon that can run the ash of war seppuku which is gonna activate that bleed proc before get into fights and then get supuku effect on both weapons.

4. Morgott / Marcit’s Cane

This is an arcane weapon with blood loss buildup, you would think people would slam this into some of the meta weapons, it is rarely seen or rarely used as a curved greatsword, you have that moveset we talked about with bloodhounds fang, the double swing. But it's a little bit slower, every attack comes out a little bit slower. In pvp, that can be a good thing for roll catching but maybe is why people are sleeping on it. Statistically, we have a very respectable b scaling index with the d arcane scaling you need. So with arcane scaling, we have just under 100 lost buildup which is very reliable and will proc often. The action war itself the cursed blood slice though that's the real deal. Using fp, we are going to do a attack which strikes and then the air is cut and explodes as well in that blood. If you press it a second time, you can do another hit, totaling four strikes through the air and this is pretty damn strong in both PVP and PvE.

For its ar, we have 666 combining nearly 700 ar with nearly 100 lost buildup, this is a very solid single weapon. And when you think about the fact that you could combine this with another curved greatsword, you'll have a power stance moveset and double damage as well as more bleed potential. In PVP though that ash of war is so good for trading, the various explosion and strike timings mean that it's quite hard to predict and pretty hard to roll if you try to trade with it. 

best weapons to use in Elden Ring

The charge has this forward delay, it's very threatening. The range of the explosion is surprisingly far which have had catch people as well and because this is a curved greatsword, it has nice general range. For PvE, we have that bleed build-up which is always going to be strong, but the action war combo does seriously solid damage. You can spam that out for a big burst and it even staggers bosses for those critical hits which is obviously huge. If we were to combine this weapon, it's going to be even better. After the charge of the ash war gets going, there are periods of hyper armor to protect you to help you get those swings out. Morgott is a really cool character.

5. Cold Curved Geatsword

For the last underrated weapon in Elden Ring is the zamor curved swords. Design-wise curved swords wise slapped an extra blade on top of it for some reason and it's got these icicles coming out of it, because this is a frost weapon. One of the rare weapons to actually cause frost buildup on basic attacks and it gives you 65 per which is great raw bass. With ac in strength and b index scaling and it comes with the zamor ice storm ash of war where you slam it down and then you have storm of ice that persists for a few seconds, that does damage on impact but it also does many takes of damage and that builds up frost status ridiculously quickly. We can combine that with fire's deadly sin because this means taking fire damage over time but so are any enemies near you like in PvE or PVP and that cleanses the frost debuff. The frost debuff makes them take more damage and they also have stamina regen reduced, but we want that frost parock for damage is very satisfying to get a frost proc every single time you use this l2. Which we can do using this combination, as a weapon though it's a heavy curved sword mood set and when you've got it in power stance, you're doing double the damage which is very threatening to deal with in trading in PVP or just in general for your damage in PvE.

Best Underrated Bleed Weapon For ALL Builds

Without any buffs, we're looking at 650 ar per weapon, that ash of war is incredible though if someone trades with it, it does a lot of damage. The frost buildup is basically guaranteed and it can stagger people who try to block it and that leads to a burst of damage. You're heavy hitting with your power stands curved greatswords and this is good for poised trading.

In pve, the curve greatswords and power stands have good combos big damage and also good poise or stagger damage. The ash of war does crazy damage, you combine that with the fire's deadly sin like to cleanse the frost debuff, so you can get the proc of that damage every single time you use the ash of war. And it's another ash of war that can stagger bosses which gives you a free critical when you get that off.


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