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Top 5 D2R 2.4 New Budget Builds - Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Ladder Start Builds To Farm Travincal
4/12/2022 9:46:02 AM

With D2R 2.4 patch and ladder season coming, here we show you the top 5 new viable budget builds that are able to farm Travincal in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Top 5 D2R 2.4 Best New Budget Ladder Builds

Top 5 D2R 2.4 Best New Budget Ladder Builds To Farm Travincal

As tested in the D2R 2.4 PTR, we've sorted out these five builds are the best builds if you want to use a new build from patch 2.4 that wasn't possible before, and to run traveling kill on a budget if you are starting out as a ladder character and they're just beginning the game and want to farm a spot where can drop a lot of good Diablo 2 runes, gold, magic items, unique, and sets. All these budget builds are set up with cheap runes, and gears you can find on nightmare and normal. 

Top 5 - Blade Fury Assassin

Main Skills:

  • Blade Fury

  • Shadow Master

Blade Fury Assassin is a very fun but also challenging build that only lacks attack rating to be really excelling and be higher on this list. We'll be using blade fury as your main damage dealing skill supplemented by fade, blade shield, and venom, but a Shadow Master fully maxed out is very important because he will block and soak up all the damage from the council members, and if he does die then you can just recast it because they also reduce the casting delay to a bare minimum.

The attack rating bonus from the blade free skill itself is only a flat 10% unfortunately, so you have to make up for the lack of attack rating in any other way like using an ACT 3 mercenary for the enchant using ACT 2 mercenary with Blessed Aim, both boost your attack rating by roughly 300%. You can also use the angelic combo of amulet and ring set which should boost your attack rating by about 850 to 900 flat, or the Hsarus' belt and boots which also boosts your attacking by about 900%.  So this is a pretty nice but challenging build but it's not as fast as the other one, so that's why it's number five on the list.

Top 4 - Fist of Heaven Paladin 

Main Skills:

  • Fist of the Heavens

  • Conviction

This is a pretty fast build to run Travincal, faster than the Blade Fury Assassin, you don't even necessarily need your mercenary which most of the time dies anyway, so you can do it without it and you can just hang back and maybe pull the enemies out first and kill them in small segments.

Here your main skills are fists of heaven of course and also the conviction aura because it lowers the lightning resistance of the enemies. Tremendously if the Conviction is maxed out, we think it's 140 or 150 which is the maximum. The Fist of heaven itself does single target lightning damage and it emits a lot of holy balls holy balls do holy magic damage and they are not boosted up by conviction but this is still the max damage approach because you still want to boost your fist of heaven.

Top 3 - Singer Barbarian

Main Skills:

  • War Cry

  • Grim Ward

Singer Barbarian is not 100 exactly a new build because it existed already but they significantly boosted up War Cry and gave it plus 30 damage and also lowered the mana cost. This build is enhanced, by the use of Grim Ward with the synergy find potion, because if you put on the Grim Ward you do up to 120 percent more damage to every monster in its radius. So that's why this build is even better now and it's also more secure, what you want to do is use maybe a teleport staff get right up into the console, and try to hit as many council members as possible with your war cry, and when the first council member dies, you can use your Grim Ward, the other council members will have the debuff fleeing but you will be spamming your War Cry still so they are not fleeing at all but get increased damage. 

Top 2 - Werebear Summons Druid

Main Skills:

  • Shock Wave

  • Summon Grizzly

  • Summon Spirit Wolf

Werebear summoner druid with the main skills Shock Wave is also your main damage source, Summon Grizzly for a tank and Summon Spirit Wolf for additional damage and also cannon fodder. It's important to note that using a Lawbringer mercenary from ACT 5 because of the graphite procs which boosts your Shock Wave damage and also gets rid of physical immunes. This build is very easy and very strong even in the budget variant, it's similar to the Singer Barbarian but it's even safer because you can even pick the council members one by one if you like, or pick on more than one at a time.

Top 1 - Plague Javazon Amazon

Main Skills:

  • Plague Javelin

  • Valkyrie

  • Decoy

Plague Javazon Amazon uses Plague Javelin for the damage output, Valkyrie for tanking and soaking up damage, also Decoy for tanking and soaking up damage, and an ACT 1 mercenary. This is the best of the budget builds we tested because it has the damage, survivability, safety and it does not need any gear whatsoever, we bet you can even play this build naked with just a javelin in your hand because all your damage comes from your skills and all your capabilities of taking damage comes also from your skills from valkyrie. So this is a very starter friendly build, and it's super budget and very safe to farm the council with.

So these are the top 5 new builds that are able to farm Travincal on a budget, and if you want to get some D2 Ladder items to build up a powerful character and rank on top place in season 1, welcome to get the best deal at UTPLAY.COM!


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