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Elden Ring Faith Arcane Build Guide: Equipment, Stats, Talismans, Spells & Gameplay Tips of Level 100 Dragon Knight
4/2/2022 6:21:22 AM

In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to show you the dragon night build, this is an evolution of the dragon priest build and can be played around level 100, so if you want to find out how to play that faith arcane build around 100 level then keep reading to find out now.  

Elden Ring Faith Arcane Build Guide

How To Build Level 100 Dragon Knight - Elden Ring Best Faith Arcane Build Guide

Arcane is the way to go if you're trying to play a faith caster because the dragon communion seal is just too good in Elden Ring. Not only does it boost the damage of dragon's spells, but it also has s-scaling and arcane, and c-scaling and faith, making it outperform any of the seals.

Just going around chucking fireballs, lightning spears, and rocks at things testing out different seals. The dragon communion seal outperforms them when you use arcane at this level versus faith at the same level or even slightly more faith, the damage is always slightly higher with a dragon communion seal. Making you actually play a faith caster one that uses incantations as an arcane build and still plays in the same style.

So to help build up this overpowered dragon knight build in the game, we will break down the options of equipment (gear, weapon), attributes, talisman, spells for the faith arcane:

Best Equipment (Weapon & Armor) for Faith Arcane Build

Weapon - Occult Iron Greatsword for Bloody Slash

When it comes to the weapon that you want to use it's really up to you, this build is not supposed to be focused around the weapon specifically, so any weapon that has a coal affinity that you can put a cool affinity on or it comes natively with arcane scaling is fine. 

Elden Ring Faith Arcane Build Equiment

But if you're using bloody slash, you should be playing it on an arcane build ideally, and the greatswords and curved greatswords give the most damage per bloody slash, so we suggest you pick the Occult Iron Greatsword. 

But if you want to get your equip weight down which you might want to do because your stat spread is kind of difficult to maintain with this build at this point in the game, you could use a lighter weapon like a Straight Sword. Set it to the occult and you'll have a lot less equip weight like you'll be down like eight or nine equip load which is fantastic, you can pull some points out of endurance which will free up some points for this stat spread of the spill.

Bloody Slash also hits like a truck with a spill, because you'll be buffed with Golden Vow and you have so many points into the arcane, it just does incredible damage. So you don't even have to cast sometimes, you can use just bloody slash and take out regular enemies if you want and it's an option there for you as well.

Left Offhand Weapon - Jellyfish Shield

In order to boost your damage by 20 from all sources, you have a pretty good shield in your left hand and that means that you need to put the seal on your right hand in order to maintain that buff. So you're sort of halfway there to a tank already if you put a weapon in your right hand after you buff with golden vow and with that you have plus 35 increased damage, and that makes for a really good melee opportunity. When you combine that with any sort of weapon that has arcane scaling, then you do incredible damage. Since you can make a lot of weapons in the game, you can change their ash of war on them and make their affinity a cult which makes them scale with arcane b scaling most of the time, you get substantial damage out of your melee weapon for just pumping the staff. So your damage is incredible mainly you have a great shield at that point.

Armor Sets - Heaviest Armors but with Medium Headpiece Silver Tear Mask

When it comes to armor for this build, you can really use any that you want. We recommend using the heaviest you can get away with in still medium roll, but one piece that's absolutely crucial is the Silver Tear Mask. This is because you need that arcane from that helmet in order to help alleviate some of your stat spread, and it does reduce your attack power by five percent, but since you have B scaling an arcane on your weapon anyway it ends up being like one percent damage reduction for eight arcane.

Best Talismans for Faith Arcane Build

The talismans we use for this build are Ratagon Source Seal, Faithful's Canvas Talisman, and the Curved Sword Talisman, the fourth slot is up to you and there are really three good choices here. In that fourth spot, you'll either want a ritual sword talisman if you're not using a bloody slash to keep your damage, 10 damage to all sources including spells and melee as long as your full health is probably really good. You can use either one of these Elden Ring items and you'll probably swap them around depending on the situation.

  • Radagon's Soreseal - It is there to alleviate some of the stat problems, this build has at level 100. When you approach level 150, this isn't going to be as much of an issue and you'll probably be able to pull this out of the build in order to increase your protection and you may even replace this with something that boosts your protection, but right now it's such a stat hungry build because you need strength and dexterity for the shield requirements.

  • Faithful's Canvas Talisman - It increases the potency of your incantations by a small percentage but it actually boosts breath attacks with dragon spells by a substantial amount. So if you're using dragon attacks which you absolutely should with this build, then you'll definitely want to make sure you keep this one equipped.

  • Curved Sword Talisman - It is there for block counters. If you're playing more of a caster and you're leaning away from the night side, you can probably swap this out with one of the other charms we mentioned, but you can do block counters with this build because you have a shield that you should and you can deal fantastic damage the way you're set up with that, so there's no reason really not to have this.

  • Ritual Sword Talisman or Fire Scorpion Charm or Magic Scorpion Charm - In that fourth spot, you'll either want a ritual sword talisman if you're not using a bloody slash to keep your damage,10 damage to all sources including spells and melee as long as your full health is probably really good. Ritual Sword Talisman will boost your damage total by 10 if you're at max health, if you're using bloody slash regularly this isn't going to benefit you because you actually deal damage to yourself before the bloody slash goes off, so even if you're using like a heal over time this isn't going to benefit you very much if you're using that ability, but if you're not using it that's a good choice. Otherwise, you're going to either want to use the Fire Scorpion Charm or the Magic Scorpion Charm in order to boost your fire damage or magic damage. 

Best Spell Skills for Faith Arcane Build

There are a total of nine spells that we use for this build:

  • Golden Vow - To boost your damage by all sources by 15 by for 90 seconds as well as increase your defenses you're going to have light defenses. Because you have Radagon's Soreseal and one of the scorpion charms equipped, getting all the defense you can is great and also boosting that damage at the same time. You should keep Golden Vow up 100 of the time if possible or at least when you're fighting blessings.

  • Blessing's Boon - For a heal over time if you decide to use bloody slash, but if you're not using bloody slash you probably don't need the spell lightning 

  • Lightning Spear - To give you a ranged lightning option, sometimes enemies are weak to lightning so this is good to have

  • Flame, Grant Me Strength - To boost your physical and fire damage, this will boost Black Flame, Agheel's Flame, Stone of Gurranq, and your melee attacks as well, it's very situational because it only has a 30-second buff, but this is probably something you'd pop before going through a boss fog or facing a difficult enemy but you probably won't use it too regularly.

  • Black Flame - To give you a ranged fire option it's probably one of the best ones out there, it deals fairly good damage with this build, so you want to use this when lightning isn't useful and the flame is a better option

  • Stone of Gurranq - It is your physical damage ranged option for something that's maybe resistant to either fire or lightning, and you can chain the spell by mashing R1 over and over.

  • Agheel's Flame - This is an upgraded version of dragon fire and absolutely hits like a freight train with this build, you can basically just melt bosses with it especially when you have the scorpion charm up, ritual sword talisman, and all your buffs up. It's absolutely devastating and you're going to want to use this to kill tough enemies that are weak to fire.

  • Smarag's Glintstone Breath - Gives you an alternate damage type that benefits from the magic scorpion charm instead of the Fire Scorpion Charm, so you want to swap that if you're planning on farming a boss or helping people with bosses for instance.

  • Rotten Breath - To set the scarlet rot status effect, we're not really using it for the damage as much as that status effect, maybe there's a fight where you want to set this on a tough boss. You shouldn't need it because the other two spells are more devastating but it's there as a backup in case.

Best Attributes (Stats) for Faith Arcane Build

The stats we have for this build are:

  • 36 Vigor - Because you're going to be in melee range sometimes playing this build, and also since your dragon breaths take a long time to cast, there's a real possibility you'll get hit in the middle of them and you want to lit.

  • 20 Mind - This is pretty much the bare minimum we feel like you can get away with this build and still use everything in your tool kit, keep in mind that if you do want to play just a pure ranged caster with a sort of setup, you'll definitely want to have this at least 30 or 35 and you might want to drop some points from vigor to do that.

  • 21 Endurance - This is the bare minimum we need for the iron greatsword, the Jellyfish Shield, and the armor

  • 15 Strength - To meet the requirement of the Jellyfish Shield and we really don't need it for anything else, it does increase the damage of our weapon but that's not really what we need it for

  • 12 Dexterity - To meet the requirements of the jellyfish shield, it only needs 14 dexterity but if you class start with 12, you need 17

  • 9 Intelligence - We don't need any

  • 25 Faith - Not only to meet the requirements for golden vow but the dragon breath spells (The more advanced versions of them have like 23 faith requirements, you need about this much anyway in order to use those)

  • 50 Arcane - To peter off right about this point of the game so we don't want too many more points in arcane there. Probably as the game goes on, you're probably increasing this to just boost your damage but this is a good point to stop because you need points for your other stats and your stat spread is kind of all over the place keep in mind that the stats you're looking at are with Radagon's Soreseal.

Gameplay Tips of the Overpowered Faith Arcane Build

So generally how this build plays is that you're going to roam around the landscaper and dungeons, keep golden vow up most of the time if you can, and keep the buff on your jellyfish shield up when you want to attack things (it's only a 30 second buff, so you're going to refresh it right before you go into a group of enemies and that's going to buff your damage another 20, so your melee attacks are going to be strong). 

You're going to fling a lightning spear or a black flame spell here, really just kind of chucking them out sparingly because you don't have a ton of FP with this build, particularly at this level. 

This build is going to be kind of hybridizing between melee and range spells, not necessarily focusing on the only range, if you want to go only range you're going to need a lot more FP. So keep in mind if you wanted to make just a total ranged version of this build, you would definitely need to increase your FB, maybe drop some vigor for FB in order to be able to fling spells more easily. 

Then obviously you're going to pop the Agheel's Flame or Smarag's Glintstone Breath if there's like a tough enemy you need to just melt or there's a pack of enemies you want to thin out.

This build have have a lot of different damage types: single target, AOE, melee, range, you can basically deal with any threat. This build slaps so hard, like if you go into co-op and you just do help people with bosses with this build.