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D2R 2.4 Best Ladder Builds For Each Class - Top 7 Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Start Builds
3/10/2022 5:53:51 PM

With the ladder dropping fairly soon and a good idea of what the 2.4 patch is going to bring the question becomes what build should you use for ladder start. So today we're going to look at some top builds as your first ladder character in each class so you can choose your favorite and run with it on day one. 


Diablo 2 Best Ladder Builds For Each Class In Patch 2.4 – Ladder Builds & Classes Guide

These are Alzorath’s picks and there are a lot of other viable options, these are basically chosen for ease of play versatility, solo self-found capability and effectiveness at completing the game. So you can then either stay with the build for general farming or switch over to a more specialized build for target farming, without needing to stress about immunities or hazards. Let’s get straight into these best Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 ladder start builds!

1. Best Ladder Build for Sorceress D2R

While most people will be ending the ladder with a blizzard orb sorceress or even a lightning sources, so they can farm that prized gear for trading, the build to go with while working your way through to the end of hell would be a fire cold sorceress. This is because they are the easiest to kit out dual elemental sorceress and this would be the fireball hydra orb combo. Starting out in normal with mostly firebolt and fireball with a leaf staff, moving to nightmare and investing in orb itself for an easy progression there as you get yourself a spirit sword and an insight mercenary and then switching into hydra with your already existing fireball as a synergy and orb as backup damage against fire immunes while hoping you can get your spirit shield as you progress through hell. After that, use the first respect to set up for farming in a specific location and then churn away from there.

2. D2R 2.4 Best Build for Ladder Start - Paladin

With the changes in 2.4, the Paladin actually becomes a much easier decision and that is the fist of the heavens Paladin with your choice of zealot or smyter as your secondary focus. This build is much more resource friendly and can go without using your respects even into the end game farming, meaning you can swap up your setup easier should you wish to change to focus on specific farming targets, though since this can farm both act 4 and act 5 in hell easily, it's very reliable for anything you'd need. With this build, you can get some basic points in holy bolt early on while getting a minimal number of points in things such as zeal smite and the prerequisites for your future skills and run it hybrid from the beginning with holy bolt for killing demons bosses and undead and zeal cleaning up the trash and you can use the charge to aid your movement speed to get to places quicker. As you progress into nightmare, you should be able to easily get double spirit and an insight mercenary for dirt cheap and invest more properly into holy bolt and fist of the heavens and start getting your fanaticism up afterwards as well as your holy shield. And this gear will tide you over for the rest of the game allowing you to farm almost anywhere to your heart's content and as you get used to the build, you will be able to farm anything in the game effectively while upgrading your gear as you go. You can even get a black club to actually get crushing blow and handle the ubers and get those early torches for early resources.

3. Best Ladder Build for Necromancer D2R

Start with the summoner since this is easily the best low budget build for the Necromancer for going without bothering on respects throughout the game and provided you farm enough, you will eventually be able to upgrade to a poison summoner if you get the right gear which is one of the most relaxed farmers in the game. Normal difficulty will be your biggest hurdle with this build, you'll want to invest heavily in skeletons but prepare a clay golem, golem mastery and one point into iron maiden for dealing with the bosses in normal especially ones like durial and Diablo that rely heavily on melee attacks. As you move into nightmare focus on those plus skills aiming for a white wand, a good Necro head and an actual thorns mercenary for boss fights since it will help you clear out them that much faster than might would with like the poverty gear that you're going to be using. Insight is also a good addition on him here since it's gonna be an actual mercenary, just throw it in a polearm, but you can get away without it because you can just chug potions, there's nothing like super spammy and intense on your mana. Your main cycle for normal enemies will be amplified damage to get your first kill, then corpse explosion to spread pain and amplify damage again against act bosses. This will be how you go through the rest of the game and this is how you can farm most areas. But it is fairly quick at cows if you need something easy to farm. If you're finding you're having trouble with positioning, be sure to pick up a teleport staff or swap, this can be shopped in late normal.

4. Best Ladder Build for Druid in Patch 2.4

With some of the changes, we can make some interesting builds out of it. But the way things are we would lean towards the fire wolf druid since it's pretty easy to get a reasonable amount of physical damage and pair it with a truly massive amount of fire damage. It also preserves your respects for later so you can decide where you want to shift your build to farm after beating the game. Depending on what gear you find you can have a lot of options there and you still have the flexibility for upgrading later without using tokens. In normal you'll build a standard firecaster druid though you'll start by focusing on slightly different skills firestorm and molten boulder being your super early tools instead of fissure, though if you want to stay caster and nightmare you can invest that as well, it will synergize with things later but the ultimate goal of this build will be to use those skills for early progress. Then as we approach the end of normal switch over to shifting into werewolf and using fire claw and taking advantage of already having sunk a reasonable amount of points into its direct synergies. After that, move down the fire side of the tree and invest armageddon for area of effect damage while we won't find an amazing physical damage weapon while going through solo self-found, you can make some fairly solid mid-tier rune words and use your fire as a primary killing method armageddon for crowd control and only rely on physical aspects when you have to deal with fire immunes. 

5. D2R 2.4 Best Ladder Build for Barbarian

There are a few ways you can progress, but the most productive one is going to be the berserker, like most barbarian builds, you will still be constrained by weapon selections and attack rating. But this at least gives you a reasonable amount of damage of a good element type and leaves you a good number of points to mess around with to adapt your build. Starting out in normal, you'll likely want to choose your core weapon type usually sword or mace and focus on that mastery picking up your one point wonders and using whatever skills you have access to already for combat as you go. Just keep hitting things with a big stick basically. As you progress into nightmare, you'll start investing in things such as berserk and battle orders to get yourself up to a durable setup. While doing decent damage with the best one-handed weapon you can get and a shield ideally though if you can't get a solid one-handed weapon, a two-ender is fine until hell when you really want to start using that shield for resists. As you get into hell, you will have leftover points and can start investing in support skills like battlecry or find item depending on your preference or even war cry if you want some stun for protection. And as far as mercenary choice, this varies if you have enough attack ratings. 

6. Best Diablo 2 Patch 2.4 Ladder Build for Assassin

For new players, it does sit fairly middle of the pack whenever it comes to ladder running trading blows with the necromancer in terms of position. The build is a bog standard trapper with kick support for damage variance and mobility. Start off by getting some of your starting points into fireblast and your dragon talon. This will make normal a bit slower but with bursts of speed you can make up for a lot of it by simply running faster through areas than most classes. Though if you want to use a respect going the standard wake of fire trap method through normal is quite effective and a bit faster, but you will be down to two respects in your end game because you'll be using one in early nightmare. Because in nightmare, you should start investing in the lightning traps to deal with the majority of enemies at a range and getting death sentry for the corpse explosion, then continue to do this into hell, just taking the traps up to 11 and making sure to try and get a black runeward club for crushing blow on the kicks along the way to help us with our boss killing speed.

7. Top Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder Start Build - Amazon

This is one of the better characters for starting your way through normal and nightmare, but it does start to feel gear stress in hell if you don't go dual elemental or find something with crushing blow for use with jab. Because we are going with javelins which are by far the most powerful option and you can beat the game with your starter javelins and not feel too much slowdown. There are two options but probably the safer one is pure lightning javazon through all three difficulties using charge strike on bosses and lightning strike or lightning fury for crowds depending on if you have ample javelin supplies or replenishing javelins, switching to jab for dealing with light immunes though with the addition of changes to fend and impale, these can actually be ok options for different types of lightning immunes as well. 

We can also do the poison lightning hybrid build which focuses on maxing out your poison javelin skills in normal and trying ferociously to get replenishing javelins while investing in the melee lightning skills like charge strike for boss killing. Tis does have the nice advantage of keeping you for the most part from getting locked down by dual immunes with only a few select enemies being dual immune to both lightning and poison. One of those is the nightmare that is hell gloams in act 5 worldstone. As it stands, there are plenty of no respect solo self-found variants out there, so you can choose the class you want to go through with and have a reasonable amount of success while preserving your respects for adapting based on the gear you get and what you want to do later on.


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