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D2R 2.4 Best Classes & Builds For Ladder Start - Top 5 Skill Changes in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch
2/7/2022 5:53:21 PM

In Diablo Resurrected 2.4 Patch PTR, everybody knows by now that Blizzard made some changes to some of the skills on different characters in order to try to make them more viable, some of them turned out better than others. So in this post, we are going to take a look at some of the skills ended up getting changes that turned out the best and you should actually maybe think about using for the first ladder season of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Best Class Skills & Builds For Ladder Season Start

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Best Class Skills & Builds For Ladder Season Start (Reset)

The new patch 2.4 for Diablo 2 Resurrected not only comes with new D2R Ladder runewords but also the individual classes are changed. In addition to the countless buffs, new and improved class skills have also emerged. In this post, there are some insights into the current developments of the classes and also gameplay for the different pairings.

All the skills we refer to here are effectiveness that you can get out there and farm really good areas to find the best items and the rarest items in the entire game, also we are contributing into this how fun this character really is going to be to play - obviously clear speed and how good you can kill monsters is going to contribute to whether it's fun or not, but that is not the literal only factor. 

Top 1 - Nova Sorceress 

There are a few different ways you can build Nova Sorc in D2R 2.4, some people will go energy shield, some people will not, but you're going to be tele stomping stuff because the radius on nova should keep that into consideration when you're deciding to pick your gear. You can also decide to go up to the 200 faster cast rate breakpoint for nova, as opposed to the 105 which would be nova and teleport and everything else like that.

Definitely, we see the 200 faster cast rate nova absolutely flattening players eight cows, so this could be a good build to maybe use budget early on for some fast clear speed when you're doing maybe like Eldritch & Shenk, Arcane Sanctuary, Countess, The Pits or other types of areas like that. And also you could even not have to respect later, and just throw on an Infinity and get all the godly gear and lay waste even in playing endgames. 

Top 2 - FOH Paladin

FOH Pally absolutely nailed and is the Fist of Heaven's paladin. It wasn't really even usable before obviously with the different buffs you're able to cast even faster, they added pierce to the Fist of Heavens to all of the bolts. So FOH Paladin really is an extremely viable build, even though it's necessarily better in places that have a lot of undead monsters, these are going to be places like the Mausoleum, and don't sleep on the Arcane Sanctuary all those ghosts are undead, and it works well in the Chaos Sanctuary. For the monsters that are not undead, it does do lightning damage as well even though it's on an immensely lower scale. So you're going to have to have your mercenary deal with those monsters, and you'll also whittle away with it slightly with that lighting damage.

This build isn't going to render the hammered and unused from now on, but this is a definitely very good usable build in the future and a good change of pace.

Top 3 - Fire Druid

Blizzard eliminated the overlapping of the cooldowns for these Druid skills, so you could throw one out, then you can go out ahead and spam molten boulders and the DPS (damage per second) increases so much when you can actually cast spells instead of just sitting there waiting for the cooldown to go away. Now, this isn't going to be a perfect Baal runner or a perfect Chaos Sanctuary runner, because there are a lot of fire immunes, and even if you have infinity most fire immunes in the game you cannot break even with that. But there is some new level 85 areas that are going to be implemented in the D2R 2.4 patch such as the stony tombs where this is absolutely amazing and just wrecks all them skeletons down there. Another awesome aspect to this particular one is that you can use the new flickering flame rune word - put it in a druid helm so you already get three to fire skills, minus to enemy fire res and even stuff like three to molten boulder, volcano, firestorm, that would be maximizing the damage like crazy on this new fire druid. 

Top 4 - Hydra Sorceress

Sorceress was already everyone's go-to for every ladder start, obviously you start off with teleport, and all the different skill trees lightning, fire and cold we're already all still pretty good, even if you're going fire meteor fireball still wrecked in the right areas. They actually added another skill to the sorceress in order to make it even more fun to play in different stuff viable and that is the Hydra Sorceress. Once again this isn't necessarily going to be a player's end cow record but just remember things being viable, fun, and being able to farm. It isn't all about only farming cows and only doing Baal runs, Hydra Sorceress is going to be effective for running these level 85 areas such as the Stony Tomb. You can also chop down Mephisto easy and even Mephisto's Council members around there. With the synergies for hydra, you can always be shooting more fireballs and raiding meteors on top of that. And of course the go-to for anybody who's not a cold elemental damage dealer, Eldritch and Shenk are no problem either.

Hydra Sorceress is also one of the safest builds because you can literally throw hydras around a corner and then run away and just twiddle your thumbs waiting for the hydras to do all the work for you a very great example of this, this is probably the new absolute best mephisto mote tricking build in Ladder season.

Top 5 - Fire Trap Assassin 

Wake of Fire was always pretty good up until sometime in Nightmare, but now it seems it's got a little bit of buff and they've moved some synergies around and stuff like that. To where it looks like in Hell in certain areas the same as the fire druid, it is definitely viable and fun to play. This is certainly one character where it's probably not going to be super crazy to be playing on players' end difficulty, but the fun factor of this is it's so different and fire traps were definitely never really used that much.

Now even the Wake of Inferno is the higher level of the skills, most of the players actually like using wake of fire better. Perhaps when you're farming like bosses or you come down to the last monster, Wake of Inferno with that targeted shot would do more damage; but for any large group of area, you'd definitely want to go Wake of Fire. On top of that, for single target damage, you have a ton of synergies or fire blasts and it does quite a bit of damage to regular monsters usually popping them the rest of them out who are remaining one at a time single shot in each one. 


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