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D2R 2.4 Best Set Items To Upgrade - Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch Sets Upping Guide
2/5/2022 4:50:37 PM

A lot of people are super excited over the ability to upgrade set items in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch, the reality is you have to stop and ask yourself which ones would be worth the cost upgrade as opposed to which ones you would just think are a neat idea but not really do enough for the cost, so in this D2R 2.4 guide, we're going to look at probably the top 5 set items that would spend the resources to upgrade.

Top 5 Best Set Items To Upgrade in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch

First of all, let's just restate what the cost of upgrading is for set items in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch:

Normal to exceptional weapons are fairly cheap at the rare soul and a perfect emerald, while exceptional to elite weapons might make you think for a minute with lump pull and a perfect emerald again. In terms of armor, you have towel shale and a perfect diamond for normal to exceptional armor, and co lamb and a perfect diamond to go from exceptional to elite armor. These are not terribly expensive in either case, but whenever it comes to the exceptional to elite options, there are definitely rune words you would prefer making with these runes before spending them to upgrade the set item, but it can be of some value nonetheless. This is not to say that the other sets do not have value for upgrading, since if you're doing solo sell found this list can be expanded a great deal. 

Top 5 - Death's Guard Demonhide Sash

D2R BEST Set Items To Upgrade - Death's Guard Demonhide Sash

With this one, we suggest that you would only upgrade it to exceptional but not elite. This is because it's a good source of cannot be frozen and when paired with the gloves can also get you 15 resist all, along with the gloves giving you their 30 increased attack speed for two items. And while you could upgrade the gloves, it would mostly be a waste, since it's not going to give you a significant defense upgrade.

Top 4 - Sigon's Sabot Myrmidon Greaves

D2R BEST Set Items To Upgrade - Sigon's Sabot Myrmidon Greaves

We wouldn't bother upgrading most of it one part that does stand out for a budget option on a kickstand in progress, at least through the normal difficulties and nightmare it is that Sigon's boots can be upgraded. And while you can upgrade the other parts for their defense boosts and stuff, just be wary of the strength requirements. Ideally, we'd find better rares to upgrade into Hell difficulty, but Sigon's greaves can be used in exceptional and elite levels to keep your kick damage up to at least a semi-reasonable level, and the set as a whole does give decent mods.

Top 3 -  Aldur's Rhythm Devil Star

D2R BEST Set Items To Upgrade - Aldur's Rhythm Devil Star

Aldur's Rhythm is probably the one we are most looking forward to upgrading Aldur's set, in particular the weapon. It makes the mediocre weapon at least semi-competent at least as far as options go until you're able to get something like grief or an endgame weapon, especially if you get a three socket version to use to your advantage since with three sockets, you can do everything from reaching higher attack speed breakpoints to reducing enemy defense significantly with emeralds or even just going leech or more elemental damage with some of the fairly common runes. And while it does not seem like a ton that little bit of a boost to base damage can be magnified quite a bit with the right setup.

Top 2 - Natalya's Soul Boneweave Boots

D2R BEST Set Items To Upgrade - Natalya's Soul Boneweave Boots

One sleeper that people might not realize is that upgrading actually impacts the viability of Natalya's set as well, since it opens it up for kickers by allowing you to upgrade the boots to elite, while not myrmidon grieve potency the upgrade to bone weaves is not terrible damage for their strength requirement. And while you're leaving some damage on the table, you're doing it in exchange for the set bonuses provided by Natalya's set which are fairly nice as far as sets go.

Top 1 - Whiststan's Guard Luna

D2R BEST Set Items To Upgrade - Whiststan's Guard Luna

Whiststan's Guard is another interesting one for an even higher base block rate while it's not visible here due to the display limit of 75. It's definitely a decent improvement on the back end it's over 100 for paladins and is something you might consider on a few D2R 2.4 transition builds. Whether it's worth a co and a lem at the point where you'd be using it is questionable, but we can definitely see a few points where you might want to invest less in dexterity for the same effect and on a lightweight shield to boot to save your stamina.

So these are the set items we're most looking forward to upgrading, maybe you have your special choice for your build, anyway if you are looking for cheap D2R set items, check out the best offer on UTPLAY.COM!


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