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D2R Best Items (Drops) To Keep - Valuable Uniques, Sets, Charms, Socket Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected
1/25/2022 9:21:13 AM

What are the D2R unique or rare items to keep? Knowing the exact value of items in Diablo II Resurrected is extremely difficult. The value of a single or set item varies from day to day, and sometimes even from hour to hour. In addition, depending on whether you are at the beginning of a season or in the middle, the price of an item varies enormously. This is for example the case of the Harlequin Crest (Shako), very appreciated at the beginning of the season, would be less afterward.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Items To Keep

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, many items are worthless, and this also concerns exceptional and elite unique items. Conversely, some items that may seem innocuous to the beginner player have been highly sought after. Here is the list of Diablo 2 items that are interesting for trades.

1. Best Unique Items and Sets To Keep

Below is the list of unique and set items that allow you to know the overall value, but also how to determine whether an item should be kept or not.

1.1. High-Value Unique Items and Sets

These items will, in the majority of cases, be very easy to sell. The value may vary, but the number of players looking for them will always be quite high. As for the sets, only certain pieces of the Tal Rasha set are particularly sought after, namely the amulet (Judgment of Tal Rasha) and the chest (Tal Rasha's Guard). The set is mainly used for its Magic Find.

NameTypeBest Stats
Bul Katho's Wedding BandRingExcellent ring for many builds thanks to +1 skills and stolen life.
AnnihilusCharmA small charm that adds stat points, abilities, and resistances. What more?
JewelThere are 8 Hellmouth Jewels. Can be great if the RNG is favorable to you.
Harlequin CrestShako
It is the famous Shako who +2 to skills, life / mana and especially 50% of Magic Find.
Crown of Ages
CoronaBig defense, +1 to skills, FHR, resistances, damage reduction, sockets... Very useful in Hardcore.
War Traveler
Battle BootsGreat for Magic Find, but also used in some physical damage-focused builds.
Wisp Projector
Highly appreciated by Paladins who farm Ubers.
Death's WebUnearthed WandPerfect for a Poison Necromancer.
Eschuta's TemperUnique Eldritch OrbPerfect for a Fire or Lightning Witch.
Tal Rasha's AbjudicationAmulet
Mara's KaleidoscopeAmuletVery versatile because it brings good things to many builds.
Arachnid MeshSpiderweb Sash+1 to abilities, FCR. One of only three QLVL 87 objects.
Griffon's EyeDiadem
Perfect for Lightning builds.
Skin of the VipermagiArmor
Superb item for some spellcasters: +1 to abilities, FCR and resistances.
Stone of Jordan
RingExcellent ring to improve skills (+1) and mana. Also useful during the World Event to spawn Uber Diablo.
Death's Fathom
Dimensional ShardPerfect for a Cold Sorc.
Ormus' RobesDusk ShroudExcellent for many Sorcs.
Hellfire TorchLarge Charm+3 to skills, stats, resistances. Excellent charm.
Nightwing's Well
Spired HelmVery good for Cold based builds.

Stone of Jordan

Stone of JordanRequired Level: 29
+1 To All Skills
Increase Maximum Mana 25%*
Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage
+20 To Mana
(Spawns In Any Patch)

1.2. Medium Value Unique Items and Sets

These items are less sought after than those listed a little above. This is because they are, for example, useful for more specific or less widespread builds. In addition, their value tends to fall faster. They will therefore be in high demand when resetting a ladder build, but their price will drop quite quickly as players equip themselves.

As for the sets, there are some pieces more important than the others:

  • Aldur's Advance (boots): A very versatile item that has good resistance to fire.

  • Guillaume's Face (helmet): Very useful for builds specialized in Uber hunting.

  • Immortal King's Soul Cage (armor): The rarest piece of the Immortal King set found exclusively in the Cow Level.

1.3. Variable Value Unique Items

There are dozens and dozens of unique items and sets whose value varies enormously. For most players, these items have little value. So you have to find players who use specific builds and are looking for these specific items.

This can also vary depending on the statistics of the items. Here are some examples of items that, if you find them, will have value for some players. This implies not to sell them, especially to a merchant.

  • Natalya's Soul

  • Guardian Angel

  • Silkweave

  • String of Ears

  • Gore Rider

  • Stormshield

  • Arkaine's Valor

  • The Cranium Basher

  • Duriel's Shell

  • Trang-Oul's Avatar

  • Stealskull

  • Warshrike

  • Crown of Thieves

  • Skullder's Ire

  • Giant Skull

  • Masque Totem

  • Wizardspike

  • Razor's Edge

  • Kira's Guardian

  • Goldwrap

  • Trang-Oul's Claws

  • Laying of Hands

  • M'avina's Caster

  • Lacerator

  • Blade Of Ali Baba

  • Heaven's Light

  • Schaefer's Hammer

  • Marrowwalk

  • Cerebus' Bite

  • Shaftstop

  • Nagelring

  • Vampire Gaze

  • Immortal King's Stone Crusher

  • Darkforce Spawn

  • Lightsabre

  • Tal Rasha's Wrappings

  • Thundergod's Vigor

  • Head Hunter's Glory

  • Griswold's Valor

  • Arreat's Face

  • M'avina's True Sight

  • Immortal King's Will

  • Windforce

This list is not exhaustive either. There are other items that are useful in Diablo 2, but it's more situational: leveling, specific builds, mercenary items, very specific runs, etc.

Most of the unique items not listed can usually be sold to merchants, unless you have nothing better right now. You can also set them aside for your other characters, time to level and find better.

1.4. Unique Items to Keep

This list is not exhaustive or definitive. It is divided into thirds in order to be easier to manage. For example, if you need space in your shared chest or on a mule, you can throw the lowest tier. Note that depending on the stats generated, an item can go up or down a third. Third parties were determined based on the usefulness of the items, their rarity, and trophy status. Thus, although the Harlequin Crest is indicated in Tier 3, it will be the BiS (best in slot, or the best items for a slot) for some builds.

TiersUnique Items
Tier 0A Tier 1 item with a very good roll of stats.
Tier 1
  • Griffin's Eye

  • Depth of Death

  • Grim Reaper's Net

  • Ethereal Defiler 3 slots

  • Crown of Ages 2 slots

  • Arm of Tyrael

Tier 2
  • Spider Link

  • Deathknell of the Ethereal Reaper

  • Face of Ethereal Andariel

  • veil of night

  • Jordan stone

  • Alliance of Bul-Kathos

  • Mara's Kaleidoscope

  • Robes of Ormus +Lightning

  • Robes of Ormus +Blizzard

  • Spawn of Hell +3 Poison and Bone

Tier 3
  • Harlequin Crest

  • Tal Rasha Guard

  • Judgment of Tal Rasha

  • Andariel's Face

  • Scrambler

  • Ethereal Sandpath

  • Ethereal Vampiric Eye

  • Revenge of the Ethereal Titan

  • Razorsteel

  • Seaspray Fury

  • Will-o'-the-wisp

  • Hunter's Trophy 3 slots

  • Giant skull 2 slots

  • Windforce

  • Shadow Dervish

  • Astreon Steel

Tier 4
  • The Oculus

  • Ondal's Wisdom

  • Herald of Zakarum

  • Titan's Revenge

  • Skin of the Vipermagi

  • Gore Rider

  • Aldur's Advance

  • String of Ears

  • Raven Frost

  • Highlord's Wrath

  • Dracul's Grasp

  • Arreat's Face

  • Ethereal Steelshade

  • Ethereal Crown of Thieves

  • Ethereal Ribcracker

  • Ethereal Mjolnir

  • Thundergod's Vigor

  • Verdungo's Hearty Cord

  • Ethereal Kelpie Snare

  • Ethereal Hone Sundan

  • Ethereal Skullder's Ire

  • Ethereal The Gladiator's Bane

  • Ethereal Duriel's Shell

  • Nosferatu's Coil

  • Stormshield

  • Wizardspike

  • Ethereal Lacerator

  • Ethereal Ume's Lament

  • Metalgrid

Tier 4
  • Magefist

  • Guillaume's Face

  • Goblin Toe

  • Laying of Hands

  • Trang-Oul's Claws

  • Dwarf Star

  • Ribcracker

  • Jalal's Mane

  • Silkweave

  • Waterwalk

  • Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

  • Vampire Gaze

  • Steelshade

  • Crown of Thieves

  • Nagelring +30% Magic Find

  • Raven's Claw

  • Horadric Malus

  • Bitter Spur

  • Kelpie Snare

  • Valkyrie Wing

  • Razor's Edge

  • Flayer

  • Heaven's Light 2 slots

  • The Cat's Eye

2. Best Rare Items (Gears, Weapons, Jewels) To Keep

Rare items are randomly generated. You will therefore come across in the majority of cases on real dung, but sometimes you will discover a wonder. Here are tips to help you learn more about rare items to keep, knowing that you can have up to 3 affixes and 3 prefixes.

2.1. Amulet

First of all, it will be interesting to have +2 to the abilities, whether in general or to a particular tree. Then each class/build will look for separate elements:

  • Amazon: Fast Cast Rate, Force, Life, Mana.

  • Assassin: Fast Cast Rate, Force, Life, Mana.

  • Barbarian: Fast Cast Rate, Gold Find, Strength/Dexterity, Resistances, Life, Mana.

  • Druid: Fast Cast Rate, Strength, Life, Dexterity.

  • Necromancer: Fast Cast Rate, Resistances, Life.

  • Paladin: Fast Cast Rate, Dexterity, Life.

  • Sorcerer: Fast Cast Rate, Dexterity/Strength, Mana.

Besides that, some affixes will be able to greatly increase the value of your rare amulet. This is the case of resistances, regeneration of life, damage that goes to mana, Magic Find, etc. It is the combination of good stats that make a rare amulet a good, even a fantastic, rare amulet.

2.2. Rings

Depending on your needs, you will move towards a spellcaster or melee ring. Depending on your build, you will look for some specific bonuses:

  • Spellcaster: Fast Cast Rate, Dexterity/Strength, Life, Mana, Resistances.

  • Melee: Strength/Dexterity, Life, Mana, Min/max Damage, Regeneration of Life, Life Flight.

2.3. Boots

Here are the stats you need to prioritize:

  • +20% (not bad) to +30% (great) at walking speed

  • +10% to rapid regeneration after a blow

  • Regeneration of life or an important stat for you like dexterity

  • +20 to 40% to cold, fire and lightning resistances

2.4. Jewels

Whatever your build, keep in mind that you can get up to 4 bonuses with a gem.

  • Spellcaster

Bonus to Spell Speed

Bonus stats or damage that go to mana

Bonus to mana or life regeneration

  • Fray

Damage Bonus

Bonus in strength or damage that goes to mana

Bonus in dexterity or quick recovery after a hit

2.5. Belts

These items are less interesting in the majority of builds, which will find their happiness with unique items or runic words. However, some Witches or Gold Find oriented build can take full advantage of a good belt for example.

  • Sorcerers: Fast Cast Rare, Force, Life, Mana.

  • Barbarian Gold Find: Strength, Life, Gold Find, Fire Resistance

2.6. Gloves

Although it is possible to find good rare gloves, they will rarely be Best in Slot. Some builds such as Javazon, Bowazon or Paladin Smite can take advantage of this because there are improvements in attack speed.

2.7. Shields

Favor shields that have bonuses like these:

  • +10-17% at Quick Recovery after a hit

  • +20-30% in blocking speed

  • +10-20% at all resistances

  • 2 empty slots

For the Paladin, the stats need to be higher. He can consider +2 to his abilities and +35-45% to all resistances.

3. Best D2R Charms To Keep

Charms only work for the character wearing them. It is in no way an aura. At the level of the space used in the inventory, the charms will take up from one to three spaces. The objects will therefore have three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Each will have different graphics. These are magic or unique items and there will be no rare charms or sets.

3.1. Small charms

If you have one of these bonuses, it's great:

  • +3% at walking speed

  • Quick recovery after a hit

  • Life or Mana

  • Poison damage

  • Resistance

  • Increased gain in gold

  • Added damage, attack level, or maximum life

If you find a +4% charm to all resistances, for example, that's great. It is the same if you find a charm +17 alive, +5% in quick recovery after a shot, +17 in mana, or +10% to a resistance.

3.2. Grand Charms

Look for the following bonuses:

  • Bonus to skills, knowing that some trees are more important than others. A bonus to the Curses of the Necromancer is uninteresting, quite the opposite of the Poisons and Bones tree.

  • Faster walking

  • Strength or dexterity (+5-6)

  • Life (+45 ideally)

  • Quick recovery after a hit

  • Gold find (+20-40%)

  • Maximum damage

4. Best D2R Socket Items to Keep

In addition to the list dedicated to Unique Items, Sets, Rare and Valuable Charms to Keep, here is a Tier List of socketed items to take when you find them in-game. 

TierUnique Items
Tier 0
  • Almost perfect Tier 1 item.

  • Sacred Shield 5 slots for Rallying Cry

Tier 1
  • Ethereal 4 Slot Thresher or Giant Thresher with Extra Damage (Infinity)

  • Sacred Armor 4 slots (Fortitude)

  • Holy Shield or Vortex Shield with 40+ resistances, 4 slots (Exile)

  • Ethereal Berserker Ax 5 slots with extra damage (Deaths)

  • Basic claws for Chaos with good affixes (lightning sentry, venom, mental breath, multiparry, transparency)

  • Scepter 0/5 slots with Conviction and Fist of Heaven (for Rallying Cry or Hellmouth + Lightning)

  • Wand for Whiteness with +Bone Spear and +Bone Spirit

  • Any other item with interesting affixes

Tier 2
  • Ethereal Executioner's Ax 4 slots with damage buff

  • Ethereal Colossus Vault 4 slots with damage buff

  • Thresher or Giant Ethereal Thresher 4 slots

  • Berserker Ax 0/6 slots with damage enhancement (Breath of the Dying)

  • Warrior Pike 0/6 slots with damage enhancement (Breath of the Dying)

  • Bow of Gaia 4 slots +3 with damage buff (Faith of Hatred)

  • Aether Ettin Ax 0/5 slots with damage buff (Deaths)

  • Blade of the Ethereal Colossus 0/5 slots with damage enhancement (Deaths)

  • Ghost Spear or Ethereal Executioner's Ax 0/6 slots with damage enhancement (Breath of the Dying)

  • Superior Archon Plate 3 Slots with Damage Enhancement (Enigma)

  • Ethereal Berserker Ax 5 slots (Death)

  • Varnished plate 4 slots (Fortitude)

  • Sacred shield 0/4 slots and +40 resistances

  • 4 Slot Elite Sacred Shield with Good Resistances

  • Berserker Ax 5 slots with damage buff (Frozen Crow, Beast)

  • Sacred Armor 3 slots (Treachery)

  • 3-Slot Glazed Plate (Treachery)

Tier 3
  • Tier 2 base weapons without damage upgrades

  • Greater Archon Plate 0/4 slots with damage buff (Fortitude, Chains of Honor)

  • Royal Shield or Sacred Rondache 0/4 slots, +40 resistances

    Archon Plate[4 Sockets & 15 ED]

    Sale [4 Sockets ]
    Sale [+15 EDef ]

    Archon Plate

    Ichorsting Defense: 410-524
    Durability: 60
    Req Strength: 103
    Req level: 63
    Quality level: 84
    Treasure class: 84
    Max sockets: 4
    Weight: Light

  • 3 Slot Energy Shield Staff (Memory)

  • 5 Slot Phase Sword with Damage Enhancement (Frozen Crow)

  • Berserker's Ax 5 slots (Frozen Raven, Beast)

  • 3/4 slot armor with less than 200 strength required

Tier 4
  • Mysterious Ax or Ethereal Thresher 0/5 slots

  • Giant Thresher or Ethereal Executioner's Ax 5 slots

  • Archon plate 0/3/4 slots with perfect base defense

  • Shield Normal (elite) 0/4 slots

  • Barbarian Helmet 0/3 slots +3 Order of Battle (Delirium)

  • Druid Helmet 0/3 slots +3 Tornado

  • 5 Slot Phase Sword (Frozen Raven)

  • Wand +3 Morbid Explosion 3 slots for Whiteness

  • Wand +3 Bone Spear 3 slots for Whiteness

Tier 5
  • Ethereal one-handed sword or axe, 3 slots and low requirements (Crescent Moon)

  • Flail 4 slots (High Oak)

  • Ethereal One-Handed Weapon 5 slots and weak Rallying Cry requirements


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