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Top 10 Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder Start Runewords - Best Cheap Early D2R Ladder Reset Runewords
1/19/2022 10:33:35 AM

D2R ladder season will be launching very soon, the PTR is currently running. To get good preparation, here we break down the best cheap early ladder runewords, which will help you get a great starting in the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder Season 1!

Best Cheap Runewords to Use At The Beginning of Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder Season 1


This is a very commonly used rune word that could last you all the way through hell. It's mainly used for casters to hit their faster cast rate breakpoints but the 25 faster hit recovery run/walk and poison res is hard to shy away from until you find something better.


Make this rune word as soon as possible, it's a must-have for any melee character early on. The increased attack speed, enhanced damage, attack rating and open wounds will carry you in the beginning of the ladder. The mana after each kill will also help sustain your mana pool. Putting this into a two-open socket scimitar for your paladin can carry you until you respec into hammers around level 18.


The plus three fire skills are amazing for a fire sorceress and druid, you can also use one of these for your fire trap assassin early on. Both of these runes will drop from normal countess in ACT 1 at the start of your playthrough.

Ancients' Pledge

This is one of the easiest rune words to obtain in Diablo 2. You will receive all three of these runes in Act 5 after you save the barbarians in the frigid highlands. Shop for a 3 socket large shield in Act 2, it even works in a base paladin shield, the resistances that it provides are why many players make this as soon as they can at the beginning of every ladder reset.


This is one of the most inexpensive yet effective rune words in the game, most commonly used in crystal swords or monarch shields. A 35 faster cast rate spirit monarch allows most classes to reach their breakpoints for castrating. Using this sword and shield combo early ladder will get you ahead of the curve and drastically improve your progression. 


If you come across a soul rune from nightmare countess or normal cows make one of these, the plus one to all skills with 30% lighting resist goes a long way on day one of the Ladder starts.


The 25% to all resistances with cannot be frozen is strong, especially if you're a melee character that hasn't found a raven frost yet. It's also used early on strictly for its 25% magic find.


This is a nice stat stick for all resistances on day one or two, the 50 all resistances can help you or your mercenary a ton in hell if you get that cheeky lum rune to drop early on.


The 40% chance of crush and blow that this gives is very nice for bosses. This weapon is one of the cheapest alternatives for a paladin spider, many paladin smiters use this rune word to farm Ubers early on in the Ladder start.


It's a must-have, especially if you're starting out as an assassin, but don't let the plus 2 assassin skill scare you away, the increased attack speed alone with the fade proc is insane for any melee character or javazon. It's never a bad idea to keep one of these with your late game character to switch on and off just for the level 15 fade proc many players also use this armor on their ACT 2 mercenary.


If you haven't had any luck with weapon drops, you can roll one of these. The high enhanced damage, attack rating, and deadly strike can come in handy for any melee character, the life leech with mana after each kill is also a game changer if you don't have any other sources. We know five socket weapons don't just fall from the sky but if you find one it wouldn't be a bad fit temporarily.


Known for its huge boost in mana regen from its 12 to level 17 meditation aura that it provides, slap this on your actual mercenary and leave mana pots behind.


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