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Diablo 2 Resurrected Find Items Barbarians Guide-Ultimate Gameplay You Have To Experience
11/25/2021 11:15:35 AM

Diablo 2 Resurrected has many skills that are rarely used but are very useful in certain playstyles and scenarios, such as the mage's "fire enhanched" and the barbarian's "Find item" skill, of which "Find item" is a skill that has a certain chance of finding D2R items or gold from the corpse of a monster, not to be confused with the other skill "Find potion".


Diablo 2 Resurrected' s Ultimate Gameplay You Have To Experience - Find Item Barbarians

Extreme Find Item Barbarian

With a 58% to 59% chance of getting a "Find item" Skill level from 45 to 54, this is a very large span, so let's do some simple calculations here to see how high you can go with the Extreme Find item barbarian skill.

-Weapons: Two daggers of dark Diablo 2 Resurrected gold quality "Heart Carver", providing 8 points of "Find item" skill, with 1 hole punched to set 24, Perfect Topaz can provide a total of 60 points of MF.

-Helm: Blue quality barbarian Helm with +3 Warcries skill and +3 "Find item" skill, this Helm is very rare, 2 holes (1 or 2 random) are punched in the quest and 2 Perfect Topazes of 24 are set, for a total of 6 skill points and 60 MF points. In comparison to the +3 Find item White Barbarian's special head, the Perfect Topaz "Delirium" (5 finder's head) is much easier to obtain.

-Necklace: Blue Wings with +3 Warcries skill, these are not difficult to obtain, but those with MF properties are very rare.

-Clothes: The high-cost one is the Word of Perfect Topaz "Enigma" which provides +2 to all Skill levels and a lot of MF, the low-cost one is the Word of Perfect Topaz "Myth" ( Perfect Topaz Order #15 + #11 + #4), which only provides +2 Barbarian Skill level

-Belt: Dark gold quality "Mesh Boots", +1 skill belt for all Skill levels

-Rings: two "Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band" or "Stone of Jordan"

-Shoes and gloves that do not provide the barbarian "Find item" Skill level, choose from the dark gold quality "Chance Guards" and "War Traveler "Chance Guards" and "War Traveler" are available in a dark gold quality, providing a total of up to 90 MF points.

-Backpacks: "Infernal Torch" and "Destruction" provide a total of 4 skill points, then fill up with 9 +1 Warcries for the Grand Charms and the rest of the space can be filled with 7 MF of small charm.

The Skill level that can be achieved by "Find item" is 20 points for basic skills + 8 points for weapons + 6 points for helmets + 3 points for necklaces + 2 points for clothes + 2 points for rings + 1 point for belts + 13 points for backpacks = 55 levels, then the "Battle Command With the "Battle Command" skill and "Skill Temple", you can reach level 58 and achieve a 59% probability of Find item (59% probability between level 54 and level 59).

As you can see from the above, the "Find item" skill has a 58% probability of finding a treasure, and the two corresponding levels are 58% probability at level 45 and 59% probability at level 54. The 58% probability is a combination of both Facet and high MF, while the 59% probability increases the cost of equipment and Sacrifice part of the MF.

Weapon choice impact

For example, the choice of weapon and the respective "Find item" Skill levels and MFs provided are

1. 2 blue quality weapons with +3 Warcries (2 holes for a total of 4 Perfect Topaz 24) = 6 Skill level and 120 MF points, the advantage of this combination are that it is easy to obtain, just find a level 80 or so and shop at Iron Golem in Act 4 or 5 of Hell difficulty, but only 1 or 2 holes can be found randomly through the quest. However, you can only get 1 or 2 random holes through the quest.

2. 2 Dark Gold "Blade Of Ali Baba" with 4 x 24 Perfect Topaz = 0 Skill level and 120 + Character level * 2 MF points (318 MF points for a 99 Character), these Unique Items are not difficult to obtain.

3. 2 Dark Gold "Heart Carver" punched with a total of 2 x 24 Perfect Topaz = 8 Skill level and 60 MF points, this weapon is also very common and few players keep it due to its poor versatility.

Taking the 58% probability of reaching (level 45) as an example, we can see that the first and third pairing can relatively reduce the Requisite/Requirement of the rest of the equipment for Skill level For example, rings can be replaced with two high MF ones, helmets can also choose the commonly used Unique Items "Shako" for stacking MF, and clothes can be replaced with high MF ones. For example, the ring can be replaced with two high MF ones, the helmet can be replaced with the usual MF-heavy Unique Items "Shako", the clothes can be replaced with the high MF and dark gold "Skullder's Ire" with +1 all skill attributes, and the backpack can carry less Grand Charms with +1 shouting skills and more 7 MFsmall charm.

The second pairing is a low cost, high MF pairing, and a similar pairing is two 6 hole White Crystal Swords with 12 24 Perfect Topaz (360 MF points), but the choice of other parts of the equipment will become less flexible, and you should choose equipment with a high Skill level or a higher cost of investment if possible.


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