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Best Golem For Summon Necromancer In Diablo 2 Resurrected - Iron Golem Tutorial & Guide
11/25/2021 11:04:20 AM

A lot of people who are new to the game may not know exactly how Diablo 2 Resurrected iron golem works for Summon Necromancer, or how it's different than other golems, so we are here to explain for you! This Diablo 2 Summon Nec iron golem tutorial covers all the different aspects of the Summon Necromancer, why it’s so powerful and how you should be prioritizing your skills, your build and all of that.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Golem For Summon Necromancer – D2R Iron Golem Tutorial

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown for Diablo 2 iron golem, what items to make it out of, why it’s so important, and tips for how to keep it alive. Let's start off with the biggest thing about iron golem!

How To Cast Iron Golem?

Iron golem is something that you must create out of an item, it has to be a magic or it has to be a metal item. So it can't just be a piece of leather armor. It has to actually be a metal piece of gear in the game. If you have the flame berg, put it onto the ground, select iron golem, but why do you need to make it out of an item?

Where Does The Item Go?

The best part about iron golem is that your golem literally equips the item that you make it out of, so on top of these stats that our iron golem has which are boosted by our summon resist, our golem mastery and then our additional points in an iron golem. This iron golem is also now holding that flame berg and that means he's going to get the additional damage of the flame berg. If you were to make your iron golem out of a very powerful item like a powerful D2R rune word, it works just the same.

How IG Is Different?

Your iron golem is also going to equip that incredibly powerful item but it's an iron golem, it's a Summon, when you leave the game all your Summon Necromancers die, isn't your iron golem going to die, that's the best part about the iron golem.

Now they actually stay alive through saving games, so we can just make a new game same character and when we spawn into town. So we still have the iron golem, what does this mean for you? We actually end up making iron golems out of something like an insight rune word.

Why Use Insight?

Remember the iron golem is going to equip this weapon and when they have it equipped, they're going to give you the meditation aura just like if your mercenary was using it. So what does that allow you to do? That allows you to use something like obedience or a higher damage weapon on your mercenary so that you have better kill speed on bosses with something like 40 crushing blow and also a faster kill time on that first monster. So that when you cast corpse explosion, you're actually getting that ball rolling a lot earlier into engaging any pack of monsters.

Now take your insight colossus folge, make a new iron golem, say goodbye to your iron golem and you'll notice that they have in addition to their own personal thorns aura, they also have meditation aura. So if you go out back into the frigid highlands where it'd be active on us and start casting amp damage, you'll notice you are basically not losing mana at this point and that's because you're also getting meditation already, so that's one of the biggest benefits of iron golem.

What About Other Golems?

A lot of people ask questions about like what about the other golems. The only other valuable golem on the Summon Necromancer build is actually clay golems, that you're getting that effect slow when they successfully attack a monster, and you're also getting that slow when a monster would hit your golem as well. So clay golem is fantastic. But once you hit a power scale or a wealth scale where you can effectively replace an insight rune word whenever your golem may die. Swapping over to iron golem just becomes an infinitely better option because you're able to move so much more damage onto your mercenary. 

What If Iron Golem Dies?

Keep in mind your iron golem can die and if it dies in combat, the item is gone forever. Once you make an iron golem out of the item, the iron golem has it and when they die, it goes away.

You may be asking yourself if I'm going to be making an iron golem out of something like insight, does it need to be in a really good base, do I need to get the most damage out of it? Realistically, your iron golem doesn't do damage. Making it out of a really nice ethereal base is going to up his DPS, it's there to be an additional tank for your mercenary and to give you the aura and then your mercenary along with your corpse explosion is what really is determining your clear speed on this Summon Necromancer build.

You Need Teleport

It's not recommended to use an iron golem if you don't have a source of teleport either on an amulet circlet on staff on swap or if you're already on enigma. The reason why is because if you run too far away from your minions on a Summoner and you're not able to teleport to move them along with you, your Summons are a lot of the time just bugging out and dying and this can happen to your iron golem as well. 

If you run through an area, that has too many little corners and walls and then your iron golem gets stuck and it dies that way, so you really want to try to avoid that because replacing your iron golem is just a little time intensive unless you have a full stash page of ready to go insights. It's recommended to keep an eye on their health especially if you are just waiting to get your skeleton army up or your revive army up, teleport them out of danger, go back to town and heal them.

How To Keep Iron Golem Alive?

When you die, your iron golem is going to die as well and when you revive they're not going to come back. There's no other way to heal your iron golem, it's not like a mercenary where you can give it a potion, so the only way to keep them safe is to get your skeleton army up as fast as possible. Keep in mind that after you and your mercenary, your iron golem typically is the highest aggro target on something like an act boss. So if your merc dies for whatever reason you're fighting diablo or you're fighting bail in your mercenary happens to die, that's a really good time to make sure that you go back to town and get a new mark because your iron golem is going to get targeted.


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