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Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian Guide - Two Different Barbarian Skills and Practices
11/24/2021 2:08:49 PM

Barbarian--- Bar, a member of several tribes on the fringes of Diablo 2 Resurrected civilization, Bar rejects the influence of all that seems gentle and weak, the barbarian is strong-willed and robust, able to feel his surroundings keenly.

The Bar is convinced that they can summon the spirits of totemic animals to inspire them, and gain extraordinary strength and power. Today take a look at two different ways to play the barbarian.


Diablo 2 Resurrected barbarians' skills and training methods specifically for MF

1. Skills

Find item max(Find Potion, Find items, Grim Ward)

Shout max

Battle order max

Passive +1 each (except weapon specialization)

2. Equipment

MFbar is not a mechanical Kboss like Sor.

Gloves: Frostbite, double SOJ

Blue +3 skill necklace

Helm bar's set40mf Helm

in2*Perfect Topaz.

MF Belt

3. Attributes

This bar doesn't require a lot of Dexterity to equip, so if you don't have SOJ, you can use Naka, and then invest some energy points in shako.

This bar can be said to be the little brother of the AMA, following kcama, after clearing the field, turn over all the corpses (of course, there are also missed boxes), practice proved: this bar found are Craft, une, not much value. The skill GC has also rarely been released and was created for Craft.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Whirlwind barbarian skill points and practice

1. Skill points

Warcries: Howl (Defence rating) MAX, Battle command (plus Hit Points) MAX, Battle system (plus Skill level) 1 point.

Combat Masteries: Mace Mastery MAX (can be changed to Sword Mastery MAX depending on weapon), no other weapon skills added. Combat Masteries: Increased Stamina, Iron Skin, Natural Resistance all +1

Combat Skills: Whirlwind Chop MAX, Leap1, Berserk (Leap Attack) +1, if you want to play dual wielding, consider Double Swing +1.

The actual King's set of Immortal King's set, the set has a luminous effect, other occupations also have their own exclusive professional set, like to collect the small partners can collect a little, Diablo 2 equipment drop is all drop, only divided into monster level high and low scene level drop does not fall, will not appear Magic Random not a barbarian set of such things.

2. Attribute points

Strength: 232 points To achieve the minimum requirements of Immortal King's set, such as the Facet or d2r Rune class with Strength, can be properly adjusted, the final result of 232 can. 

The player wants to use sword-like weapons, you can add Dexterity appropriately, depending on the specific weapon to add, or you can not set aside, all into Vitality).

Final melee barbarian HP total entry-level HP2000-3000 points intermediate HP3000-3500 points blood cow PVP rally barbarian HP5000-5800 points (PVP only, no SOLO ability not recommended for new players) Next.

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