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Diablo 2 Resurrected Pure Ice (Cold) Sorceress Builds - MF, Pass, Kill Boss Sorc Skills & Equipment Guide
11/24/2021 3:09:21 PM

Sorceress in Diablo 2 Resurrected is a very powerful class. Many players want to know how to build a sorceress with pure cold skills. Please check out the D2R Pure Ice Sorc Build Guide from UTPLAY.COM here, hope to help everyone.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Pure Ice (Cold) Sorceress Builds

Pure ice sorc build is characterized by fast forming, high damage, and sufficient control. Compared with other routes that require more equipment, it is more suitable for novices.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Pure Cold Sorc Build Features

It possesses most of the advantages of an ice and fire sorceress, but compared to an ice and fire sorceress, it has a slightly narrower application area, and it is a little troublesome to deal with monsters that are immune to cold.

  • It is very suitable for equipment acquisition. There are two aspects. First, it can pile up "XXX% more chances to obtain magic equipment" (MF value); second, a set of equipment used to play equipment is not very difficult, and the overall cost of characters is very low. , It is very suitable for novices to make a fortune after opening up wasteland and moving towards a local tyrant.

  • If it is really used to clear wasteland, it is not difficult. As long as the equipment is replaced with typical legal system equipment similar to the dual repair of cold and fire skills, the output will be very strong.

  • It is also difficult to kill powerful bosses, such as Super Diablo and Hell 6 BOSS.

D2R Pure Cold Sorceress Attribute Points

  • Strength (Str): According to equipment requirements. Add to wearable equipment.

  • Dexterity (Dex): Generally, I like Block. It can be based on the Block Index of the shield. It contains the Dex required to add equipment to 75%.

  • Mana (Ene): No

  • Stamina (Vit): All remaining attributes are added here

D2R Pure Cold Sorceress Skill Point Setting

(1) Required skills:

Static Field+1. Teleport+1. Warmth+1. This is the basic skill of Sorceress Priority bonus. +1 is enough.

Blizzard 20. Ice Spike 20. Ice Storm Ice Blast 20. Ice Bolt 20. Ice Dominates Cold Mastery Can

See the equipment and the inlaid beads together to reduce the resistance by 175. This can save some skill points to increase the optional skills

The cold dominance can be gradually topped up according to the following principles: >30 level. Ice dominance Cold Mastery +7.>60 level +10.

>80+15. The remaining five points are after your Max ice-cold damage skills. Slowly increase. The above includes equipment.

(2) Select skills:

Frozen Armor. Shiver Armor Energy Shield. Of which energy shield is not recommended. It is recommended to use Shattered Ice Armor.

Above, you can get +1 Shattered Ice Armor first, and then slowly add other skills.

D2R Pure Cold Sorceress Mercenary

As we all know, Pure Ice Sorceress cannot solve the monsters of Bingmu alone. Therefore, when encountering Bingmu, you must rely on the mercenary Pet.

Here. It is recommended to use the nightmare second act defensive paladin. The higher the Pet level, the better. The specific equipment will be matched according to the purpose of your Sor

Many people say to use the offensive Pet. Here I will briefly describe two points that are not advisable.

(1) Sorceress's own freezing skills cannot slow down the monsters that are free of ice. Therefore, it is easy to be surrounded by formation when there are multiple free monsters. It is in Pass Atc4 or

This is especially obvious in the case of a single KB.

(2) You can directly take the target when you do the task. Because Pet can help you slow down the speed of the monster. This way you can directly take the target when you lead people to do the task. Among them, Atc4 plus skills

D2R Pure Ice Sorc Equipment for Each Playstyle

1 - Best Ice Sorceress Armors & Weapons for Magic Finding

(1) Military cap Shako. Tal Rasha's Adjudication. Tal Rasha's Guardianship. Eyeball Orb.

Spirit Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth War Traveler War Traveler takes each ring Nagelring luck to guard Chance Guards

Tal Rasha's Guardianship

Tal Rasha's GuardianshipDefense: 833-941 (varies)(Base Defense: 433-541)
Required Level: 71
Required Strength: 84
Durability: 55
+400 Defense
Requirements -60%
Magic Damage Reduced By 15
Cold Resist +40%
Lightning Resist +40%
Fire Resist +40%
88% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
+10% Faster Cast Rate (2 D2R Items)

This equipment is a Kp.Km.Ka three-use Sor collocation, so there may be a lack of 4R. You can use Oak instead of Orb. This will improve the safety performance.

(2) Military cap Shako. Shikoti's Wrath Skullder's Ire. Ist sword. Ist shield. War Traveler War Traveler Goldwrap

Chance Guards.50Mf Amu.40Mf.Ring.

This equipment is a professional Mf Sor preparation. Such Sor off-hands generally do not have an armed Call To Arms. The off-hand wizard's stab Wizardspike is used when teleporting.

Spirit. Of course. The newcomer (the poor) can also use the eyeball Orb Brilliant Splendor to take the ring Nagelring instead of the Ist sword. Ist shield. 40Mf. RingAmu and War Traveler can also be replaced with Amu and Boot of tank mine

(3) Tal Rasha's Set. Stormshield & Spirit Spirit This equipment is the Sorceress equipment for the full screen of Mf.

(4) MF Sor's Pet equipment match. Shikoti's angry Skullder's Ire. Tomb Reaver. Steal the skeleton Stealskull.

2 - Best Pure Ice Sorceress Armors & Weapons for Passing

Military cap. Oak heart. Mara's Kaleidoscope. 2* Stone of Jordan. Skin of the Vipermagi and Thor’s Power. Storm Shield. Sandstorm Journey. Mage’s Fist.

Mara's Kaleidoscope

Mara's KaleidoscopeRequired Level: 67
+2 To All Skills
All Resistances +20-30 (varies)
+5 To All Attributes
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

It is recommended to use the heart of the oak tree and the military hat. Because the Dam of Cold Sor is already very high. In addition, the effect of reducing resistance is not as good as choosing resistance.

The heart of the oak tree and the military cap with high life and mana. There is also an irreplaceable 20 life replenishment. Because the resistance is high, there is no need to inlay 22# on the sea snake skin and the military cap.

Use 13# instead. Because in the Pass. Especially when the three ancient people. Quick recovery is very important. And if you use the heart of the oak tree, you can

If you do not use the fist of the wizard but use the blood fist, you can reduce the number of inlays with a 13# and replace it with ice beads or other. The quick strike recovery is also easy to 86.

As for the spirit type Sor. Because it has reached the Fcr of 105. It also has high Mana and Life. Therefore, it is recommended to use the second person. However, the object is free and the block is missing. The corresponding operation

The requirements for network speed are higher. High Dam is still safe. It is recommended to decide by yourself.

Mercenary Pet:

The Reaper's Toll. Crown of Ages Fortitude

Among them, Crown of Ages can use Blackhorn's Face or Vampiregaze instead of fortitude.

Fortitude can be replaced by The Gladiator's Bane, the bane of the Stone Warrior

Enhanced system and viper fork. The effect is also obvious when killing objects and avoiding monsters. But the effect of K single ice avoiding monsters is not as obvious as the high Dam using death knell

Speaking of which, the last thing we don’t want to encounter during the Pass is the sacred ice monster. So many people recommend using the bane of the fighter.

Here I feel that there is no need to give up 300Ed and choose not to freeze. So the best solution is to inlay a 32#Cham on the helmet.

3 - Best Pure Ice Sorceress Armors & Weapons for Boss Killing

You can refer to Pass Sorc. and MF Sorc section (1) and section (3) of the configuration. It is recommended to use Thundergod's Vigor to use Talasia

Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth. It is recommended to use a Wisp Projector, the depth of death is recommended here

Dimensional Shard Nightwing's Veil. Because in the case of 8PP, KB. Under the premise of ensuring resistance, the cold damage is naturally higher the better.

(1) Enchant

The main purpose of Pure Ice's Sorc. enhancement skills is nothing more than to strengthen their Pet. In order to increase its attack ability.

However, the damage increased by non-professional strengthening Sor strengthening is very limited. And for the pure ice Sorc itself, it is too late to form.

If you want to strengthen it, you need to use three skill points. Therefore, I still recommend not to increase it. It is better to add skill points to the ice shattered armor to increase the defense utility

(2) Energy Shield

Adding an energy shield requires four skill points. Pure ice Sorc is a long-range attack. The damage to be absorbed is limited. And Mana of Ice Sorc is not redundant.

So it is also not recommended.

See the figure below for specific data★★About Energy Shield★★

(3) Thundergod's Vigor or Arachnid Mesh

The advantage of the spider web is to add one to all skills, 20% of the upper limit of mana, and 20 high-speed casting.

The strength of Thor's power is 20 strength, 20 stamina, 10 maximum lightning resistance, and 20 lightning absorption.

The damage of Ice sorceress is enough, so adding one skill is basically only reflected in increasing the skill level when it is called by armed forces.

3% for Block Sorceress is about 30 Life. For Vit Sorceress, it is also less than 40 Life. Thor's 20Str plus 20Vit is equivalent to 80 Life plus Bo, which is about 100-110Life.

In terms of high exhibition. Thor does not have a high exhibition. But for Ice Sor. 63 high-speed display is enough. That is to say, using sea snakeskin plus Oak or sea snakeskin plus sub-member fragments and the fist of the sorceress can also be used.

Mana's words. Although there is no surplus Mana in Bing Sorc, Bo is enough. As for the 20 lightning absorption and 10 maximum lightning resistance, it is self-predictable for the safety of killing electric monsters and Rb Tp.

(4) Block or Vit

Unless you are mainly killing magic monsters, Block Sorc is better than Vit Sorc in general!

(5) Stormshield or Spirit

Generally speaking, each has its own advantages. The advantage of using Storm lies in its safety performance. Especially when it weakens and kills three ancients at close range. Its weakness lies in high-speed deployment and rapid recovery. As for Spirit, it is the opposite. So this depends on everyone's preference. Personally recommend or use Storm. After all, safety first. Especially after the high level. Whether you use Storm or Spirit. The most important thing is. It is best to use Vit-type Sor to use Spirit. That is to say, Dex Don't add it at all. If you use Storm, it is best to use Block. 


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