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New world Leveling Guide- Fastest Ways to Leveling Up
10/26/2021 5:33:17 PM

If you want to level up to level 60 within a short time, there is an effective guide for your references, which introduces the detailed quests in the game process you need to do.


New world Leveling Guide- Fastest Ways to Leveling Up

Upgrading gathering tools

Upgrading gathering tools is huge priority steel tools require level 20 to equip. You will not focus on the town committee until you have steel tools that increase the gathering speed to a whopping 250%. You can buy or craft them immediately. Once you have the steel tools, travel as fast as possible to complete the town board mission. Once you have steel tools you will only do side quests when your azoth is low, so you can travel more. Your main mission is to upgrade your azoth staff. So that you can upgrade, you will keep up with the quest line as soon as it is convenient to collect hyssip from herbs to make a weak health potion.

You can carry the potion with you on the action bar in order to negate, which is usually put in your bags. This is an extremely effective strategy, you also want your harvest level to reach level 20, so you can track nuts and farm plants in the town board missions, remember to collect milk, honey in the towns that have been hives and cows or free extra food that you can turn into town board mission requirements.

Collect journals for free XP

Please also remember to collect journals for free XP when you see them. This will actually increase as you collect more journals that you collect, so weight management is going to be very important. Do not get distracted by the many things you might collect. If it doesn’t help your town committee mission tournament, don't even pick it up, to begin with, and if you find your bags filled with garbage don't feel bad for dropping it on the ground whatever you can do to save time and go faster, break down some exact numbers, so you can start tracking your progress. From the beginning, you should make your iron tools by collecting iron wood and rawhides. Your harvest should be 20, you are mining at 10 and you're tracking and skinning 4, and you are tracking and skinning to do all your tasks.

Fast travel shrines

In the starting position until the old man by the river where you have to go to Fisherman's Bend in the wind sword. Now you need to go to all four starting zones and pick up the fast travel shrines when you go.

There is one fast travel shrine in each of the starting zones and you will get these items along the way while performing the fisherman’s bend mission, put all your inventory in the wind sword, and set this location as your recall point to ensure you every town you arrive,  collect all the good town board missions, two hours in you should have a ton of potions from collecting herbs at 25 gathering, you will be able to track hemp, which you will need a ton of for the armament town board missions by three hours in your gathering should be at 33 your weapon smithing at 11 and you are at three-point armor, pick up all the side quests and faction board quest in everfall while focusing primarily on your main mission at five hours, you should be at level 20, and you are tracking and skinning 25, allowing you to track the rabbits which you need for the town board, now you have reached level 20, it's time to get those steel gathering tools and go ham on the town board missions you will need 50 engineering, if you want to craft them yourself now get at least level 23, look for a group running the amarine dungeon to complete your quest.

Barca Media's repeatable quest

The Barca Media's repeatable quest provides you a huge improvement of 5 000 xp, and Weapons and armor, as well as a large amount of gold in the level 25 range (if there is a groups running)the amarine dungeon to complete your quest, you should definitely be keen to jump in, so that you can hand over your money every time your town board rotation takes you past it at some point when you're in everfall run to Brightwood and collect town boards and side quests there.

Steel gathering tools

Now you have your steel gathering tools. From level 20 to level 40, mainly focused on town board mission rotation in order to level up the town board strategy focus on town board exclusively once you get steel tools you travel from monarcchs bluff to windsword to everfall to bright wood on a loop to get as many town board missions as possible with each 30 minutes ratation, do 100 handcrafting tasks in Windsword that are not completed after completing a cycle, such as hunting missions. Put them down and see if there is a complete mission hidden behind it.

Only do main side and faction quests when the azoth runs low and keep in mind that you do want to focus on questing extra hard in windsword. If you want to buy the largest house in that territory which requires territory standing of 30.In 9 hours, you should now reach level 25, and your weapon forge should be 50. This means that you start to obtain higher experience weapon forging tasks, the town committee will greatly speed up your progress, your harvest should now be 59, you peel at 35, your arcane at 12 hours, fast forward to 13 hours , You should reach level 30, and now your mining and armory should also reach level 50. This is very important because you will unlock the higher XP Town Council mission collection should be 68 skins at 76 and weapon forging at 59. At the 24 hour mark you should now be at level 40. You are harvesting should be 93 You are mining 77 Tracking and skinning 103 Weapon forging 81 Your armor 73.

Upgraded his weapon proficiency in a recent update. Boris home has been severely weakened and is no longer a related op grinding position, although I will definitely check it if you have at least 100, if you skin here it will give you a lot of experience Until you reach 200. The skinning and upgrading weapon skills are crazy Larsen, and the other amazing places that are also used are the arc-shaped flying caves, and then the bright wooden aisles with a group of people, now he is not using anything in this video It is considered to be one of the best running-in points in the entire game. Once a youtuber discovered a super effective strategy to upgrade your main level and weapons, if you reach at least level 44. In a cycle, you get 1600 main xp, add up to 60 000 xp per hour, run for one minute, and the monster respawns for one minute to upgrade from level 44 to 60.

Sea View Pillar

So it takes 22 hours to reach the highest level to find the location, open the map and head to the restless coast. It is called the Sea View Pillar. It is located on the right side of the wild boar house. If you need to do this alone, a life staff plus An aoe weapon, so you can heal yourself, but you can also use aoe attacks to clear the enemy, for example you can combine the life staff and axe, or he just uses the ice gloves with the maximum aoe ability to kill the guard at the beginning, and then run Go all over the post and gather all the enemies that can shoot them. If you need to use your aoe slowly near the wall, so they can team up, then use your massive aoe to attack and heal yourself. You can do this and do it again. Repeat the process again and again.

To grind all the way to the highest level, this position is absolutely amazing. You can now upgrade your weapon from level 1 to level 20 with a team within 3 hours. If you use it strategy you can blow larson at a speed of 59. In the hourly sprint timer, you have been out of the water for 5 hours, but remember, this is boring, you missed the production revenue, but after 32 hours you return to the town committee strategy, you should at least reach level 45, your The harvest should reach 101. You are mining 88, your tracking and skinning 165, your weapon forging 90 and your mystery 31. The key to the town committee mission is your timing. If you can develop a perfect rotation so you can hit Complete the maximum number of town council missions before each reset. You can go beyond the rhythm of the game. Town council missions are completely random, so you are not sure whether you will get the right missions, but over time, this strategy is so accounted for Dominance, because it can upgrade all your crafting skills and unlock larger and larger pas. For larger tasks, this has an additional effect that can increase your territorial prestige, which is very important for Larson to take his All territorial prestige is invested in the increased experience, increased storage space, and increased prestige. Now territorial prestige can be increased to 300.

If you are a speed runner, the best choice, if you are standing storage and production costs in the long-term game, if you know where you plan to buy a house, then Reducing housing can now save you a lot of money, in 40 hours you should reach level 50, 104 mining, 197 tracking, and 100 weapon manufacturing.

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