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Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Leveling Guide- D2R Normal Mode (Early Access Beta Gameplay)
10/14/2021 3:59:32 PM

The early access test version created by D2 Paladin is super strong. If you are a beginner and you want to play D2R Paladin, now through almost all the simple diablo 2 holy paladin builds of normal mode, obviously, you can only access Act 1 and Act 2 in the beta version. Let's know the D2R paladin leveling guide clearly. 


D2R  Paladin Leveling Guide Normal Mode (Early Access Beta Gameplay)

D2R Holy Fire Zealer Paladin build, proceed from the skill point profession, start from the first level you want to get, the first point, this may bring you 40% damage, so this is your first aura you need it To unlock more auras, just get it at the first or second level, once you reach the first level, go here at the second level and get sacrifices, it will be here to give you a lot of damage, And the attack level sacrifice is really big, the order is not necessarily important, you can sacrifice, maybe or very good but just get one point in each of these two.


Once you get one point, every one of you will enter your defensive aura, you only need to put the next three points on the fire resistance, so this is the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth level you unlock, once you reach At level 6, you will switch to the holy fire, and that's how you realize it’s so interesting! This is such an interesting build, just like you were when you put the points in the resistance to fire, you don't feel huge The inc restores the power of your character, of course, you are still using you may not switch to using resistance fire, you just get this for synergies, because once you get the holy fire in diablo 2 resurrected, the holy fire actually receives bonuses from the resistance fire, plus 18 points of fire damage per level, so you are basically switching yourself to divine fire, as your primary aura, always maintain holy fire, you will become so powerful!


In the first act, a group of mobs walked by your side. They will all die by your side because of the holy fire aura. You basically just continue to put the points into the D2 holy fire up until level 12. Once you reach level 12, you will start putting points into the zeal. Basically, you will repeatedly attack, and what holy fire actually does with zeal? Increases fire damage to your attacks, so you basically attack very fast. Once you have almost four points of zeal, you will increase a lot of extra fire damage, so that each zeal is five attacks, continue to put the point on sacred in the fire, maximize it. Once it reaches the maximum, you can continue and maximize the resistance to fire, so that your sacred fire is stronger.


Get a rechargeable charge is an ability that can help you move around faster if you want the maximum, you can use the charge to move faster, you don't necessarily need it, it's up to you, if you really If you want to do this, it's really just getting enthusiasm to get the D2 holy fire, and then get the fire resistance. This is almost all normal mode, and your current equipment is really important.

It will increase your attack speed by 25%, again trying to get as many hits as possible with the holy fire, because each attack is for extra fire damage, so steel is a good weapon, but you want to change it Into a weapon with a very fast attack speed, such as a scimitar or a saber, the attack speed of these two D2R items is very fast, and this steel also inc provides you with 25% ias or increased attack speed. 


Another very important thing is steel gets this in diablo 2 resurrected every role. It's not difficult to grow taller just by running the countess, but this gives you a guarantee that once you get this, you will get 25 faster runs walking, which is good for every character, you get a 25% increase in fast cast rate, which is good for the caster, so this build does not really benefit from that faster cast rate. 

D2R Poison resistance is also very good in this regard. You probably shouldn't reach level 17 in Act 1, unless you are farming the countess and you don't get what you want and somehow you reach level 17, but poison resist would help a lot with Andario, but Poison Resistance is very useful in all the processes in the second act.


Zombies, after they die, will leave a poisonous cloud and stealth is super good. It basically gives you 50 enhanced defense, plus 10 defense, directly plus 30 defense versus missiles plus 10, the mana after each kill, and it is using zeal does consume mana, so with these two in diablo 2 resurrected, you really won't have mana problems unless you are really hit by a ton of steel.


Neff tier, the diablo 2 resurrected tier runes are the rarest, you can get a lot, and tell Raja’s tomb, and then the ancients pledge also promised that it is rawl or tall, you might think where exactly is this? You will get ort.


If you only take three diablo 2 resurrected raw runes and put them into the horadric cube, you can create an ort, and you should have a lot of raw runes, if you did a few countess runes, you can be very good in Act 2. It's easy to get it, but you can get it very easily in the Act 2, just as you usually know when you complete the mission to save the barbarians, you will get all the three symbols you actually got in the fifth act when you can put it together easily, but this is very successful with a powerful shield, because it provides you with cold resistance in diablo 2 resurrected, lightning resistance, fire resistance, and poison resistance, all of which is actually also a Paladin shield, So it has some innate plus.

This is just some gear you can pursue, some of the time you know, maybe if you know the fourth or fifth act, like if you feel that you are walking too slowly it is easy to switch to the hustle and bustle of Tesla.


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